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Hiari Yakushi

Female. Lives in  Baltimare,  Equestria. 22 years old
Earth Pony
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Hiari Yakushi
An endless mountain of paperwork sat before Hiari. She hated paperwork, but it was an integral part of her job. If she didn't do it, there's the chance the missing paperwork/information could cause pr...View More
Hiari Yakushi
What a day it's been for Hiari. She'd managed to make her way into Baltimare around 7 PM last night. Following an uneasy nights rest Hiari contacted her boss, and was in the EAI office in Baltimare on...View More
Hiari Yakushi
Usually, Hiari tried to spend more than a month with whatever organization she was trying to get dirt on, but these cult guys were something else. They called themselves "The Children of the Broken Pa...View More
Mystic Charm
((Damn I have like two or three occult investigator characters but not on here
Hiari Yakushi
Hiari was none too thrilled when she received her new assignment. Drug cartels, and traffickers were one thing, but zealous cults? Why didn't they have the anti-magic guys leading the investigation? M...View More
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Lock On
Briefing informs that the contact works outside the bureau, and for a private company. Disclosed location is the town of Bucks in northern Fillydelphia, "where the fillies run and the pigeons feast", or at least that's what the note say. Hiari will be told post-briefing that the contact is "Unconven...View More
Hiari Yakushi
"I see every meme you post on every website. Definitely not kek." Hiari shakes her head disapprovingly. #rp
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Demonic H Hooves
**demonic doubts this, for he knows for damn sure he would be blocked if that was true**
Bright Brave
Bright also doubted.
Hiari Yakushi
"You call this committing a felony? We call this a difficulty tweak!" #rp
Hiari Yakushi
The gunslinger stares down the heavily armored bugbear standing before her. Her party members lie, or stand behind her. Their barbarian lies in his own blood, on the verge of death. The bard cowers be...View More
Hiari Yakushi
Vanhoover was weird. Hiari was ecstatic to get to visit her sister, and their cousin for a week, but did they really have to choose Vanhoover of all places to live? She'd only been here a day, and she...View More
Hiari Yakushi
Hiari loved getting to see all the little obscure towns of Equestria thanks to her job. She was usually just passing through, which happened to be the case today. Hiari sits in the passenger seat of a...View More
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Hiari Yakushi
10:34 PM, 4/6/21/. "Lucky's Den" "Mile High Club" Bar. Hiari finishes her second drink of the night. She one of many patrons seated at the casino's overpriced bar. Next to her sits a stallion that's ...View More
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