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by on October 30, 2018
Trading characters!
Everyone in this folder is up for sale or trade
Paypal>Art>DevART Points>Characters
I don't use any of these guys and want them to go to a better home
Do not go out of this folder for buying
If you see your design and want it back it would be discounted
Telegram Stickers
$8 for just a single sticker
3 for $15 for simple chibis, the design may be simplified to keep the chibi look
3 for $20 for more detailed and accurate look of your character
+$3 for every extra character or YCH insert!
+$1 for each background or big prop added like a city to stomp on! (Looking at you macro dudes)
You can get them in packs of 3 each, for 15+ stickers you'll have to ask for a quote
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask in the comments!
Note* The chibi will have the plushie like paws with no fingers in the stickers
The stickers will have a 5px white outline with a black shadow behind it
Stickers will primarily looking towards the right
If you want to see my current YCHs you may message me, they are primarily furry, macro, or vore.
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