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Demonic H Hooves

Male. Born on July 23, 1994
by on June 15, 2022
I don't know how to structure this madness of a post, so i'm not. lets get started On apple jacks farm, she has; sheep, pigs, dairy cows and chickens. we will come back to the chickens and pigs latter, right now we need to talk about the sheep and cows the reason being is, both the sheep and cows are shown to be just as sentient and smart as the other races in mlp. A good example is the bison, they're seen as their own sentient race that's allowed to live free. or better yet the yaks who ha...
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by on April 28, 2020
Hey you, this is going to be a long post. . . and it may not be super fun to read. But if you care about the community it's worth a read! So yeah, I'm quitting CA. I'm not going to burn my account and flip everyone off on the way out. .plus I might wanna check up on this place. So you might see around, but I'm done posting and being part of this place. Now, I don't fucking care if anyone is sad about me leaving, so I don't want this to be about "oh no! Demonic is gone" This is about the proble...
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by on October 14, 2019
I would like to start this off by saying "the only way we're going to save this world is through brutal, uncaring capitalism. Peace had its chance and never showed up" 1. quick overview "corn is the key to ending world hunger and global warming. cows can be used to save the 3rd world and create clean power. tigers are the hook that drives the need up so it can all happen" 2. corn Now corn is picked because America is very good at growing it ( ) it's a ...
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by on September 22, 2019
I would like to start this off by thanking the fucking 55 people who took part in this survey! It means a lot that you took the time to help everyone learn! Next, I would like to say if you haven't already, grab a soda this is going to be a LONG post with lots of numbers. The first thing I'm going to talk about is "why I did this" and "how I went about finding people", to add some context and interpret the numbers better. Now, the main reason I did this was I keep hearing people "NO ONE RP'S H...
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by on May 14, 2019
So, I've been in Celestia’s Captain tier for about five months now and I'm fucking done with it. I will go over why, and why you shouldn't bother with it What you get 1. unlimited characters: Now, if this is something you care about, get luan's protector. It's cheaper and you get everything else captain gets 2. Special features: you get the banner tint ((the thing that can be done with ease on photoshop)) that all tiers get, you get a "special" gold ring. I put quotes around it, for in truth ...
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by on March 28, 2019
So this is the stowy of how Demonyic Houvs and Scwipt Anyonymous feww in wuv! Demonyic was sitting in the pawk bwooding and being aww eviw and edgy, even doing a hawdcowe fwown. When Scwipt came uvw and said "hewwo" but demonyic was aww wike "HUMPH" And wooked away (・`ω´・) So Scwipt was aww sad and said "aww demonyic? what's wwong?" and demonyic said in dawk emo voice "Nyo onye wuvs me" but Scwipt smiwed and said "I wuv you fouw evew!" demonyic did a gwoww and said "nyo you don't (・`ω´・)" Scw...
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by on July 29, 2018
So fucking i was walking around smoking a swisher so i don't stink up my house, when i saw this dude walking his cat like a dog. Now this was a big ass maine coon, like it was a tad lager then normal ones, keep that in mind. now, i saw this and i said to the dude "hey nice [cat]! doesn't your boyfriend like it shaved though?" and he stops and looks at me, and he's like "What was that mother fucker?" me "I said you got big hairy [cat] and you should shave it for your boyfriend! what kind of fagg...
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by on June 6, 2018
So my bro got a male tarantula for his female one, for he wanted to breed them and sell them. not knowing they fucking lay 100-200 eggs. So the dude has ALOT of spiders! so once they got a bit bigger, we got a few of them and went to a fucking gas station, at the middle of the night, i think it was 12am last night? and i put the spiders on my face and shoulders. and just walked in, grabbed a monster and went to the counter. . . and the chick starts FREAKING OUT! i mean FLIPPING A BITCH FREAKING...
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by on April 7, 2018
So this is me rambling. . . enjoy if you want So, some people may know this, but some may not. But for the past, fuck. . . six years? I've drank around 8-12 beers a NIGHT! People said I was addicted, but like I never felt I WAS! I just FUCKING LOVE Beer! For like I've NEVER gotten a dui, I never drank during the day. I only drank in a few hours time frame before bed. . . but that didn't matter. . . people said I was "addicted" So, I was like screw it "lets prove them wrong!" so for seven days...
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