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Summer Night team members, reply to this thread with your favorite recipe you love to eat during the summer, or if you don't know a recipe, just the description! You can even post a photo if you wish!
Black Parade
I don't actually cool anything so Imma just share something I eat .o. a good sammich
Liath Mac Medb
I can't cook, but I have learned of a few alcoholic beverages that I really like and is always a hit when I bring it to parties. So here you go, for those of you old enough to drink.
Crown Royal Maple
Vanilla Coke
Mix as you like and drink responsibly. It's simple, but it tastes just like pancakes and syrup and goes down super smooth.
I really like to drink fruity drinks during summer, which adds some tropicalness to it and makes me think I am enjoying the summer in a tropical area. In this case I just want to share one of my healthy and very delicious favourite drinks. A very simple banana milkshake!
All you need is:
- A mixer to mix it of course
- 1 or 2 Bananas, depending on the size of your mixer and how much you want
- Some milk and I think one with a lot of fat percentage would make it even better
- Some sugar, if the Banana is not sweet enough already
Then you just have to put the milk into the mixer and add like one banana into the milk and mix it, until there are no banana chunks left. Then you fill it up in a glas or cup, whatever you would like to drink out of and maybe add some spoons of sugar, if the banana wasn't sweet enough alone. You could probably even add some other stuff, but we want to stay healthy here.
And voilá you have a very simple and delicious banana shake!
Absinthe Noir
Something I like to watch in the summer is pumpkin waffles. Whenever it’s raining or foggy, I make some and put on some cartoon movie and get all cozy and wish for fall. ♥
Dry Mix:
1 1/2 Cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup cornstarch
3 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
Wet mix:
1 cup shaken buttermilk
1/2 cup pure pumpkin purée
6 tbsp neutral oil (I prefer coconut or avacado)
7 tbsp unsalted butter melted and cooled
2 tsp vanilla extract
2 large egg whites
1/2 cup sugar
☽ Directions ☾
1) in a large bowl, combine the dry mix ingredients and whisk together
2) In another bowl, whisk together the buttermilk, pumpkin purée, coconut oil (or other), melted butter, & vanilla. Pour mixture into dry mix and mix until BARELY combined and set aside.
3) in another bowl wish a hand mixer, beat the egg whites till they reach a foamy state. Add the sugar and beat again until stiff peaks form. (Kind of like meringue). Fold the egg whites and sugar into the batter in the large bowl until fully combined.
4) Cook according to your waffle iron. (Mine usually take 4-5 minutes)
5) enjoy ♥
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Acry Weaver (Inactive)
Don't have particular favourite recipes for different seasons, and certainly not a good cook ^^;
But there are two pasta meals I can make that I love all year round
1) (the obvious one)
Tomato sauce from the jar
Maybe some cheese
2) (possibly weird? I dunno)
Pasta (Fusilli, penne, conchiglie, usually)
Drained Tuna
-All mixed in one bowl after pasta is cooked
Princess Neon Synthwave
Step 1: get a sheet of tinfoil.
Step 2: get your ribs and cut them up
Step 3: place tinfoil of preheated barbeque
Step 4: place ribs on with whatever seasonings you want
Step 5: flip ribs every 5 minutes
Step 6: place barbeque sauce on them
Step 7: wait until fully cooked
Step 8: serve
Just kidding, this is for adults only.
What? I'm a college student and a teacher, double the reasons that the only good thing I know how to make is BOOZE.
Aight so for this summer nights recipe, I'm going to teach you to make an ancient brew that is revered by the Slavs as...something.
Not really. It's Kvass, a slavic bread cocktail. Sound gross? According to my friends it is.
I like it.
Anyhow, it's super simple to make. I'm not going to tell you the exact quantities because 1) I learned it from my friend Boris 2) You kids already get up to enough trouble with your vapes.
All you need to know is...
1) Acquire a CLEAN hermetically sealed jar because this is a fermented brew and you don't want bacteria getting in. This kills the Abby.
2) Boil some water in a pot, and to this, add some rabbit poop, as well as some bread-I mean toast. And when I say toast, I mean burnt toast. I mean, you accidentally-on-purpose crank that shit up to max and let it burn, until it smells like a fire is starting. Also it needs to be black bread. Toss the CLEAN (no bacteria) raisins and bread into the boiling bread, remove it from heat, let it sit for a few hours.
3) After a few hours you'll have some hobo-looking soup made-or possible the nastiest tea you've ever seen. Won't smell great either. That's fine. Just strain all the solids, put that stuff into the jar, add the YEEast so it can start fermenting...and you're done. You can let it sit as long as you want to ferment-least is about 3 days for a light beer level-I've done three weeks before and I woke up on top of a food truck in new zealand surrounded by a flock of warrior sheep and saw headlines about an attempted coup.
Remember that this drink is best enjoyed home alone on a weekend while sobbing as you remember you have no good friend to share you slavic bread brew with.
Chimie Changa
.....aaaaaand I kinda sorta forgots to takes a picture of it before I started!
Basalt Alltrades
So mine is 2-part, because screw the rules, I have recipes!
I apologize for the super rough estimations and large portion sizes, I like to be involved when I cook, cook a lot, keep it simple with purchased amounts, ALWAYS have a butt load of spices on hand, and wing a lot of it. I usually make this when friends get sick in summer and make a whole bunch to share because I hate wasting the pseudo-broth you get from boiling chicken.
