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Canterlot Avenue is designed to be a roleplay website for the fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It also serves as a place to make new friends, socialize and participate in community events and much more. Join us today!

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LR-77 "Leeroy" Droid OC files

Description: An android pony with the shape of an earth pony stallion. Is mostly unpainted, but from the neck-up he is red. Scratches cover most of th... More

Interdimensional mail

~Princess Luna Give me the strength to make it through the night. If not for my own sake, then the sake of those in my care. I'm not doing great, but... More

I don't know what else to do...

To: well who ever reads this I've never done this before, so, I guess this is a start... I'm bored and wish I had more ponies to hang ou... More

Travel letter (aSw) #2

Dear princess Celestia, as I told you in my last letter, I have been in Ponyville for the last few days. The little town is as lovely as ever, and see... More

Travel letter (aSw)

Dear princess Celestia, as you advised a few days back, my most recent trip was around Equestria. You were right in saying this would be a nice change... More

Oc bio: Princess Cephala (Mixed View Universe)

Name: Cephala Gender:Female Title: Princess, Queen (when reformed) Bio: a young Changeling who dislikes her kinds way of life and how horrid... More