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Velvet Night
gurgles boredly
"What'cha gurglin'?"
Jade The Pegasister
Velvet Night
"Freckles are cute and you cant change my mind.
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Princess Unikitty
"Couldn't agree more!"
Liath "Lyle" Machs
"Who would want to?"
Demonic hooves
"me. . .makes ponies look like one some had a rather wet fart in-front of their face. "
Velvet Night
"Something, something gay. Something something.... I want a lover."
Pink Serendipity
"something something vigorous flirting something something offering"
Kaldra Versvesh
"Very inspirational speech, love perhaps will fall into your arms." The fox clapped with his paws, only to settle back down on all fours. "However I can only offer these chocolates I do not like. Perhaps that will help."
Cally Ber
"Not even flirting, but I'm damn surprised you've been looking this long. Because, damn." Cally said before trying to whistle which she can't do no matter how many years she's practiced.
"You'll find someone :D"
Sounds pretty gay
Velvet Night
Very gay
How gay are we talking?
Velvet Night
six. i like boys too...
Yeah I'm probably around the same tbh
Twisted Fate
Twisted does the math and figures out he isn't compatible with gay mares "Damn, this doesn't look good for me."
Velvet Night
"I'm bisexual you fool"
Twisted Fate
"But...math doesn't lie...does it?"
//aggressively ships
Velvet Night
"dont you get it, math IS a lie"
Twisted Fate
Twisted would stop responding and stare at the wall, while the following played in his head:
You have to convert the product so that it's calculable through the infinite improbability drive which determines the results on a scale from 1 through gay.
Velvet Night
Last night me made a bad choice and had a tiny glass of milk with their dessert. Present me is Hating Life.
Adrian Coalhopper
Lactose intolerance isn't fun when you have lactose.
It can't stop me from loving it all X3
Crystal Summer
oof thats painfull
Oof. You've got a battle to fight kiddo
Moonlight Secrets
i take it you're lactose intolerant? You know they make lactose free milk right? Lactaid I believe it is. tastes like regular milk but without the lactose. ^.^
Velvet Night
yea, the only thing is how expensive it is
Moonlight Secrets
i get that, but it's better than suffering when you want milk to drink knowing what it will do. I hope you feel better though, i can't imagine not being able to consume dairy products.
Velvet Night
oh boy i have a sinus headache. wish i could skip out on school but i have a test in my ap class today
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I am glad you're going. Be sure to spoil yourself with something nice later.
Demonic hooves
just break your leg! if you're a weakling, you can use that as reason to not go to school and take the test latter! but if you're hardcore, like i be your are, the pain of a broken leg will hurt so much you won't even notice the headache!
Velvet Night
My nose is runny and my throat hurts.. At least i get breakfast for free with the mom machine
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