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by on 1 hour ago
thank you for accepting my application to the friendship school!  although ar eyou sure this isnt because my adoptive mother is one of your closest friends? sicerely   Sundown
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by on Yesterday, 12:06 pm
PB's parents met in the most unexpected way unlike any other typical couple. Smart Striker, PB's mom met Penned Heart, PB's Father after making a magical device to transport through dimensions. Smart Striker passed through bumping into the stallion as there was no exact location to bring her to. She soon fell for him and refused to return to her dimension when she discovered her male counterpart's lab where she then resided in. Within time Penned Heart married Smart Striker and had PB, known as ...
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by on September 6, 2023
A young filly trotted quickly through the hall, tearing into a corner and almost running over another stable dweller. They dared not make a statement about it, and instead chuckled at her. It was the daily for a filly like her- carefree, and full of energy! She made her way down the next hallway, turned to the door of her dwelling, and basically dived in. The target? An older mare with a lab coat on. Her mission? To finally catch her off guard, and take her down once and for all! Though, just l...
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by on September 2, 2023
Polo looked in a mirror before breaking it. This was during the years before he owned a shop and when things got a bit too hectic. "Wing Blade, why did you want to be a hero?" Polo asked while sitting at a desk looking at the metal-winged pegasus who moves his wings a bit demonstrating how sharp they are by peeling an apple. "I got speed and these wings can open doors for ponies to get out of buildings." Polo gets up before smiling. "You're hired but, make sure you change your coat colors whe...
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by on September 2, 2023
Carmelized Pie, also known as Carmel was born by Pinkie Pie and Candied Death through means of magic. They're biologically male though identifies themselves as genderqueer. Their pronouns are xe/xir or they/them. As a child between Pinkie Pie and Candied Death they have the capability to break the fourth wall and sense when the beings on the other side of the 4th wall are there. They enjoy sour sweets despite not liking lime the most. Just like their ma, Candied Death they learned to make sweets...
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by on August 23, 2023
Sometimes I wonder. I wonder who I am. I forget at times and my brain puzzles the peices together. Slowly I lose concept of time, feeling, love, sensation, taste. It was all replaced with fear. A fear anyone can understand. A fear of losing ones self. In my case, I'm losing my mind. I can't talk to people anymore. I fear losing myself. Time moves so slow in my eyes. Fear rules in godly body as even then I watch their teeth banging. Their lips smacking. The world spins so slowly. Is the wor...
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by on August 22, 2023
A dusty book stands before you, and from it, pages unfurl like a great sea of language, before starting at its very beginning. The book seemed tattered, almost ancient, but also new, as if from its very torn appearance, came something new. "The Holy Glow" By Sister Glowing Heart ...
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by on August 21, 2023
Private First Class Proxilia Ramirez. Company K, 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines. Near Paneighma City, Paneighma. "Fucking fuck!" ...
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by on August 8, 2023
They often tell you that the end is far, far away. So far that even if you were to wait all your life, and travel as far as you could, it would take you thousands of lifetimes to even get a fraction of the way there. Constrained by the mortal coil that we all share, the end was nothing more than a figment of our dreams. A finality that would never see reality. But time moves ever forward for those who it no longer matters, pushing them closer and closer to that dreadful endpoint- silently succum...
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by on August 6, 2023
The Frozen North wasn't always thus close, and tales of Equestrian folklore recount the days before it was so. Before Equestria itself, before the great migration Southwards, it used to be that the lands of the North housed great pony tribes and kingdoms. Their stories haven't been forgotten by the passage of time, but greatly exagerated and simplified in many aspects, now but a tale to tell one's foals around the warmth of a fireplace. Few who were around back then yet live, as is natural for e...
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by on August 5, 2023
A few months ago, an epic battle took place between good and evil. The battle took place in a world filled with darkness and powerful dark magic, a world filled with terrifying creatures who lurked in the shadows, waiting for their prey. Anyone who was either gifted, born, or touched by dark magic would eventually end up here in this dangerous world, but the terrifying creatures who lurked in the shadows weren't the problem here; there was another creature who was far more dangerous, and his nam...
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by on August 4, 2023
7 young adults/older teens stand in a semi-circle around a purple door, which sports what looks to be a white equals sign at about head height. One of them stands in front of the door, while the others gather around him in the semi-circle. The stallion in the middle is the oldest of the group at 21. He's a pegasus with the physique, and clothing of a typical jock. His friends know him as "Austin." Then, from left to right in the semi-circle there's a female gryphon called 'Tipps', who is 19. The...
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