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Corona Lionheart IV · Founder

The OG CornBread

Female. Lives in Somewhere,  Canterlot,  Equestria. Born on January 23, 1996
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This is a page for users to get in contact with staff to come up with suggestions and offer a place onsite to discuss what features the website should add for the future that may be help improve the user experience. As this is a page for suggestions we'd also ask that discussion remain on topic and refrain from excessive derailment of posts. We’ll try to get to everything sent to us here but forgive us if we miss yours, feel free to ‘bump’ a post if it goes more than two days without a response from one of us. We’re more than open to negative feedback but we do ask that discussions remain civil and avoid attempting to call out users or staff members explicitly. At the moment it's being run by Jubilance and the rest of the PR team, please bear with us as we try to work with you. Provide functional and development concerns at:
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On this page, you will be able to ask me anything that you want. You can ask me questions about CA, or ask me questions about my OC. Please keep in mind that all website rules apply to this page, meaning, no inappropriate questions will be allowed. Thanks!
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