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Vinyls Music Picks 🎶 Just some nostalgia for tonight! The Ending song to Mass Effect 1 is special. It captures that space feel and epicness of the game despite existing before t...View More
Vinyls Music Picks 🎶 Just some good Drum and Bass. Gonna miss you Noisia, you glorious Dutch bastards.
Vinyls Music Picks 🎶 When Lamb of God and Gojira release new songs on the same day, it's hard to pick between them both, but I like the boing boing riff on the Gojira song a bit more, so enjoy...View More
Vinyls Music Picks 🎶 love me some Cake. Cake is a band that's been with me since my childhood and I have a fond love for now. Whenever I'm down I love to listen to Cake, purely for the nostalg...View More
Vinyls Music Picks 🎶 Replaying Dark Souls 3 at the moment and I always LVOE the music in this game. Abyss Watchers is a personal favorite with the Lord of Cinder being a close second.
Vinyls Music Picks 🎶 One of my favorite songs to listen to as it got me into the Liquid Drum and Bass genre. When you want to chill but be hype. Fantastic vocals and a great dro...View More
Vinyls Music Picks 🎶 The song that got me into Nujabes. From early in Samurai Champloo, this song came on and I needed to know just exactly what this was. Beautiful is what. Rest in Peace, Nuj...View More
Vinyls Music Picks 🎶 A song about how even though bad things happen around you, you need to move on with your life and let things go. Life goes on.
Vinyls Music Picks 🎶 A classic! Enjoy y'all!
Vinyls Music Picks 🎶 ah nier automata.. the first game to really grab my heart about 3 hours in when the cutscene vocals mixed into the boss music track. I love when games mix their music and ...View More
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