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Nyinx D'Lune

Female. Lives in Talonte,  Griffonstone,  Beyond Equestria. Born on May 18, 1900
Chimeraling (Chimera Zergling) / Xenomorphic Zergling
Roleplay Universe
The Xeno Threat AU
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Nitroxus Soulspins
*Nitroxus bounced on a pogo stick toward the pony. He soon smiled to them. He then passed a large gift over to them.* Happy Birthday!
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Nyinx D'Lune
Life is pain...
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Chiller Sway
Now do 6 videos a month
Nitroxus Soulspins
*Nitroxus peddled on a flight powered bike and landed besides the creature. He soon smiled to them. He then passed a large gift over to them.* Happy Birthday!
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Nyinx D'Lune
A long creature, 16ft in height, Xeno in nature, yet able to call a Chimera, warped into the main hall, possibly uninvited; began to look around, those six, glowing, dot eyes scanning the local enviro...View More
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*she looks at the new creature in the hall with curiosity in her eyes* Umm... Who are you? *she then tries to dive and save at least SOME of the things that were on the stands and pedestals, maybe even trying to save the actual things themselves*
Nyinx D'Lune
The creature perks up and turns around, anything or anyone unfortunate to be within range of that giant tail would unfortunately be caught by it as it turned around and looks around for the source of the voice.... before looking down at the mare.... quietly staring at her. "....." a gentle growl com...View More
*she looks back at the creature, the siren mare’s teeth bared as a soft growl escapes her throat* Put me down, if you please. *she says, a dangerous glint in her eyes, and the gem seemingly stuck in her chest glowing softly*
Nyinx D'Lune
The creature stares, before whipping their tail around, throwing the siren gently onto the floor as it just growled deeply and gracefully
*she curls her body into a circle to protect the single vase she had managed to save, and then stands up* Thank you. *the glint in her eyes is gone now*
Nyinx D'Lune
The creature just.... Stares... at the Siren, tilting it's head a little to the left as it seemingly studied the Siren, those 6 dotted eyes scanning her over.
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