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Velvet Night
Velvet Night
i came to say that i was going to wipe clean some of my accounts and change the character. i have more ocs and plan to change those cleaned accounts to those so if anyone sees a bunch of accounts name...View More
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Rough Winds
Im s t i l l waiting for my rp tho
Velvet Night
i know i know, i sent one from here a long time ago, i havent been able to get to the one with kat
Velvet Night
Morning everyone. It's 8 am and finally Christmas, meanwhile my siblings are causing a ruckus downstairs and pretty much no one is awake yet
Script Anonymous Cone Lord lord of all Cones
Merry Christmas!
Velvet Night
((be sure to add me on any/all of my other profiles!! I'm slowly but surely making progress on all of them!! Pillow Princess, Kat Scratch, Spell Book, Iridescent Ice, blank canvas, Lucky Charm, Crybab...View More
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Schwoopy Tail
What’s that? Only add Pillow Princess and Spell book? Don’t mind if I do
Velvet Night
They would both..... ykno never mind.
Schwoopy Tail
They would both be lovely to kiss and cuddle? Agreed. I wanna steal spells hat and pilluhs glasses
Velvet Night
you're absolutely right. and they'll both just Take it
That's a lotta' horses
Cally Ber
*Starts building a corral*
Velvet Night
i have more.
Velvet Night
you're funny
Prince Artemis
'and Bo'. I wish I could explain as to why reading all those names and then just seeing the simple name Bo was funny to me. But it just was.
Velvet Night
i didnt even realize that i set them up in an order to make Bo's name so funny, thanks for for pointing that out!
Emery de Cleyre
//Wait, how many characters do you have? I guess you're doing good for the site by paying for a subscription.
Velvet Night
oh, ten total. staff get 10 as their base as a gift for working for the site.
Emery de Cleyre
So you get a month subscription for free?
Velvet Night
no we just get it for free period. even then you can just donate $5 and get a permanent extra five slots anyways.
Staff gets 10 slots free. But even then not really because how the system works. So technically we can have s many as we want in a sense. But I said 10 so people don't riot. Even though technically we put in a lot of work for the site as it is. Our payment is practically putting time of our lives an...View More
Emery de Cleyre
//Oh, okay.
Velvet Night
My lesbian ass be crying because my girlfriend remembered i needed highlighters for school And She Bought Me Some
Crashie Tunez
Jade The Pegasister
I laughed more than I should have <3
Pinkie Wolf
((That's so cute!))
Velvet Night
((she pays attention to the littlest things and I was in actual tears from it
Pinkie Wolf
((Aaaaaaawwwwh!! <3 See, this is goals! This is what I want! xD))
Desert Thorn
That's so sweet and adorable ^^
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