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Hello everyone, I am Crim. I will be your... Narrator for this adventure. This adventure will be played much like a D&D game where I your narrator will role a dice and then determine what rewards or consequences your actions cause. In this story, everyone one participating will be part of the police force in Manhattan. You will be trying to solve the mystery and catch the one responsible for the robbery of Rarity For You.
Now, let's get not our adventure, shall we?
Your in the middle on your shift as an officer in Manhattan enjoying the quite of the office. So far the day has been very boring since there hasn't been any trouble. Your sitting down in the report room writing down a report about a little filly that got lost that you ran into and help find their parents while you enjoy a cup of coffee and a sugar glazed donut. About halfway through your report, you get a notice from the dispatch that somepony just robbed the famous fashion store of Rarity For You. Being bored out of your skull, you dicide to go and check this out.
As you pull up you find a crowd has gathered around the crime scene that has yellow police tape around it. You pish your way though the crowd of ponys and find that one of the display windows is completely shattered, glass shards cover the sidewalk and some of the street. The manicans that had been in the window were now ethier on their side on the display stand or laying on the sidewalk with the glass shards. Astounded by the scene you dicide your next move. What is it?
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Bryce John Adalynn
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