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King Sombra

Male. Lives in Crystal Empire,  Crystal Empire,  Equestria. Born on August 14, 1997
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lord grogar of old equstria
the dark sillloutte of a ram deep red and yellow eyes stare at the king chuckles softly but evily as he came closer"... could you be of some assistance?.." grunts holding a staff as a can acting injur...View More
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King Sombra
Artist: Evehly " I do not believe these so called- makeovers as the beaut pony claims, is apart of the reformation process. But is only humiliating. "
King Sombra
Artist: ohemo " In my rightful place, as all should be. "
King Sombra
Artist: Gloomydoom
King Sombra
The elder King would lower the rim of the glass from his darkened lips, satisfied with the wine that was brought from the cellar for the early morning before his faulty duties he’d attend to. The rich...View More
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A butler pony bamed tenor stood nearby. His Magic holding a fine bottle of wine. His left arm was covered by a white towel. „Good to year that i could please you king“
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