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Velvet Night
i love girls!! but i also loves boys...... and everything in between!!! i love them all!!! happy pride month to all my LGBT+ friends ♡♡♡
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I-I love cheesecake is that okay
Velvet Night
Yessss omg I mean like boys and girls are both really cute but like Cheesecake you feel me?
Princess Corona The Hippogriff
I love sleeping and eating, and reading and boys and girls and animals and plants. I hope all those count for something lol
Lula Vieve
i love commas
Princess Corona The Hippogriff
Commas are great
Comma comma comma comma comma chameleon
I love you too, Velvet.
you get snuggles if you ever so desire
Lula Vieve
bro...ily :v:
Velvet Night
Velvet Night
hey guys, i entered a paid raffle and didn't realize how little points i had!! the raffle ends later today and i need to be prepared in case i win!! please buy my art!! its cheap https://www.devianta...View More
Velvet Night
I'm so excited to have good night sleep every night. I don't have to worry about going to bed by 11 pm to get at least 7 hours of sleep. I can get the 10 hours my body needs.
y-your body needs 10 hours of sleep?
Velvet Night
yea! people between about 14-19 should get like 8-10 hours of sleep. we went really in depth about sleep in my ap psychology class heh
O can people over 19 do good with 4-7 cause that's as good as I get hehe
Velvet Night
it's not as healthy because your brain is still developing but it definitely wont kill you
Not As Healthy is my Hispanic middle name, so that's par for the course. :ok_fingers:
Honey Fall
Bruh, three hours is more than enough if you got that monster IV drip
Ya' deserve it
Lula Vieve
Heck yeah bro get that good good sleep.
Velvet Night
I've been so busy lately with trying to get more art done and getting stuff done for school. it's the last quarter so theres much to do. Not to mention prom this saturday
I remember prom. I ate gummy bears in the corner.
Cally Ber
I remember prom. I think I was playing Halo Reach or ODST at home
Hey wanna RP?
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