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13 hours ago by name-Darthanos age-unknown eye color-purple scales-black mane-firey black and purple species-god traits-monterous taller than tirek cutie mark-An evil eye loves-destruction and darkness hates-life,love,friendship family-daughters selena,diana,vail powers-godly strengh,speed,darkness,hell fire,godly magic Extras- Once a being meant to balance the universe's hope and light. He lost his powers after fighting an evil entity with his siblings...after the battle he lost his godly powers.He went into a lust for power doing and finding anything to get his godhood back...but at a price....he used the entity's part to create a helmet to give his powers back but it also turned him into a monster hell bent on conquering the universe and cosmos

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Name- Meteor Strike Age-Equestria girls age 18 Mlp age 20-27 Eye Color-Red Coat color-grey mane/tail color-black and red species-Alidonian Pegasus traits-3 tails cutie mark- the black and red meteor loves-his family,equestrian waffles hates-shadowlings,arrogance powers- Strengh,Speed at least mach 10 to 13(13 is only gain through the meteor strike move),Armor adds extra strengh and durabilty and uses a magic battery core to allow small uses of magic. fears-failing his friends,loseing his friends,darkness and evil takeing over the whole universe family-Sister Bloom Everlight Bloom Everlight Age-Equestria girls age 18 Mlp age 20-27 Eye color-deep blue Coat color-lighter grey Mane/tail-Blond and deep Blue Species-Alidonian Unicorn Traits-3 tails Cutie mark-Shining Blue Star Loves-family,cupcakes,friends Powers-Strengh,Powerful Magic,Armor boost Strengh and magical abilities Hates-dishonesty,betrayal Fear-war coming back to haunt her new home Family-Twin Brother Meteor Strike Meteor and Bloom's back story Meteor strike was the prince of Alidonia along with his twin sister princess Bloom Everlight, the children of King Aster Strike and Queen Lumina Everlight.Both Meteor and Bloom even though they are both raised to be royalty, they both wanted to be knights, strong and honorable warriors of the planet. In secret at age 7 they went through training from one of the captain royal guards named Lance Thunder Bolt. Training as a squire to knight as a alidonian is hard work it took Meteor and Bloom 7 years to complete their training finishing at age 14 however they are not Knighted as it would alert their father and mother whom they don't want to anger.3 years past Darkness invaded planet Alidonia a war sparked for years with the Dark God's army tieing with Alidonian Legion however the unlike Alidonians...Shadowlings don't run out of soldiers...Meteor and Bloom had enough they couldn't stand by and watch their people suffer and the combine rage hearing their mother's recent murder they want to join army ignoreing their father's words.when their father relize his children wont listen to him, he finally knighted them and send them to the squadrons that match them, Meteor joined the Ares Squadron Elite Front line Knights and Bloom joined the Athena Squadron masters of battle strategy.The army worries that having its possible future king or queen be in battle is a huge mistake and foolish, they protect them so much, Meteor and Bloom understands it however they eventually prove they can handle themselves and rally their armys.With so much victories and losses it finally ened with Meteor and Bloom's Father being slain by the god of darkness Darthanos.Meteor and Bloom then turned cryo stasis in a pod sent to a safe planet by their comrades knowing it would be suicide to avenge their father in a head on fight.The last few Alidonian Knights send Bloom and Meteor into space in a pod to a safe world.But they were followed by the shadowlings.....

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Real name: Applejill Pony Name: Jeweled Apple Species: Earth Pony Gender: Female Bio: a fashion forward mare who once lived at Sweet Apple Acres when she was young. Hit: the spa Miss: Quartz Bell

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Pony name: Prism Shine Species: Pegasus Gender: Female Bio: a soft spoken and shy pony who has a pet tortoise named Fluffy, she is Phoenix Firewing's best friend. Hit: small animals and birds. Miss: Heights

