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by on August 7, 2023
$30 | Message Comp or email to order.
That's right, CA has merch now! Rep the royal castle in style with our black and purple snapback hats that will make you the coolest person on the avenue. Only 20 have been made so you better act fast to get your hands on this exclusive first edition.
How do you get one?
Due to limited quantities, we ask that you please first contact Comp to set up payment and shipping info to guarantee yourself a hat. Otherwise, you may miss out. All proceeds go to Poniverse.
Prices for a hat are as followed (listed in USD):
  • Non-subscribers: $30+shipping
  • Paid Twilight's Student subscribers: $25+shipping
  • Paid Cadance, Luna, Celestia subscribers: Check your inbox
Estimated Shipping:
  • USA: $5
  • Canada or Mexico: $16
  • United Kingdom: $19
  • Other: we'll check for you!
Users in the Seattle-Puget Sound area can request to arrange free pickup.
Product details:
- Black/purple adjustable snapback hat
- 60% cotton/40% polyester
- Fits cap sizes 7-8
All sales are final. Hats are sold as-is. Sale valid while supplies last.
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Anyone at Everfree NW can take advantage of the no shipping charge perk
Like August 7, 2023
Pay $200+ to save $30 tops on shipping. What a deal!
Like August 7, 2023
It's the simple premise of if you can pick up in person, the option is there
Like August 7, 2023
Nitroxus Soulspins
How many may I buy? Like is there an amount limit?
Like August 7, 2023
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All I'm gonna say is don't buy out the entire stock. To place an order, go ahead and message me.
Like August 7, 2023
Nitroxus Soulspins
Yea...make sense. I will do my brother
Like August 7, 2023
Dont tell him about the prototypes :eyes:
Like August 7, 2023
Princess Lily
Is their custom colors\design?:scoots:
Like September 20, 2023
Currently no, but if they're popular, we can branch out to other designs. :)
Like September 20, 2023
Princess Lily
ok thank you
Like September 21, 2023