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Alright, so, for the moment neither artist here will be accepting new requests. Had you already made a request we will, of course, complete them, but you'll have to pay for your art for a while. Commissions are open, and relatively cheap.
Hey! Here is where I'll be posting characters, raffles, and any art requests I do~
Everything is free, so it will be done when I feel like doing it, but I'll do my best to do things within a week of my agreement.
! If I deny you a request, feel free to ask for a different one, but respect that I have denied it.
! This is NOT first come first serve.
! All free raffles and character designs will be open for one week before I decide the winner unless otherwise specified.
! You may change anything you want if you win the character.
! You MAY ONLY USE THE ART if you CREDIT THE CREATOR (A comment with a link to my profile works for this.)
! You CAN commission me if you want me to make your order a priority, shading, a background, and or multiple characters.
To request an art:
Commission type: (Headshot, fullbody, halfbody)
Preferred artist: (Foxtrot/Green Tea)
Character reference/description:
Currently open:
Life Goal
Pone Adopt 3
Dust Bunny and Perfect Poise
Ghost Ribbon Pone
Cupid's Bow
Sparrow Pone
Comedian Pone
Floral Fen
Pone Adopt 2