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Pony name: Glitter Brightstar Species: Unicorn Gender: Female Bio: a hyper and random pony who owns Sugarcube Corner in the Different View universe, she is not as dumb as most ponies believe. Hit: Throwing Parties Miss: "Meanies" Pony name: Sunset "Sparkle" Brightstar- Solarmoon( Aegis Solarmoon's younger sister.) Gender: Female Species: Unicorn Bio: a powerful unicorn who was once Princess Solar Tempest's personal student one thousand years ago, she is the pony responsibie for Glitter Brightstar's Dark Magic since she had started studying it due to her jealousy of her former mentor's wedding to her brother, she did not want her brother to marry because then he would have to leave so with her new found power she crashes the wedding and corrupts Princess Solar Tempest who turns Aegis into a dragon with out any of his memories and put him in stasis, she then separated Sunset Brightstar's mind and body, she threw the body a thousand years into the future where it became Glitter Brightstar, a thousand years later, the two different ponies now share the same body,Because the two share the same body, neither of them can be corrupted by dark magic and Glitter Brightstar is free to use it however she sees fit. Hit: her B.B.B.F.F. Miss: Ponies who try to make fun of Glitter Brightstar.

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Name - Joyful Jazz Nicknames - Jazzy, Joyful Birthdate - October 26, 1995 Gender - Stallion (Male) Residence - Apartments, French Quarter New Orleans, Louisiana Occupation - Jazz musician, Part-time tour guide Species - Unicorn Talent - Spreading the Joy of music and being different Apperance Mane - Yellow and green, a bit messy Tail - Messy as well and Yellow and green Coat - Dark purplish blue Eyes - Blue Markings - Freckles/pain-like marks on flank Magic aura/Flight trail: Light blue Cutie mark - Fleur de lis representing his culture and origins Relationships Mother - He’ll do anything for his mother who he loves and cares for very deeply Father - He loves his father and obtained most of his traits from him Siblings - Brother: he loves him and supports him, loves hanging out with him Crush - Not currently Girlfriend/Boyfriend - Single Husband/Wife - Currently not married or engaged Kids - No kids Friends - He basically considers anyone who’s company he enjoys a friend About Likes - socializing with different kinds of ponies - his job Dislikes - voodoo - rudeness Fatal flaw - High strung Hobby(s) - He enjoys cooking, visiting his family, and seeing different sites in New Orleans Personality * What do they act like ? He acts like if a Cajun guy walked up to you and acted super sweet and hospitable AF * Insert Quote/Picture * Backstory: Still W.I.P

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I don't know how to get started with this...There's a lot that I want to say, but that I won't say because this isn't a venting place, nor it would look good for me to say. But I can say that I am very frustrated, upset, angry, disappointed and very...very sorry. Is hard to sit here and admit that i've made mistakes, because you don't want to lose the trust of people if they know you've made mistakes, but I realize that by not being honest and by not admitting that i've made a mistake, I will lose the trust of people even faster. Anyway...I want to say, again that i'm really sorry for the mistakes that i've made. I'm not claiming to be perfect or anything. I'm also not trying to make excuses. I'm trying to be the better man and admit that i've made several mistakes over the course of this month due to the recent situations that have happened recently. I'm going to admit that I...made some rash decisions because I freaked out. I've never actually had gone through harassment myself, but I have seen it...Is not the same seeing it than experiencing it, so I just didn't know how to react to it, and of course the way I reacted was not the best one. I should've acted like it didn't bother me, as that would've just made it end faster, but I didn't. Instead I chose to fight it back with anger, frustration and sadness, to the point where I caused damage to my own equipment that I've purchased myself. Luckily, I had replacements, but it was obviously not the best way to cope with all of this And then there were the donations issue. I had already been frustrated with the whole harassment issue and this occurred. I should've ignored it, but this was hurting CA, and by extension Poniverse because those donations don't go to us. They were donations to Paypal, and I felt like it wasn't fair to call them CA donations, when they were. I didn't handle the situation well and handled it with anger. I was frustrated because I care about CA a lot and people were doing this on purpose to hurt it. I assume a few people were probably also doing it thinking that the donations go to my pocket...which they don't. In fact, in our CA Discord server, it shows that donations go to the organization, not a specific person. I wouldn't use donations for my own benefit. I saw what became of the Squares when Chris, the owner, used tonatiosn to fund trips and such, and I promised myself i'd never do that. But I guess i'm less trustworthy than a random guy on the street or something...But then again, that was all my fault for not clarifying it here. I failed to inform everyone that the money you provide to us, does not go to me. I have no access to the organization's paypal. That's not my field. I think the only ones who actually have access to that is the CEO and the Founder of Poniverse. I'm sorry for failing you guys on that front, I assumed that it was already clear enough, but I failed to see that it wasn't. And finally. I want to apologize to any users who may have felt threatened or who I have emotionally hurt unintentionally. I feel bad. Sometimes I do things without realizing what harm it could be causing to others and at the end, it always comes with bad consequences, as any bad decision does. I should have been more careful, but I wasn't...because I thought everything was okay and that it was all understood to be a joke...but now I know not everyone takes jokes the same way as I do. I recognize that I need to watch my words and improve on my behavior. And I've talked with my boss here in Poniverse and asked for help with improvement. I'm hoping that I can improve over time and become a better leader for my staff team, and for my userbase. With that being said, I want to conclude by saying that I will be leaving. I need to clear my head from all the recent events and just try to examine myself and fix what's obviously wrong in me. I can't give an exact time of when I will be back, but it'll be for a while. CA, however, will remain in good hands. I trust that GoldenHeart, who is Co-Founder of CA, will be able to maintain things while i'm gone, with the help of HR. I trust staff will make the right decisions, and that they will also improve in being more professional, as much as I need to also do that. I will be around until midnight tonight Central Time, in which my break will start. I will miss all of you a lot, but this is a time in which I need to step back and put an end to a problem before it gets worse. Again, I am sorry I have failed many of you as the head, but I will do what I can to improve with the help of friends and all. That is all...

