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Other. Lives in Ponyville,  Equestria. Born on May 6
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I'm slowly getting tired of roleplaying as Deafy, to be honest. I know roleplaying has to do with entering a character that sometimes doesn't share the same traits as you, but I simply can't find the ...View More
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Dude I've done it dozens of time for Dream. So he can too. - Dream²,, 2019.
But it wouldn't really make much sense for the story of that character to simply come back, now would it? I mean, maybe I could come up with something creative, but I never really was the smartest sheep in the butcher shop.
But you are
Oh Khas, I'm a sheep in a butcher shop. Send help. Hmm... Alright. I'll try to think of one. I'll let good ol' Zera take over Salazar's profile, that one isn't exactly one I've been using for a while. The poor site will have to deal with two gray colored protoss pones.
Apex Mist
I RPed as Pinkie from like 2010 - 2014. I completely know how you feel, good on you for moving yourself away from it instead of forcing yourself. It kills the mood, the RP to you, and eventually the RP partner. It's always best to RP as personal self c:
"If these streets, if these streets were mine..." Deafy thought, humming along with the old song that played in his head. He set the spellbook aside and reached out to the tall tree that stood next to...View More
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Dream waves at friend!
Oh, look, Dream is around! It's been a long time since Deafy talked with her. In fact, they never did. Maybe the fact that one is deaf and the other is mute doesn't help much with that. Deafy will waddle towards friend Dream nonetheless to give 'em a good ol' hug.
Twistina Fate
Twisted nods and sips his hot cup of tea.
"In this city, in this city there's a grove..." Deafy's mind continued along with the music just as he noticed the presence of another pone. While surprised for a second, he quickly smiled and waved at them!
Deafy walks into his newly reformed shack (It was still pretty shit, but at least there was some space for him to be in. Or... There was, he already filled half of it with books. I'm beginning to ques...View More
Deafy found a tiny ant running about when he was waddling! He's following it now, or at least doing his best to do so.
Syringe spots him waddling along, and she sneaks along behind him as well. Forming a train of followers!
"You don't really know what you're doing, do you?" Thought Deafy while staring intensely at the chessboard in front of him. He never played chess before, so he let Adeena set the game up, hoping that ...View More
Deafy slowly waddled his way into Ponyville. He wasn't feeling very 'talkative' today, if you were to ignore the fact that he's unable to speak the equestrian language, so all he did was trot to his l...View More
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