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Prince Bolero

Male. Lives in  Crystal Empire,  Equestria. Born on February 13, 1900
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Prince Bolero
Bolero stood in the throne room with a pouty look to his face. He stood there in a silence for a few moments before he gently pushed over the nearest pot with his hind hoof.
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Captain Sky N Nova
Sky just leaned up against the wall, idly drinking from a flask and watching it all do down. He'd look down at the broken pot, then back to him. then the pot, and back to the alicorn. "Dare I ask....?"
Prince Bolero
The alicorn turned his head away in a bit of a sassy manner “Pot is bad...” He muttered a bit.
Captain Sky N Nova
Sky would tilt his head a bit. "Talking about the narcotic or do you just not like the way that one looks?"
Prince Bolero
Weirdest thing.. was driving down the road and saw some guy laying down beside the road with his bike propped up next to him (I live in bum fuck no where so this is really odd to see...) I pull over a...View More
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I get shit like that happening from time to time here. Drove up on a guy camped out on the center divider between the lanes.little camp stove and everything. He was passed out with a boiling soup. He just fell a sleep after a long day of touring i guess
Prince Bolero
Who doesn’t love a relaxing day at the spa~?
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I’ve... never been to a spa? What is a spa? *the Okapi mare tilts her head curiously*
Bright Brave
Me am never spa either
*she tilts her head at Bright now* What are you doing?
Bright Brave
We should go see what its like. :3
Ok? But why? What is it’s purpose?
NLR Trixie
"Relaxation, fine cleansing, some would say gossiping." She says.
Prince Bolero
Your Prince enjoys a good cup of bubble tea! Base by: ElementBases
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Ambient Waves
Too many genderbend canons x_x now
Prince Bolero
I don’t think so. I’d say there are only a couple active accounts.
Prince Bolero
Thought this would be fun to do! Name: Prince Bolero Age: Old but not as old as Solaris or Artemis Race: Alicorn Gender: Stallion S/O: Good question.. Likes: Buffet food, Relaxing in the spa, takin...View More
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Prince Bolero
Sometimes Bolero just needs a hot bath and a milk shake.
"I drew you a bath and I'm making you a milkshake." Nitro said.
Vanil La Roux
A hot bath with something as cold as a milk shake cannot bode well.
Tala Fluffytoes
*offers milkshakes*
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