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Lydia Umbralama

Female. Lives in Umbralama Castle, Trotsylvania,  Hollow Shades,  Equestria. Born on October 13, 1900
Vampire Shadow Dragoness
Roleplay Universe
Alternate Equestria, NLR
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Pitaya Dragonfruit
Pitaya delivered a humble bow to the towering unicorn seemingly watching over the central Trotsylvanian castle, the well-known Countess Umbralama. She hadn't visited her dim-lit homeland in some time,...View More
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Lydia Umbralama
The Countess looked from her shadowy inky black throne and smiled "Ah Hello my Child" she grinned seeing more of her vampires and children of the night flock to Trotsylvania.
Pitaya Dragonfruit
The small vampire perked her fluffy ears with a little surprise that the countess had responded. Stories from the hollow shades always said that she would be able to sit still as stone for days. "Hello, Ms. Umbralama!" She cooed excitedly. "Has the kingdom changed at all? It seems a lot more crowded...View More
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