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Ira Hawkshaw

Male. Lives in  Equestria. Born on September 23, 1998
Earth Pony
Roleplay Universe
Main, or any AU.
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Yami Crosshide
ah yes free real est
Silver Shield
this is mildly funny, until you see the original request. then it's extremely funny
Bright Brave
Never mind. This is awesome.
Ira Hawkshaw
I love this <3
polo fastter
Ira Hawkshaw
"What did I miss?" Ira says, popping out of the rock he'd been living under for the past few weeks.
Ira Hawkshaw
Ira stands up and pulls out a poem he's written, hoping to impress! "Ehem.. Roses are red, Violets are blue, ....." He pauses, staring intensely at the two lines, the rest of the page blank. Maybe he ...View More
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