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Name: Snow Clouds Class: Pegasus Talent: Clearing Clouds Cutie Mark: Two clouds: a white cloud and a purple cloud. Loves: Rainbow Dash, Derpy Hooves and other pegasi Hates: Snow Clouds is a racist pony, so she hates other races, except alicorns. This is her when she was a filly:

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'The Icarus Twins' 'Twin angels' Formerly Simon and Esther Icarus. They were humans once. Even followers of God, in their own ways. Simon was a Pastor and Esther a Biophysics major with a government research grant. Now, sadly, these folks were rather morally... Grey to start out with and they absorbed a lot of the wrong ideas from their religious teachings. It wasn't long before they both became enthralled on the idea of Godhood, and obtaining it. They soon became fixated on Gateway of the Mind Experiments, after many 'failed' attempts at self-administered surgeries and deals with creatures of... Questionable faith. It wasn't long before they thought it necessary for such an experiment to be carried out for their own goals. So, yes, they both took away their own senses. It was... Not pleasant. They ended up dying from their botched attempt. However, thanks to their previous bartering for godhood, they were cursed with just the opposite. You know, those demon folk love their cruel irony. Now, these awful creatures muck about the world, often searching out folks of faith in a twisted, unjust sense of scorn that they harbor for their former faith.

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I feel like some changes to CA are needed. And I wanna give my personal insite as a user on this site on what woulds better CA. Firstly, lets stop thinking I and think "we". Thats right, it's YOUR site to. What is a pony social site? There are many answers but here is my personal definition. A pony social network is a place were people can socialize and be themselves. Free with the choice anonymity on the internet and a place to relax away from the world. With that in mind! Users: lets shit talk less. We're not helping the situation. It doesn't make a change. Staff, you are in the same boat. lets work together as a community. Make start a forum off the site for site suggestions? iBrony had iBronyconffessions. And we ALL know how that went, but it had the right idea~ It brought many changes to the site. Lets just work on being a little kinder. Staff: please be less shady and think upon your actions. There is obviously no sense of professionalism on the site. You guys have the right idea but the way you execute them is poor. Staff shouldn't be attacking users on discord. No matter where you attack someone, you still represent Canterlot Avenue as a whole. One thing I personally see is that suggestions are thrown away. STOP that. For example, many suggested to heartjoy that we have templates for ban messages to make it less personal. This is YOUR community making a suggestion. Its OK to disagree. But its not ok to throw away the idea like if its nothing. Instead of throwing away suggestions, why not just give them a temporary try? Just to test it. If it doesn't work then thats ok! At least you can say you gave a fair chance to your users. I get that this is a pony social site. But the site is going downhill. And the best part? The staff just ignore it and let the problems remain. Can we not? Can we do something about it? That's all I ask. lets take suggestions like adults and be nicer to each other.