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by on April 7, 2020
A tape would play and after a minute of white noise it would speak. A male who seemed to be in some room as the echo was rather prevalent. It seemed quite old which made sense as these tapes were made in 1958. The man seemed intrigued but almost scared. "Hello! Today I will look at one of the destructive phenomenons or monsters that are prevalent in the world of today. Today I will look at the Lady in Pink. The Lady in Pink or the Death Scare is known to be an incorporeal god-like creature wh...
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by on March 26, 2020
Born in the Crystal Empire, Sherem was a Colt that dreamed of becoming part of the Royal Elite Guard of the Empire, through great effort he was first a pegasus that worked hard to attain a position around the Guard. Hardworking and modest at first, Sherem quickly made his way through the ranks until obtaining the rank of Captain and then elevated to the status of Alicorn due to his intelligence and strategies. However destiny was not kind to this Alicorn. When he was but a cot, he observe...
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by on March 25, 2020
If you want to ask me any questions feel free to do so, you can ask me anything you want and i mean anything and i promise i will answer as always i always give you my link to my staff so there is also a event cause where i am from events always happen doing stuff like this so This is a grand opening ^.^
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by on March 25, 2020
Hey yall, it's me Kicks, you know the skunk who sells the shoes, welp today i made something, something big today i made a Quiz, and it's all about me, all 10 questions about me, can you answer all these questions? Here is the quiz and good luck to everyone. ^.^ ~ Kicks
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by on March 25, 2020
Hey there da name is Kicks, nice to meet ya, i sell shoes of all kinds among other things if you looking to buy anything come on by, i am always open cause as of this moment i am now officially re opened up my shop, I'm even selling corna virus masks to keep the sickness from spreading, so please come stop on by :) ~ Kicks
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by on March 23, 2020
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by on March 23, 2020
I am seeing so many "out there" and "from another world" charachters. From what i am starting to see, it is less common to have an actual equestrian OC (or canon) than some other world charachter. While i sometimes like them, (especially if done well) sometimes it just gets annoying. They are in a foreign land, one that will initially be afraid of your kind. It may be best if you try to hide your "otherworldliness" and try to act like an equestrian. Kind of like invader zim. Another thing...
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by on March 22, 2020
it has happened, We are free...but free from what is what I wonder now. The impostor on the throne is now dead, and My ship and myself are now part of the private sector. The Hokkaido is mine, as it always was. My home looks like it was crushed under a Zeonic Zaku division. Am I a Traitor or a hero?....only time will tell. all I knows is maybe I should lay low in the other time for a while come back this what it feels to be truly the master of your own helm? If so, I don't know if I l...
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by on March 17, 2020
My name is Cassandra, You may or....may not have heard of me, i am from Corona, my mother was someone who left me i always was second among everyone, I was adopted by my Father, a royal Guard well,,,,now former Royal Guard due to the fact of not wanting to fight me, which i can understand, we explore the world together, just us, my friends are what most well like family to me, i also am a former Villain and hand maiden, i did a lot of stuff with well fitzhubert i spelled it wrong to smit him, ...
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by on March 14, 2020
I was a bad person, definitely. Blinded by emotions. I've never been happy with myself which caused.. damage on others. I am sorry to anyone who has been hurt by me. I'm giving it my all to try and be better and i'm trying to just be a little more distant for this reason. I can't fix my past mistakes but all I can do is give it my apologies. I can't change the past. I can't change my outbursts. However, I am sorry and I hope that all may live to feel better. I was too focused on me to ...
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by on March 13, 2020
Hello! Is {img} {/img} not working? That's probably because you didn't put the correct link on it! You see, for the link to work, it has to be the one that directly goes to the image, . So, all you got to do is right-click on the desired image, like so: Open it on a new tab, select the link... Copy it and paste it between the {img} and {/img} tags (Replace { with [ and } with ], of course) and done! The image should be working now.
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