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July 16, 2018 by
I have, what some may call, a sick sense of humour. This isn’t a new development; I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember. It does lead to some genuinely funny moments, though, and I was recently reminded of something that happened a long time ago. I was around 11 or 12, and it was around the time that I was leaving the house during the day and hanging out with friends, without any adult supervision. We’d walk down to stores and get ludicrous amounts of candy, sugary drinks; that kind of shit. But we always used to hang out at a park near all of our houses. Well, one day we were there in the evening, just sitting around and talking to each other. Some kid, probably 6 or 7 came up to us, and it was just kind of obvious that, being the “older” kids, he thought we were cool. We talked with him a bit, when I got a funny idea. I told him that “Fuck you” was how cool kids said hello to each other. I was hoping that he’d say it to his friends in class or something, and a teacher would hear it and...Well, I guess get in trouble. Yeah, I’m going to refer back to the whole sick sense of humour thing. See, this was back before 6 year olds were really on the internet, so most kids that young didn't know all of the swear words. Anyways, after 10 or so minutes of talking, his dad (I assume) called for him; we said our goodbyes and he went off. My friends and I went back to talking, but I kept watching him. The kid got back to his dad, and they were clearly talking about something when his dad suddenly backhanded him. I was just kind of shocked. He said something to the kid, who then pointed at us. I told my friends to run and we all got the fuuuuuck outta there. I can't help but feel partially responsible for what happened. I hope things weren't too hard on him afterwards. It really wasn't his fault.

July 14, 2018 by
WARNING: Downloading this archive can use a lot of bandwidth, especially if you're doing a recursive download. If you have a data cap on your internet, it's recommended to not download this shit. Step 1. Download VisualWget from Sourceforge. Step 2. Install and run. Step 3. Click new. Step 4. In the URL field fill in, "" (NOTE: this will download the entire archive, which is 100GB. For more arguments, read further) Step 5. Check recursive download. Step 6. Click OK, which will start the job. I don't know how big the archive is, but I've downloaded 60GB over the course of 3 days and I'm less than halfway through a single directory. I've downloaded about 800,000 files. How to download selectively: In the URL field, after the base URL, select only specific subdirectories. The root directories are: bs-attachement: Attached files from Bronysquare. These include PMs, comments, blogs, and photo posts. bs-pics: Uploaded files from Bronysquare. These include profile pictures and photos uploaded to albums. ps-attachment: Attached files from Ponysquare. These include PMs, comments, blogs, and photo posts. ps-pics: Uploaded files from Ponysquare. These include profile pictures and photos uploaded to albums. So for example, if you just wanted to download the directory with the photos people attached to their blogs on Ponysquare, you'd type in "". Within each of those main directories there are a bunch of other directories. For x-pics its: accountapi: empty ad: empty affiliates: some stupid logos from other sites app: logos for browsers. badge: user badge images (moderator, head moderator, ect.) bettermobile: stock images as far as I can tell block: empty bookmark: bunch of social media logos, useless. egift: empty emoticon: custom smilies that were used on the site (highly suggest you download this). event: pictures that were uploaded with events. flag: empty except for the British Colony flag. group: empty icon: various mobile site icons and shit. Mostly useless. lost+found: empty marketplace: empty music: pictures uploaded with audio files. pages: pictures uploaded with pages. photo: the meat. Has 1m pictures that users have uploaded poll: pictures uploaded with polls. quiz: pictures uploaded with quizzes. subscribe: empty user: also really big. Dunno how many files are in there, but it's a lot. video: empty watermark: contains the framework logo. x-attachment is sorted by year, then it has a bunch of random files up in the root. No idea what the difference is there. After I've got everything I might zip it up and then make a torrent, who knows.

