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Summer Nights team members reply to this thread with a playlist and/or a list of songs!
The theme for the music is a campfire.
Some summer night songs :3
Last update on July 21, 5:17 pm by Syncenator.
Ephemeria Spring
I kinda got screwed over on the previous week since I didn't know it all ended on a Saturday. Might have been a mistake with the scheduling too with how the first week lasts 6 days from Monday while the other 3 had full 7 days. My fault for not checking the dates though!
Have this album I constantly listen to for summer. It's a forever summer holiday~
Acry Weaver (Inactive)
My holiday playlist, nice to listen to at all times tho :3
K so...ya'll might be expecting some REAL music? Nah fam.
Most years my family takes a road trip north, and if I can come, I'll play DS Games on the roadtrip. If not, I stay home and play games that require some time.
As a result my playlist is some of the most important tracks that have stuck with me from summer games I've played. Enjoy a road trip from the blue skies of Columbia to the crowded streets of Shibuya. From Mushroom Kingdom to Hoenn, there's likely to be something here you've heard before!
Last update on July 24, 8:43 pm by Aubade.
Generally, my summers consist of a lot of open world/sandbox game playing, among other things, so I mixed them all into one list to give kind of a good sample of what my summers usually have.
Butterscotch Ormand
I thought this was going to be easy until I realized I listened to nothing but Satellites by Periphery for the last three months.
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Basalt Alltrades
The actual playlist would be a big, hot mess (that's what she said), but you can't go wrong with the EDM bot on youtube.
I think it's good for chill summer nights, but what do I know, I'm a loose cannon cop who is a week from retirement every day.
Chimie Changa