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by on June 7, 2024
--------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- How long have I been washing my hooves? Seconds? Minutes? Ten minutes maybe?.....I just can't seem to stop. It won't go away. All the blood is still there. It won't wash off. It can't be washed off. Why won't it wash off. Why. Why. Why! Why!!! "The blood isn't gone...." I spoke at a hushed whisper, my mind screaming from the inside. This wouldn't do for service. There is no blood on my hooves. There ha...
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by on May 28, 2024
Third quarter, second half, 0:30 left. The score is 5-5. ( It's been a hard fought battle, and with only 30 seconds left in the match, the score is tied. Both teams are digging deep to find reserves of energy, and keep playing hard until the very end. The roaring of the crowd has gotten so loud, and feverish that they can be heard for many blocks away from the arena. No one expected the first challenge in this historic battle of the bands to be ...
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by on May 27, 2024
//Last post for the day. I'll post the final post some time tomorrow. Second quarter, first half, 2:05 left. The score is 2-4. Juno silently curses himself after a failed attempt to block a shot leads to Dragonautica gaining a 2 point lead. Playing two on three, with their center, and defender out has been tough on the two remaining members of Attack on Mango. Juno has tried his best to fill in for Nar, but Ruby hasn't practiced any defense. She's just getting battered all over the rink w...
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by on May 27, 2024
2nd quarter, 1st half, 4:15 left. The score is 1-2. Attack on Mango is down by one point. It's been a very hard fought battle so far, but they're still less than halfway through the game. Both teams are staring to show some signs of tiring, but are still playing their hardest. After a blocked shot from Ruby, Noxian passes the puck forward to a waiting Sapphire, who is headed down the left side of the rink. Her attention appears to be solely focused on the goal. Asuka notices this, and qui...
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by on May 26, 2024
//I'll be posting the first match in the battle of the bands over the course of the day tomorrow. Most posts shouldn't be posted as stories, and will likely just be wall posts. Posts will mainly highlight big plays, or important events in the match. 05/27/24, 7 PM, Timberwolf Arena, Vanhoover The four members of Attack on Mango stand inside a pristine locker room. Each sports gear for playing hockey, and stylized uniforms. The uniforms are black with purple trim, and feature the band's log...
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by on May 23, 2024
 After the one young filly was attacked his friend looked at the creature it looked like a normal pony exept, its teeth had blood on them and it had Pony coats on it...The Thing bit the young foal on the throat and the foal died right away and then the Thing looked at the other pony and said, "FlEsH!" In a bone chilling voice then it lunged twored the pony but the pony made it out. It was attacking ponies all the time and that young pony will never forget the Disturbing Image of the Thing... ...
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by on May 22, 2024
8 PM, Vanhoover Time, Channel 10, Vanhoover Tonight Entertainment Program. The show begins on an opening shot of two hosts sitting behind a desk in a relatively minimalist studio. Behind them are two large screens. Each displays the logo for one of two different bands. On the left, Attack on Mango. On the right, Dragonautica. In between the two logos, is a giant, stylized "VS" logo. After a second of pause, the host on the left perks up to speak. "Good evening Vanhoover! I'm Maple Drags!" The...
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by on May 17, 2024
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