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Other. Lives in Ponyville,  Equestria. Born on May 6
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Deafy walks into his newly reformed shack (It was still pretty shit, but at least there was some space for him to be in. Or... There was, he already filled half of it with books. I'm beginning to ques...View More
Deafy found a tiny ant running about when he was waddling! He's following it now, or at least doing his best to do so.
Syringe spots him waddling along, and she sneaks along behind him as well. Forming a train of followers!
"You don't really know what you're doing, do you?" Thought Deafy while staring intensely at the chessboard in front of him. He never played chess before, so he let Adeena set the game up, hoping that ...View More
Deafy slowly waddled his way into Ponyville. He wasn't feeling very 'talkative' today, if you were to ignore the fact that he's unable to speak the equestrian language, so all he did was trot to his l...View More
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Silver Shield
"I agree."
Silver Crown
"I agree aswell!"
"Yes." She points her horns at deafy but.. why?
Dream gasp. Deafy could talk??!?
Deafy walks out of the music store carrying one of those bagpipes thingies. I mean, that's the perfect instrument for a deaf pone, really.
// Juts a lil' bit of a vent before I waddle away. The RPG group I've gathered has officially been disbanded yesterday, as everyone is really just making up excuses to not go, and in one week Brazil...View More
Maxh Vezpyre
Boa sorte nos seus exames, mesmo que você não precise!
Obrigado! Quando se trata de Enem, toda a sorte é bem vinda.
Seir Genevieve
Sorry to be a party pooper guys but you’re still expected to use only english on the site :,>... as for your exams Deafy, you’ll do great! I wish you the best topic to write your essay about, it shall be something you’re eloquent in.
Maxh Vezpyre
Quite forced, then again not surprising coming from here. Still good luck Deafy, I shall improve my Portuguese further as well, since it's quite a rich language.
Deafy sits down in front of his shack with a deep sigh and a warm smile. "Things went pretty well today, Wobbly. I made forty bits just from curing the ponies in town, and that's a lot more than I cou...View More
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