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Nurse Sunny Smile

Female. Lives in  Manehattan,  Equestria. Born on February 16, 2000
Vampire pony
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Nurse Sunny Smile
*smashed wine bottle on the table and screams* "AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"
Demonic hooves
**runs over and licks up the wine like a dog**
The probe smashed a cheese bottle on the table and screamed too. "AAAAAAH!"
Dream shakes her head wildly, as if going crazy.
"What's going on? I'm confused!"
Cherry Bomb
“My wine......”. Cherry pouts that her wine is gone
Cally Ber
"Don't wine about spilled wine."
Bubblegum grabs a beer bottle in each wing and smashes the bottoms off the bar. "LET'S RUMBLE!"
Crystal Light
"If it ain't brocolli boy"
Bubblegum preemptively stabs Crystal Light 37 times in the barrel.
Crystal Light
"EXCUSE ME I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WERE INSANE"(He than takes his hoof in his magic and breaks it)
"What?" Bubblegum's wings droop a bit as the bar fight rages on around them. "Why would you break your own hoof?"
Crystal Light
//oof misworded that i meant to say breaks bubblegums hoof before he can stab him
Supply's a new bottle and supportive headpats "there there now."
Sharp Fountain
Something something, 28 stab wounds.
Stardusk Strider
"are you okay? You seem to have gone quite mental."
Basalt Alltrades
"Be careful, I wouldn't get too close."
Nurse Sunny Smile
looking as pretty as usual, Sunny Smile. :p
Looks like she found the topshelf.
Candy is hanging out on the docks. Her legs dangle over the dock, as she turns to sunny. "So, what are you doing here?"
Nurse Sunny Smile
the nurse turned her head with a smirk on her lips. being a flirt as always "oh nothing really just looking out on the pretty water, why do you ask?"
*Candy smiles, and you notice she's wearing a swim suit. "Summer!!!" *she shoves you in the water, and then dives in after you*
Nurse Sunny Smile
"Oh Lor-" SLASH and she hit the water, the very cold water, she burst from it, gasping for air in confusion and rage. she'd swim to the edge and held on to stop her from sinking. "HAY! the hell was that for!"
"Oh come on, it's hot! Don't you want to go for a swim?" *She laughs airily, diving below you, and blowing bubbles underneath you.
Nurse Sunny Smile
"i'm..hh..not one for swimming, my hair goes all frizzy when wet in salty water- and i'm not the best swimmers." sunny clung to the dock and dragged her body out, flopping on her back and panting.
Nurse Sunny Smile
"Hey you, finally awake , you were trying to cross the border right? walked right into that imperial ambush. same as us and that thief over there."
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Thunder Riff
"How did you get in my house?"
In distance the dragon was waiting, swaying his tail eagerly as he waited for some poor suckers to enter Helgen... He deciding to wait until the second guy was about to be killed to make his move.
Rainbow Chaser
Flying Sparks
Wow I'm am an Imperial so ya.
"..." Zaten is very confused, he's certain he wasn't trying to cross any borders recently.
Flying Sparks
Shut up back their!!!
Spartan Sword the unicorn
Huh? What are you talking about? I was heading back to my office and was attacked.
Nurse Sunny Smile
Aaayyy there's the original. Yayyy
Nurse Sunny Smile
two lovely commissions from two lovely people uvu
Nurse Sunny Smile
My first time drawing without black lines OwO
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