July 14, 2018 by
Please tell your sister to stop trying to act as if she isn't receiving my letters when I'm paying extra for them to be delivered specifically to her desk. Deliberately. We both know I'm just saying some things she probably doesn't want to deal with right now, but due to her insistence in not taking care of resolving this issue I have developed a fascination in watching her squirm. Also if you could give me a dream of me burning down somepony's house from back in the day in the Academy I'd be very grateful to you, I could really use a stress relief these days. Your sometimes faithful subject, Kokonoe Mercury. PS: Do tell Princess Twilight to stop asking me if she can preorder drafts of my thesis. I don't even understand how you can preorder a draft. |This is a sidenote of a story I'm making on Fimfiction. It is purely for entertainment and to see what I can post in this Friendship Letters section. Enjoy.| |Main story:|

July 10, 2018 by
Oh how I feel for the snow white swan As her heart beats in three different ways And her head cluttered with fantasies That throw her to such a daze Her heart beats so for the fox Whom she’s known for but a while And how she longs for him so She seems to live from his smile Alas her heart speaks so of the owl To whom she is but older Perhaps because he thinks she’s beautiful And he’d let her cry upon his shoulder And yet her heart sings dearly about the coyote For they always laugh and play However, there is a fear He doesn’t feel that way Her friends, the other swans, believe she’ll go For the one they favor most But perhaps she has a desire That is holding her very ghost Oh how the poor swan is confused And how her heart shall ache And how her dreams are clouded As she sleeps upon the lake Should she ask one? Shall she wait instead? Perhaps she’ll let it show She knows she must be careful For she’ll mate for life, you know

July 9, 2018 by
Come now you human child Dive into the deep blue wild There is so much more for you to find So leave your life on land behind Go deep beneath the waves And explore the undersea caves Follow the waves and their motion As you go deeper and deeper into the ocean Come away you young small fry For the ocean holds more than meets the eye See how your arm grows a shimmering scale And your two legs soon become one iridescent tail You were never meant for that world’s strife You were never made for that unpleasing land life You were made for this world in the sea You were made to laugh and to rule over me Laugh and play my little one Cheer and celebrate for you are as bright as the sun Run your hands across my sandy ground And listen to the orca whale sound Oh my baby blue, you have been away for so very long That is why am I’m singing you this song Your forehead as a baby it is that my waves kissed I remember watching you play in the mist I watched over you ever since you first woke So one day you could rule me and all the merfolk You will be the best friend of all the whales And children will ask to hear of your tales So come now you human child For your home is now the deep blue wild You found all the love you could ever find So go on and look for another human babe to leave his land life behind.

July 8, 2018 by
Welp i have some amazing news for you my step sisters im now married and im..uh.. im also pregnant thanks to veer who i dearly love i now need to plan the wedding and see who can help me

