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Scarlet Serenade
Yay yay yay!!! Finally!!! I got and am going to be moving to a new house tomorrow! I can’t wait for the cleaaan look of it. All the modern amenities. Finally I won’t have to reside in this trap house ...View More
Trap house? Not the music genre right? >w>
Scarlet Serenade
No, the kind that has a party being thrown that you didn't even know what happening until it wakes you up. With solo cups and spills everywhere, flies settling in the leftover open beer cans, and a backyard full of plastic and wood scraps
If my house was as attractive as a trap I wouldn't be mad
Silver Shield
I'm so glad for you :D
Bright Brave
Movin on up. To the east side
Scarlet Serenade
Oki, big question. Should I get more cute art or more lore art. Hmm
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Aurora Dawn
Lore art. You have enough fluff already.
Octavia Philharmonica
You cant do both?
Princess Corona
Get art with me
Scar have lores?
Bright Brave
BOTH! Lore plz
Silver Shield
I vote lore C:
Scarlet Serenade
What’re your thoughts on me. I’m unoriginal and want to try to post more than once a month
You have some nice art on derpi ;D
Cally Ber
Scarlet Serenade
Just nice art? ;w;
mostly doubt, why you consider yourself unoriginal? with such arts on your photo gallery
Scarlet Serenade
I meant unoriginal in the sense of a lot of people have been making this exact same post lately xp
oh, my fault...well if I had to summarize it..."I'm curious about your OC"
Scarlet Serenade
I wish I did more with them too. Truly my weakness
Hey I might have crappy stories but if I can hear about Scarlet more if you ever decide to go for it I be willing to read or listen :D
Neon Rave
You share my name, so yay~
Seir Genevieve
You were the person who liked every single post before it was cool and I'll always remember you as that person even though you stopped
Scarlet Serenade
The mods told me to stop D:
Seir Genevieve
I wasn't a mod back then :,>
Scarlet Serenade
I still kind of agreed that I wouldn’t like content anymore with the button function. So yeah
Cynbel Ferode
Your character design is cute and you seem well-liked! That's all I know.
Silver Shield
You are selfless and humble c:
Sharp Fountain
You're a good sort to me, and despite the scarce conversation we've had, I like you.
The Lost King
Without any evidence to back up the statement that you're unoriginal, none of us can tell you what to do about that. If posting frequency is an issue, then... fix it? You recognize it's an issue, so I don't know why you even mentioned it other than to let us know that you're potentially willfully ...View More
Bright Brave
Pretty cute and creative. A blessing to us all. Yes, wish you posted more.
Scarlet Serenade
"Mwah! Mwah!" Scarlet kissed both cheeks in greeting. "Have a happy national Frenchie day, and don't forget your bread!"
Soap Hoofington
"That's a big baguette"
Bright Brave
They shall not pass.
Alex Razor
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Silver Shield
This picture is hilarious
Black Hawk
This is how I picture it
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