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Floral Print

Female. Lives in  Ponyville,  Equestria. Born on July 18, 1998
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It was a beautiful sunny afternoon in the capital city of Canterlot. It was quite busy as well especially the market. Everything seemed to be going in order, but an odd looking stallion could be seen ...View More
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Floral Print
You just said something mean to floral. Weather it was accidental or on purpose, her eyes started to welling up and she started to sniffle a bit.
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Scarlet LateRose
"O-oh I'm sorry dear, your outfit is lovely, it's just..not my style" she would say
He had said it looked like she had milk on her face. He didn't mean for it to sound like an insult, and now he was putting two left wings over her back, and saying in an apologetic tone, "I'm... I'm really sorry... Didn't mean for it to come out that way, eh?" he said, before sighing, looking down. ...View More
Silver Bullet
Silver forgot about the fragility of emotions. This was going to be a long night.
Tomahawk Chop
"Cryin's not gonna make you better at Mortal Kombat." She rolls her eyes.
*Cloud just covered his wings too embarrassed and scared to say anything that might make floral feel worse he hadn’t ment it*
Gray Rivers Alto Yuri
Gray continues carelessly munching on fries. “What?”
The ghostling would Slide past Floral wearing a Printed shirt of her as a birthday cake pony with the Tagline. {Happy Birthday!} He would then summon a giant cake along with giving her a Free Message ...View More
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Silver Shield
Glad to see ya again c:
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Floral Print
//Been struggling really bad lately so I really wanted to decompress a bit and write something. Replies are more than welcome but definitely not needed. Things have been going off the rail left and r...View More
Gillbert S. Rimfire
Gil had just so happened to be in the area that day, of course he wasn't exactly on shift but... He DID however have his kit with him. The stallion cautiously approached the shop, eyeing the distraught mare. "Uh... Excuse me, ma'am? Sorry to uh... Interrupt but... Are you the shop owner? Oh, I uh......View More
Floral Print
She almost didn’t hear him, the shock hitting her like a flash grenade, the whole world seemed to of gone into slow motion. She was in shock.. Glancing over to the stallion, she stared at him in a lost daze “H-Huh..? Oh... I-I am..” she responded before turning her attention back to her store....View More
Gillbert S. Rimfire
"I see..." He frowns a bit and looks over the damage and sighs. "...Have you filed a police report? I uh... I'm not quite inside my jurisdiction so I can't exactly secure the scene but... Would it be okay if I asked a few questions?"
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