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Velvet Moonshadow

Aka the Gray Queen (Flurry Heart's alter ego)

Female. Lives in  Crystal Empire,  Equestria. Born on July 22
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Canon, Au, Anthro, Mirror, EQG
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The Castle
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Velvet Moonshadow
#rp Quiet feminine giggles could be heard from the shadows of the castle, Velvet hadn't stole anything..of much value, just a few trinkets from the King's room and maybe moved a few things around to m...View More
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King Artemis
".....Well shit..." The King seemed to curse out....almost in a defeated tone. Some of his stuff got moved. Moved! How irritating! And everything was so organized. Well...kinda. "Most be one of my girls...." He sighed.
Nitroxus Soulspins
*Nitroxus rode on a magical playing piano and it flew itself to the lynx. He smiled once he was near the pony and climbed off the piano. He then passed them a large gift.* Happy Birthday!
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