July 8, 2018 by
Current Status: Alive, Performing "14" Tour in Las Pegasus [hr] ☠ Documented under the birth name, Teddyloid, before becoming a musical Hip-hop and R&B artist (By circumstances) He was a music director of the High School establishment in Cloudsdale. A Life of simplicity before an unfaithful day that would place him in the predicament of protecting the school as well as the students from the highly dangerous, Rill Rill. A Shadowbolt gang organization run by Oonski, The Terrible. In the choice situation, he becomes the Influential face and external identity of the Rill Rill. Running a popular radio station in Baltimare that has a hidden subliminal messaging of recruitment of gang members through the magnetic power of Lovelace's musical prowess. In addition, creating a popular urban culture around him for marketing purposes through merchandising and music albums. ☠[br] 1281 - Wins the Platinum Record Award for Best album Wins Gold Record for Best song "Shadow Man" Award best upcoming Artist 1283 - Wins Silver Record for Best Music Video, The controversial documentary musical film "The Get Down." Gold Record for best song, "Mood" Breaks 7.2 million records 1288 - Nominated for the Platinum Record for Best Album ☠ ☠ Soon to be added!!!!! ☠ Being the only child in the family, he was a bit of a spoiled child. Unfortunately, Teddyloid lived in a fatherless home. The only remembrance of his father was his time working the coal mines when he was just a foal. Under the loving guidance of his mother, Santana; Teddy has always been a rhythmic child. Learning his favorite instruments the Trumpet and drums before going into elementary. Whilst not a 'prime' straight A student, when it came to music it was his forte. And ponies seemed enchanted by this, gaining the reputation and title of Lovelace which carried with him throughout his academic career. ► Melancholy Symphony Years had passed and once graduation came. He wished to remain apart of his community, enrolling in Cloudsdale High as the Band and Music Director. Life was slow, peaceful, study, and even successful. Guiding his enrolled class to concert events and competitions. Creating original composing content that had taken over much of the known area of Equestria. Of course many eyes and ears were given listen to this young director for his alluring music that had the power to captivate audiences, and his leadership that harmonized well this his students that adored him dearly. Yet that day would soon come to a shocking halt, as Teddy and his students were hostages under the Orangization Shadowbolt gang, Rill Rill run by the short stallion, Oonski, The Terrible. Odd for a group of thugs to come to a school- but it wasn't money they were looking for. It was Teddy, and they demand him to come along with them. If not the school and the students will die under a terrorist act of bombing by Oonski's minons, TILT and Faulty Wire. This was a dangerous turn of events, and on a quiet day of all days. But, to be the sole catalyst of this. He agrees, simply to protect his students. Dismissing the class, everyone was free from any harm, yet Teddy would be kidnapped and escorted to the headquarters found in the deep mountains of the North, Coalminers. ► One-Winged Pegasus Oonski conducted a wicked Idea, wanting to establish a form of public identity without sticking out as a hard target to law enforcement. He would use Teddy as the public face of their organization. To influence children and rebellious youth to join Rill Rill or hear the fable stories through music. Lovelace instantly denied being apart of this, sadly that wasn't an option. This irritated Oonski greatly, and not in a position for negotiation would make an example of Lovelace to the guest of his Casino, Coalminers. On stage would preform a ruthless act of breaking and sawing off the left wing of Lovelace for all to see. Showing that any defiance will be dealt with minimal talk. Wounded and in indescribable pain, he accepted his fate. And to ensure that he was, Oonski would mark him. Tattooing Two Roman Numeral 7's on each side of his neck. A forewarn if he defy's again. He'll be the 14th member to die by his hooves. And so he was reinvented created to be a 'doll' to mask his actual identity for as long as possible. And under the tutelage of Oonski, Would he not only be a shadowbolt, but the face of the organization. Creating songs of their missions, or manifestos of veteran members. Even creating songs that had hidden messages of recruitment through slang terms, ancient or different languages. This was all to establish both a public fame as well a cushion format of funding the organization. ► Rill Rill/ The Coalminer Raid (Pt.1) Soon to be added..

July 7, 2018 by
Today I learned that jokes aren't harmless no matter how well I interpet them while some like other things while they are harmless and others are seemingly to be harmless.. okay i lost my traine of thought so instead containe within this letter is a pie i baked you. ps: Don't bann me because i lost my traine of thought, blame thot for stealing said traine.

July 3, 2018 by
Hi I'm Ruby, previously Jingles. The bitcoin investor. I've been banned 4 times and wanted to write a professional on guide on what to do if you are banned. Well congrats, if you're reading this you're probably not banned. But what if you accidentally post porn on the site or tell someone you hate them in hateful way? Well it starts with being locked out of the site. Then you will get a very "personal" email from one of the staff members telling you how much you suck. At this point you can't really do anything besides wait out your ban. Now being banned on CA does not mean you are banned from the CA discord. You should go there first and write about how much everyone sucks cause its not going to matter anyway and gives you something to do. Ok. So there are two types on bans: IP bans and Site bans. IP Bans: It means they ban your internet Site Bans: usually means you can make a second account. but this is a trap. Not one of those hot anime ones either. If you do it and get cought you'll get permaban. Alright. So. First thing you wanna do when you're banned is annoy the staff member on discord with spam. They can't add time to your ban for something off site. Next you wanna go to dairy queen get some ice cream and enjoy. Do this for 4 days. Day 5 you're depressed. Probably wondering on all the skipped memes and suffering darkness. At this point you're probably sad. The best thing to do is to drink a lot. okay, do this until you 1 weeks is up. O, ok. You did good. Just follow this pattern. When you come back to the site being a good noodle. Love me. pls.. I'm lonely :c