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Canterlot Avenue Site Suggestions/Discussions
Heyooooo lovely folks of Canterlot Avenue, The PR team is interested in hearing your thoughts on events that we could do to spice this site up some, if you have any ideas, please leave them down below... View More
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Nitroxus Soulspins
Finally, I can ask this question. The only question I had for this site, since day 52. Can there be a contest in which Users can have a scavenger hunt with using the Forums as the "playground". It should be either a 3 tier or 5 tier fact gathering event. In which the users would read a seemingly inn... View More
Like July 21, 2021
Novaya Zemlya
Maybe fix the events page so there's actually a place to post the events lol
Like July 21, 2021
Carmine Gumshoe
more public RP events or something of the like. put this RP site to use :weary:
Like July 22, 2021
T Kid
Just throwing out this lol, not sure how'd it even work, but a voice chat? idk *shrug*
Like July 22, 2021