8 pack skinless, boneless chicken thighs (or breasts, i guess)
10 red peppers (or less, i like peppers, okay?)
1 large bag yolk-free egg noodles
fluffy italian rolls
bag of carrots
bunch of celery
garlic powder (not garlic salt)
a small pony (preferably applejack)
extra virgin olive oil (or regular olive oil, you dweeb, but extra virgin is just better)
1) take 4 of the chicken thighs, slice in half along the longest axes, so, hamburger style from elementary school, so they cook faster, and toss in a pot with water and boil until cooked
2) while boiling, begin roasting red peppers in the oven at bake 400°F, turning about every 12 minutes, until all sides look kinda charred, but they won't be burnt unless you leave them in for too long, and they roast better if they have some space between themselves
3) chop other 4 chicken thighs into cubes, i suggest 1/2" at the smallest, while pot is boiling and peppers are beginning to roast, keep an eye on everything and you'll be fine
4) remove chicken thighs from pot when done and cool, because burning your fingers is for losers, and throw the cubed chicken thighs in
5) continue roasting peppers while you chop carrots and celery into slices, i suggest 1/2 cup of each for every chicken thigh, 2/3 cup for each chicken breast, but it can be more or less
6) add chopped veggies to boiling chicken along with oregano, salt, and pepper to taste, more spices should be added before noodles if necessary, bring back to boil for about 5 minutes
7) roasted peppers should be done somewhere in here or later depending on how you stacked them up in the oven, when they are done, toss them in a bowl or pot of appropriate size and cover for about 15~20 minutes, this lets them steam themselves and makes it easier to peel the skin from the flesh
8) now gaze lovingly at your pony of choice (applejack) and think about what friends you're gonna chat with later (me, pick me) while you wait for the timer on the boiling pot
9) add noodles and cook to directions, adding spice now, if needed, before noodles cook, soup is ready, it makes a good dinner with people over to share, make sure you get enough fluffy italian rolls
10) cut open peppers heigth-wise, carefully, there is liquid inside and they may still be very hot, pouring pepper liquid into chicken soup (optional, i think it adds some zing) and removing the stem and seeds. (not optional) the skin on the peppers should be pliable enough that you can strip it from the pepper flesh and toss the flesh into another container to be dealt with later and throw the skin away like the trash rarity is
11) ensure roasted peppers and boiled chicken are refridgerated while you happily consume foodstuffs acquired and prepared
12) some time that night or the next day, i dunno, i'm not your mom, (clean your room) grab the pepper flesh and continue slicing height-wise into strips about 1/4" wide
13 1/2) take the boiled chicken thighs and shred them into shredded bits to add to the peppers, i just use my hands, it's kind of annoying any other way i've tried
14) mix shredded chicken and sliced peppers together with enough olive oil to lightly coat them, then add garlic powder and salt to taste, MAKING SURE TO MIX THOROUGHLY
15) keep chicken pepper "salad" cold and serve with fluffy italian rolls for best results (in my expert opinion)
Phoenix Genevieve
Nothing beats BBQing in the summer
Graham Crackers
And Marshmallow
Roast the marshmallow
Butterscotch Ormand
My mother always likes to invite a bunch of her co-workers over and have a huge cookout during holidays or for summer weekends. She works as a researcher, so we get a very multi cultural group together for this, including many Muslims, and Hindus, and usually a Sikh and a Buddhist. Because of this, we can't do the traditional pork and beef galore American cookout, and need to have plenty of vegetarian options ready.
So instead, we all get together and cook a large, Indian style meal. There are usually a ton of dishes served (because we are feeding like 20 people from different cultural backgrounds) but my favorite part has to be the lamb curry we make. We cook an entire leg, so we usually have leftovers for days. I love this because everyone works together in the kitchen, so we have people who grew up in India with this food directing everyone.
I also love it because it comes out very spicy. Not like Chinese restaurant "we have three little drawings of a pepper to indicate this is 'very' spicy, but it's not really" spicy. More like "this can be put outside for a week straight and not go bad" spicy. I've always had an affinity for spicy food, and this stuff really hits the spot.
Sorry I couldn't post a specific recipe, because I usually get put on a different dish each time and we measure by eye. But it's freaking good.
Truly, I don't have any recipes or ingredients to shove at you guys. It's pretty unfortunate. So, I'll just share with you the basic type of treat I like to enjoy on a summer night. It's honestly just a cup of coffee. Black, or with cream, either is great. Sometimes I like to add cocoa mix into the coffee. So there's something to try out if you ever find yourself with the ingredients.
Since I like barbecues, I tend to be a fan of baked potatoes where I can eat the whole thing, which lead me to come up with how I do mine.
What you'll need:
1 potato
Olive oil/butter
Salt/steak seasoning
Aluminum foil
What you do:
Coat the potato in butter/olive oil
Rub it in either salt or steak seasoning, depending on what you prefer to use
Wrap it up tight in the foil
Stick it in either the coals or away from the flames of your grill
Wait about 15-25 minutes
Add on your meat/whatever else
By the time your meat is done, you have a nice, neat potato ready to unwrap and eat!