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Lady Camellia

Female. Lives in Ponyville,  Ponyville,  Equestria. Born on May 24, 1997
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Marix Vanponsing
Greetings Miss i hope your time here is quite pleasant
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Lady Camellia
It truly is, what about yourself?
Marix Vanponsing
mine has been just fine
Lady Camellia
(Review Roleplay) Camellia is lying on her bed and writing a review. "I was at the Ponyville Day Spa. What a marvelous experience. The co-owners; Lotus Blossom and Aloe Vera, is simply remarkable. Th...View More
Lady Camellia
Flowers to everypony 😁
Lyle Machs
Puts them in his hair.
Lady Camellia
"They look good on you"
Lyle Machs
He smiles widely, a slight tinge of red touches his cheeks. "Thanks! Maybe I'll keep them there."
Lady Camellia
"That is a great idea"
Lyle Machs
"I think so too. You may have made my day, I've always liked flowers."
Lady Camellia
"So do I. We got so much in common" she smiles and giggles.
Sophie Hoofington
Sophie eats them, it's hard to find flowers in winter "thanks!"
Lady Camellia
Lady smiles "Ohh, your welcome"
Neon Synthwave
Neon didn't react though she did place a daisy in her mane
Eiko Aki
She giggles and sniffs the flowers she got, blushing, "Aaaaawwww...Thank you!!!!!"
Ray River
Um ok thanks you
Dazzle Wintersong
"Thank you" *curtseys and trots off with a smile*
Bright Brave
Lady Camellia
Lady Camellia
Greetings everypony You will never know what just happened. I have got a new apartment in my dream city (in real life). I am such a lucky girl and I love it so much. :D Thank you everypony to be pa...View More
Queen Umbra
Good job
Lady Camellia
Thank you so much. I am so happy, I really am <3
Lady Camellia
I am sorry I haven't responded to all the many wonderful RPs and requests. I am currently moving from one town to another so it is a lot of work. Also, I do not have internet much hours but I will try...View More
Lady Camellia
 liked this.
Script Anonymous Cone Lord lord of all Cones
Oddly enough any non pony I love but I don’t rp as any
Lady Camellia
My god. I got 100 friends now. Thank you so much everybody <3
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