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Demonic H. Hooves
by on May 14, 2019
So, I've been in Celestia’s Captain tier for about five months now and I'm fucking done with it. I will go over why, and why you shouldn't bother with it
What you get
1. unlimited characters: Now, if this is something you care about, get luan's protector. It's cheaper and you get everything else captain gets
2. Special features: you get the banner tint ((the thing that can be done with ease on photoshop)) that all tiers get, you get a "special" gold ring. I put quotes around it, for in truth no one will care. Moreso, the only difference it has over the normal purple one is people think you're some sort of staff member.
3. "all new features": I have no idea what said features are. . . I've looked around on site as a basic user and I couldn't see anything different. So, I guess this a lie ((if this is proven wrong I will change this))
4. early access: This is so close a lie I wish I could call it one. For, there was one time I was allowed to post sound cloud links two weeks early than anyone else. And that's it. I haven't been told about anything new, haven't tested anything!
5. BROKEN BONUS: One thing I did get with captain is how fucking broken it's been. I've been plagued with issues like "the rank not showing up" "it stopping for no reason" "unable to pay for it" "it ending for no reason" one time I got to have it long after it expired, but I told the dev's to get that changed. Now, to be fair, as of late things have been much better and these bugs seem to be over. but this still bugged me 70% of the time I've been on this tier
TL;DR: Celestia’s Captain offers nothing that luan's protector offers. if you don't need unlimited oc slots. get a lower tier.
What's above is meant to be "objective" ((as much as a salty cunt like me can be)) but below is more subjective
The reason why I paid for this tier is simple "I fucking love the site and I wanted to see the new upcoming features"
So, as it becomes more and more apparent that I'm not going to see anything new for being in this tier, and the site slowly sliding down into the dumpster. I just don't see a reason to keep throwing this site money. I also feel fucking dumb for waiting this long to finally stop believing that things will get better. It won't, it fucking won't. To the point ware, I don't think getting any tier is a good idea. I straight up should be a called a dumbfuck for being in this tier
If there is anything you want to ask about Celestia’s Captain or about this post, just ask and I will answer
Daddy Cambia
Ha, idiot
Princess Corona Lionheart the IV
Allow me to say this The reason that the specific subscription is lacking, is because we haven't had time to really add any more features that would make it more valuable. Is also not easy to develop features for this software because research has to be done so we can make sur that the features tha...View More
Demonic H. Hooves
I understand, and for quite a long time agreed. . but after half a year or so. . . you would think more would be done.
Princess Corona Lionheart the IV
That's something I can't control. Comp is essentially the only one running the show in the development department despite there being other devs. They have been busy with their school work as well as IRL so they haven't been around much for things like that. So when I say we're trying, we really are...View More
Silver Shield
Well this is good constructive criticism if I've ever seen it. But it's probably better to think of paying for tiers as "donating money with slight perks" than paying for an actual product.
Demonic H. Hooves
I should of touched on that a little more. . . for yeah that is true! but no need to donate. . .this much
I'm just gonna ridicule you for getting it cause it gives you a piss yellow border
Demonic H. Hooves
it's the piss on my face for paying this much