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Svarlet Batfire

Female. Lives in  Beyond Equestria. Born on January 26, 2000
Equestria Music Society
18 members Ponies
Welcome to the or . Here we talk about and support all kinds of music all over the world. The mantra of the Society is . Which means we use music to unify ponies all over the world. All ponies are free to join and suggest music to play and vote on polls and other activities. So sit back and enjoy the music.
Ambient Waves
Bluey (The Half Pony, Half Tartarus Demon)
17 members Ponies
// I used to be on PonySquare and had a group like this, so I thought I'd make one here! Basically, if your OC is an alicorn, you are welcome here! Just a way to have fun & connect with other alicorns. No fear of being judged for having an alicorn OC! :) //
Alexis Chernisky
Chocolate Cherry
Cute ponies
110 members Ponies
For the cutest ponies in Equestria. Also just an art dump mostly for you all so feel free and keep it sfw
The Secret Society of Bats
24 members Ponies
A place where bats can be amongst other bats, and we can plan our takeover of Equestria in peace. (Placeholder description because it's 2 AM) We also have a Discord server:
Acry Weaver
Astral Dawn
Autumn Night