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Pink Serendipity

Other. Lives in  Equestria. Born on June 11
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2-3 lines to 1 para, but can try for more if nice
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Pink Serendipity
My brain decided tonight would be a good time to re set and re configure my media and minecraft server tower i build a bit back because i configured it the most stupid way possible last time around an...View More
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Pink Serendipity
How was everyone's holidays? i have finally achieved a dream of ordering my own VR headset, so that's fun. i'm also down for some roleplay if anyone is interested, got a new Enby bean named Nyxis
Looks neato. Also I too got vr and it's P epic.
Pink Serendipity
Nice! i've been waiting to play since the DK1 shipped
Bright Brave
I love them
Pink Serendipity
They a cutie bean, wanna RP with them?
11/10 would Rp and draw cute bird
Pink Serendipity
Hit me up! i'd love to! i usually RP on discord but i'm fine RP'ing here as well if you are alright with slow replies
Pink Serendipity
So, I came out as non-binary to my family and have chosen a new name, it went well, how is everyone else’s holiday season going?
Captain Sky N. Nova
Pink puffball
Pink Serendipity
big dood
Captain Sky N. Nova
That be me
its going good
Vy Thresh
Niice! Happy to hear things went well <3
that's wonderful!! I'm very proud of you c:
Cally Ber
Awesome! That's very brave! I'm glad to hear it went well.
nice! my holdiay season is good
Pink Serendipity
((Open RP. Over the years, Pink developed a taste for good conversation and gossip, among various types of coffees and teas. After opening her coffee shop, she often met after hours with friends to ta...View More
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Twisted comes to the table and brings up the topic of how pirates were once seen as dangerous opponents feared by most and now they are constantly portrayed as friendly kids characters. He asked what next group of currently dangerous individuals would be portrayed as friendly fun characters in the f...View More
Silver Bullet
Obviously now, Silver wasn’t exactly this ponies friend, yet alone, Silver doesn’t drink coffee, tea was however welcomed. And as for the topic... uh, well... Silver didn’t speak, she just sat there sipping her tea, waiting for something interesting to talk about.
Pink Serendipity
Pink didn't mind simple company, it was also nice to just sit and enjoy company..... with no talking.
Seren talks about how Everypony she knows is secretly gay and that this is totally 100% not a cap.
Pink Serendipity
Pink sits through this rant, somewhat confused, but also too interested to stop listening
Pink Serendipity
So, I realize I don't normally post here, but I did a thing. I like to sketch out characters I have in my head with D&D beyond, and I made this guy. His name is Zanum. Imagine a cross between old Skel...View More
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