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Pink Serendipity

Other. Lives in  Equestria. Born on June 11
Roleplay Universe
2-3 lines to 1 para, but can try for more if nice
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Thunder Riff
Thunder wishes Pink Serendipity a happy birf.
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*CloudDasher floats down on silent wings producing a tray of still warm homemade cookies* Happy Birthday!
Pink Serendipity
You ever just feel like shit? like, i am not asking for pity from anybody, this is an honest question. because, despite having *everything* going for me, and things are looking up, i feel like shit. a...View More
Commander Wyatt Ryder
Nah I 100% know the feeling. It’s fine to have everything going for you and still feel terrible, especially if you have a mental illness.
Pink Serendipity
still doesn't feel right, but yeah, i do agree
Commander Wyatt Ryder
I know, it feels like you should be happy and you’re not. But that is fine. Just gotta get help and work your way to happiness
Pink Serendipity
It's even my birthday today, but I'm sitting her at 2 am feeling sorry for myself
Commander Wyatt Ryder
Ohshit! Happy birthday!
Pink Serendipity
I am so fucking drained, you know what the worst thing is? having siblings that play D&D, but they're all FUCKING MURDER HOBOS
Amity Guard
Oof absolute worst. Are they young siblings?
Pink Serendipity
Nope! one is in their thirties, another 2 in their 20's and my younger brother, who's 18. *DEEP sigh* they literally would not even let me describe the GODDAMN SCENERY, because and i quote "we didn't ask", and then yell at me to play NPC's and even more for NOT DESCRIBING THINGS, well EXCUSE ME, if ...View More
Amity Guard
Ah that's even worse than murder hobos in my opinion. I would've just offered to run an evil campaign so they could just be bad guys and kill what they like, but I'mma be honest they're kinda just toxic.
Pink Serendipity
I FUCKING KNOW RIGHT??? like, seriously, give me a goddamn second to describe and get my fucking bearings, see if i ever DM or play with them again
Amity Guard
My first thought is kill one of them. Turn them into an example. But that might not be enough.
Pink Serendipity
Sadly that ain't how the game goes, this type of game the enemies have the disadvantage, the enemy's action funtions as the harm/reaction to the player's action
Silver Shield
My group is pretty good, except the guy who wants to be a female elf dragon rider married to her dragon who has already been on many adventures and then retired due to grave injuries while fighting a world threatening disaster. And then had many half breed children who he insists must be integrated...View More
Pink Serendipity
And i thought i had it bad, my guys are just assholes, yours is somewhat of a prick
Silver Shield
Everyone else is fine and also gets annoyed with him, luckily for me its just the one guy lol
Silver Shield
Did I mention this is his Level 1 character concept?
Pink Serendipity
Jesus, that's a whole nother level of prick. i could understand a higher level, but not level one
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