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Alexander ‘Crow’ Kingston

Male. Lives in  Canterlot,  Equestria. Born on November 1, 1990
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Rosa Cavalier
-Many Ages Ago- //Closed Post// "One day, daughter of mine, you will stand before the Zebra kind as not the villain, but a hero," said the weak voice of a still young thestral mare. Her...wounds were...View More
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Rosa Cavalier
-Undisclosed Location- The interior of a finely-lit interior filled the eyes of a Phoenix Operative. They'd only been inside a few short times, having spent the majority of their time in external cam...View More
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Alexander ‘Crow’ Kingston
Merry Christmas from this dumb cowboy. Wish you all the best and safest of holidays!
Alexander ‘Crow’ Kingston
The truth behind Alex always smoking is so he never runs out of dead eye.
Joke's on Alex. Vanil is the invisible, invincible sniper that will take Alex out if he tries to abuse dead eye in attempt to diverge from the story set by Rockstar.
Alexander ‘Crow’ Kingston
Death by wife😌
Dream gifts the pretty cowboy stallion a bottle of Hennessy. Yayay focus by substance abuse.
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