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by on December 4, 2020
Hello, everyone! It is that time of year again. A time in which we all come together to celebrate yet another year of the launch of Canterlot Avenue. This year, we chose to take a much more simple approach in this year’s anniversary. I have a few details of what we will be doing this year, but first I just wanted to express a few words. Firstly...Wow, Three years! It was like it was only yesterday that I was preparing everything for December 4th, 2017 for the launch of this new place. I...
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by on September 17, 2020
Hello, everyone This blog is going to be a rather more serious one and one that it's been long overdue and it's time for me to address a lot of things. I don't know how long this will be, so if it ends up being quite a read, I do apologize. I won't be including a tl;dr, so please read it fully to understand what is happening. I have asked the admin board, and they have granted me permission to pin this blog to the feed, as I want as many people to see this, as it's rather important. The blog...
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by on December 5, 2019
Please excuse if the banner doesn't display correctly. Wow...two years...i'm just absolutely excited! It's just incredible that we have made itt this far. I sincerely am happy to have been given the chance to make CA a reality. For those who know me from way before CA, you know that my first website, which we do not speak of (lol) only lasted 2 months and it was a terrible mess. It's very exciting to know CA has officially surpassed my old site by exactly twice the time! I really wanna tha...
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by on June 27, 2019
Hey guys, it's kinda been a while since i've done one of these. I've been kinda thinking on doing this, but I wasn't sure if I should, probably I should now better than never. Anyway, i've been kinda falling into a state of burn out. No, this has nothing to do with CA or anything of the matter or that i'm going to be leaving soon or something. Trust me i'm not going anywhere. But mainly i'm referring to burning out in RPs. I've found myself having a bit more difficulty trying to really come u...
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by on June 1, 2019
Hi everyone! I wanted to take a moment to write up something for every one of you. Now, I am sure that many of you may take this as not actually being genuine, but that’s alright. In this apology, I wanted to address several mistakes in which I have made publicly. I want to firstly thank you for, despite my poor leadership, for sticking around to those that have. Now then, allow me to first start by stating that I have definitely seen the concerns in which all of you have had regarding my ...
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by on December 4, 2018
Wow....I'm amazed! It has been one year already!? Holy crap! Time goes by so fast! Regardless of, I have so much to say but I don't even know where to start with this. It has been such a roller coaster ride this entire year that has had me go crazy sometimes. CA started as an idea back in late 2016, early 2017. I was still running my old site back then but in the back of my mind I had another idea for a different name and a different site for the fandom that I wanted to do. Mainly because my ...
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by on June 5, 2018
Hello again everyone, here I am once again with another blog thing. So, I'm gonna go ahead and jump straight into this because I don't have much time. I made a status a few days ago in which I mentioned that I had sat down with an adult friend of mine (An older adult than me), well, he's more friends of my parents than me but still technically my friend cause I've known him for the longest time. He's also a pastor and stuff. Regardless, so I sat down and talked to him about things that are ha...
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by on May 9, 2018
//OOC I rarely dream, but MY GOD! I had the coolest MLP related dream last night. In this dream, a reformed Chrysalis was caught by a villain and brought to the human world. What's funny is that Chrysalis was a friend of mine in pony form, and she was going to marry another friend of mine who was also a pony. I was Corona in the MLP world and me, along with my friend, we traveled to the human world to look for Chrysalis and try to save her from danger. What's even funnier is that in the d...
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by on March 23, 2018
Greetings, everyone! This blog’s main purpose is for us, the moderation team, to apologize for the actions that we took in recent events. The comments will remain open, however, please refrain from causing any arguments in the comments. Comment threads that get out of hand will be removed. Thank You! Before continuing, we want to make a note that details pertaining to any recent events talked about below will not be disclosed, as to protect the identities of those involved. We are well...
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by on March 18, 2018
I don't know how to get started with this...There's a lot that I want to say, but that I won't say because this isn't a venting place, nor it would look good for me to say. But I can say that I am very frustrated, upset, angry, disappointed and very...very sorry. Is hard to sit here and admit that i've made mistakes, because you don't want to lose the trust of people if they know you've made mistakes, but I realize that by not being honest and by not admitting that i've made a mistake, I will l...
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by on February 6, 2018
Hello again, everyone! So i guess i'm back on yet another blog where I kinda express my thoughts on roleplys and kinda rant a little bit on a few things that kinda botherm e in terms of RPs and such. So sit back and get some popcorn, while you read this mess. So...I'm not sure about others here on the site, but, I hate it when all that people want when it comes to RPs, is to either just ERP, or just do what THEY want to do, without taking your thoughts into consideration, and if you tell t...
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by on February 5, 2018
You know...Is not like me to just drop a roleplay completely out of the blue, or to plan an RP with someone and never actually do it, but sometimes when I look at things and analyze things carefully, sometimes I feel like the RP i'm doing or going to do, just kinda won't be as enjoyable as I think it would be. Sure you can say "Just give it a shot and see how it goes" But for me is very difficult to just go like "Hey...I'm kinda not feeling interested in this. I'm sorry", because I don't wanna h...
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