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Silver Cloud

Cold as ice is a correct response.

Female. Lives in  Crystal Empire,  Equestria. Born on July 18, 1998
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Canon Equestria
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Silver Cloud
You suddenly get a snowball thrown at you but when you turn, to investigate who had done it, you couldn’t see who had done it!
Silver Shield
Silver huffs. How uncouth! Those pesky teenagers were at it again!
Bright Brave
It was probably Murky Icicle or Ice Wisp
"Right. It's war then." The griffon fills a very large bucket with finely crushed ice and then took to the sky. Surprise Ice Bucket Challenge time. Who's it gonna be!?
Amity Guard
Amity shook his head and wiped the snowball from his face, tilting his head in confusion as he looked around for whoever could've done it.
Icy Creation
Unfortunately for Silver, she knew exactly who threw it. And /nopony/ beats Icy at snowballing. Silver cloud would get a snowball to the dead center of her side as Icy evaporated into the snowstorm.
*pulls out a small automatic snowball launcher with an amused chuckle* Is that the best you've got?
Murky Icicle
Def sounds like something I’d do xD
Silver Shield
Crystal nerd detected
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Silver Cloud
Crystal? Not a chance. Ice however...
Silver Shield
Silver Cloud
Ice is spicy
King ThunDeDeDe
Spice is icy
Chiller Sway
Apparently people who think ketchup is spicy are just allergic to one or more ingredients
Ice Wisp
Excuse me?
Silver Cloud
You’re excused
Ice Wisp
I'm not spicyyyyyy
Carmine Gumshoe
Silver Cloud
Car-Mine c;
Carmine Gumshoe
the car is mine, you can’t take it in the divorce
Amity Guard
Speecy spicy
Icy Creation
"No he isn't, he's sweet." She pauses for a second, blushing cyan, "Wait, did I say that out loud?"
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