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Canterlot Avenue is designed to be a roleplay website for the fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It also serves as a place to make new friends, socialize and participate in community events and much more. Join us today!

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Phantom of the Pale: Ice Prince Act II

When Phantom Mane awoke the sun had yet to rise, but the colors along the horizon indicated it wasn’t far away. Since it was still a little cold Phant... More

Phantom of the Pale: Ice Prince Act I

The first few days were the hardest. Phantom Mane barely knew the Crystal Empire before the 1000 Year gap and now he had to try and understand it with... More

To celestia from Applebloom

Dear Princess celestia today i've learned that If theres someone thats bullying you to do these steps applejack told me that 1. Stop 2.walk away and... More

Castlevania Equestria: Paralogue 4 - Infernal Equinox

Abby's doing something she hasn't bothered to do in quite a while-meditating. She doesn't like doing it for a variety of reasons. Chiefly among them i... More

Dear Princess Celestia, from Applejack

Dear Princess Celestia Today I learned Twilight suggested that I start sending you letters every day too. I learned that if you put your mind to i... More

The Old World

A desolate landscape of what was the old capital of Equestria. The remains of which are now in shambles and abandon. The remains of those who perished... More