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by on April 29, 2020
Hey there team! I've noticed since I've started rping around the site, that as I'm typing, and use shift+enter to get another line of space without posting, that I will get inconsistent spacing between lines. Sometimes this isn't so bad, only being one or two extra lines, and so only one or two backspaces...but other times, this will end up being 7-10 lines, which then tends to happen multiple times in the same post after it's started. I'm not quite sure what might be causing this, but I've no...
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by on March 1, 2020
So i was thinking since there are a few people who use the dms in here that there should be a way to see if the other person or people are typing. Pretty like Discord when in dms or in a server you can see who is typing unlsess multiple people are typing ofc. But anyways I say that the dms here should be updated with that feature because honestly I kinda want to know how long somepony is typing something or if they are typing in general.
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Hello everyone! We’d like to better familiarize ourselves with our user base. This is a personal Q&A involving staff members so that you, the users, can ask any questions you may want to know. You can ask general questions for all of staff to answer, or you’re free to ask specific staff members questions. As long as the material follows site rules, you’re free to ask and we shall answer to our best ability. However, please keep in mind that this Q&A is for questions about the people who are a p...
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by on May 14, 2019
Hello everyone! In this statement we want to address something that we believe is well overdue. That being our Subscription Packages. This statement is also to provide some insight on users who may be considering becoming Premium users. As CA has been online for the past year and a half with the help of our parent company, Poniverse, we have always strived to be able to become a bit more independent in the sense of being able to provide our own revenue to help alleviate the load on the compa...
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