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Lt Buster

Lunar Knight

Male. Lives in N/A,  Everfree Forest,  Equestria. Born on May 21, 2001
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Varies i guess
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Lt Buster
Happy birthday Crystal Sneer !!
Lt Buster
(piece by Good friend of mine)
Crystal Sneer
Thank you both of you<3
Lt Buster
Imma do a lil something. What brought y'all into the MLP fandom and when? It started for me back in 2012 when I was chilling with a family friend at their house and his sister put on the episode wit...View More
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Chiller Sway
I was over at my cousin's house and they played "Batman meets MLP" A couple days after that I looked it up and found a youtube video of all season 1 and watched MLP that way. My brother found me watching at like episode 3 lol. We watched it together all the way through season 9 after that. I'm d...View More
Zerathur &quot;Grey&quot; Naszberuk
I've been around since the first episode, not as part of the fandom, but as a translator for my younger sister, who didn't speak English at the time. 2012 came around and, in the day the world was supposed to end, I logged into Roblox and built a joke map based on MLP, only to then be called into an...View More
haha happy colored horsies make brain go brr brr brr but no seriously im just here for aesthetic of sparklepones. i dont even watch the show. i dont remember when i first came across mlp, i think it was either the banana short thing (the one with celestia) or lullaby for a princess, either one. and...View More
Its a long story
Lt Buster
Fukin spill it nerd
The Lost King
S3 had just started when I decided to give the show a try. It made such a buzz on all of my usual sites. At first, I thought it was going to be this overtly silly and girly thing. Watched the first episode and found myself on the edge of my seat(mostly because NMM was kind of badass). Got up to curr...View More
For me it started not long after season 1 ended at which point I was stationed in Yokosuka, Japan. I saw some videos on YouTube during some downtime and I eventually got curious enough to give the show itself a watch and was hooked ever since.
Lt Buster
Hell yea these are great stories
Vy Thresh
It's looong story.. uh... 7 years ago is when I really got into MLP I think? But it started like... a year before that. Basically all the memes put it on the radar and so like... it became a joke of shame. "Oh, I bet you watch MLP and like it". At the time my friends & I were unaware of an older com...View More
Vy Thresh
Oh, also later I found AftermathMakesMusic and SimGretina which introduced to the fandom. They helped me realized that 'Hey... here's some music kid. You want art? We got art. You want some games? Hell yeah.'
Little Luck
Ok, you guys ready. Here goes. I saw one episode and got hooked. The End.
Vy Thresh
That is quite quick! I uh... took just a teensy bit longer. Episodes are uh... 20 ish minutes iirc? It only took me about x52560 longer.
that would had been 2 Years – 24 Months – 730 Days – And 17520 Hours :P
I Just got into mlp after seeing angel and thought, Huh They seem like a nice character, i wonder what they might get into....3 season's later i Got the idea of Ghostbit after seeing nothing too wild happen with the bunneh.
Lt Buster
The vibe tribe has grown (This was last night but I forgot to post it)
Lt Buster
So I was going through old image folders and. I find this, Rene is busters daughter back in PS
Commander Wyatt Ryder
I find much different things than awesome old art in my old image folders :eyes:
Lt Buster
Precious baby
Lt Buster
Ikr, I kinda feel bad for killing hér off
Eh, kinda had to,
Lt Buster
Had to do it to em
Prince Bolero
She’s so cute ❤️
Lt Buster
Hecc yea she is
Lt Buster
Strait vibin with Dragonfly Crystal Sneer Cant tag Denali n dasher fug
NGL this was fun
10/10 Would run around again
Octavia Philharmonica
What is this?
Lt Buster
This is, but Fallout Equestria themed
Crystal Sneer
OwO that was fun
Lt Buster
Yea boi this was quite possibly the best group shenanigans I've had in a while
Lt Buster
Fun fact: Buster is deathly allergic to cheese
She would come running furiously just COVERED with cheese of all kinds just for him. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH"
Lt Buster
He pulled out a bat and instead of using it properly, swung it around like a idiot. "AAAAAAAAAA GO AWAY DAMMIT GO A W A Y" he feared for his life
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