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Canterlot Avenue is designed to be a roleplay website for the fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It also serves as a place to make new friends, socialize and participate in community events and much more. Join us today!

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Dear Princess Celestia, I am a new pony to your realm, from the Land of Saoirse (pronounced SEER-SHA). I hope that you would forgive my intrusion. My... More

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Dear princess celestia, I'm starting to think that I'm becoming a little bit like sherlock holmes. Why you may ask? Well, for one thing I'm in a st... More

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Dear Princess Celestia, That is how you start it off, correct? Forgive me, I have not written to in your favor before now. Normally my letter would... More

Dear... Whoever really cares...

So.. I'm here looking for advice. I've spent years out of and away from close relationships, from love. My last relationship ended unpleasantly, 2 yea... More

Back in the game?

Dear princess celestia, I have been out of the game of finding a special somepony for a while now to realize that it's getting lonely for me. I want ... More