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by on April 12, 2024
A dank, moldy smell permeates the stone halls of a dungeon, long since forgotten. Darkness surrounds from all sides, held off only by the light of torches, moving through the dark passages. The only sounds heard in this dungeon beyond the roar of flaming torches, are footsteps, and armor clanking. Four brave adventurers delve deeper, and deeper into this dungeon. They seek an ancient text. One which could be used to destroy the evil that plagues this land. At their head walks a female barbar...
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by on April 10, 2024
Crone would hold up a shard of his sword up to his face. "A foolish Equestrian. Watch as I will do your kind a favor and putting your down." The eyes around them would stop moving and would stare intently.  The Executioner would laugh at his claim. "As if I'd lose to a bunch of monsters! Look at him! Emboldened! My... How utterly brave you are." She would laugh as several "solar" guards. These people are being fraudulent!  It was true that she was stronger now but it was time to put a stop...
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by on April 9, 2024
Ashes fell from above, painted the ground in a layer charcoal. Electra slowly stood, her head pounding as the sounds of the world were muted under loud ringing. She opened her eyes, looking about at the destruction that had be wrought. Many ponies lay around her. Some hurt, others beyond recognition, and she felt the burning sensation of sickness welling up in her throat. Swallowing hard, the grey unicorn held her head up and let out scream she couldn't even hear; hell, she could barely feel it...
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by on April 6, 2024
i doN no hw To rite vRy wel BUt mY leson fr tDay wAS iT sux to not hAv frens :( itS my lesOn fr evRydAy uR obdeNT sbjeC, spRotiN BLB
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by on April 3, 2024
Crone would be on a mission today; he would meet a young mare. She was homeless and pregnant. Sweet Marmalade is what she wanted me to call her so I do as such. I knew this would happen eventually and alas... I do not understand, why? Why ask a freak to...-  Crone would have found her sitting amongst the bones of many monsters. Her belly looked almost as if she was ready to pop, she was close. Crone would tap on a skull as the mare would suddenly turn to look at Crone. "Marmalade? I am here a...
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by on April 2, 2024
With Makabe and his family settled in, it was finally time for Dusty to get back to being a ranger. Well, after he gives his new friend, Dusk Patrolman Misty Steps, a tour of Appaloosa. The two men walk through the small town with the sun high in the sky. Mid-afternoon in Appaloosa could get pretty hot, but none of the townsfolk going about their business seemed to mind. Mist on the other hand, looked as though he might drop dead of heat stroke at any moment. "Told yah. Shouldn't'a put o...
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by on March 17, 2024
//BGM provided, but optional. ( It's been nearly a month since Dusty and the caravan set out on their journey back to Appaloosa. Since then, Dusty has become good friends with the lone family of settlers accompanying the trade caravan, and he's even gotten Mist to open up a little bit. In particular, Dusty has grown pretty fond of the family's young child, Johnny. He's one of the most energetic, and bright eyed 10 year olds Dusty has ever me...
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by on March 17, 2024
What its like inside the head of a cancer patient. I've been in remission for a couple years now, but the idea of it, and the fear I went through stick with me to this day. In February of 2021, I collapsed in my kitchen, for a few years up until this point I had been feeling faint. My vision would black out, occasionally, and I couldn't stand for terribly long without needing to sit down, but I stubbornly refused to go to the hospital, I had too much to do.... until I collapsed, and passed out...
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by on March 13, 2024
"Guess what?  going to Canterlot!" Damsel bragged to her small friend group. "Canterlot?" Elytron asked, tilting her head.  "Like, why are you going there?" Damsel beamed proudly.  " was chosen to participate in Operation Cuckoo!" Prosoma scratched her head, a behavior she'd learned from disguising as a pony.  "What's...'Operation Cuckoo'?" "It's a fitting name," Mandible butted in.  "After all, Damsel's pretty 'cuckoo' herself!"  He laughed his loud, obnoxious laugh that everyling in the h...
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by on March 11, 2024
Dusty can hardly believe that a month has already passed. Guess time starts to blend together when all you see for a whole month of travel is sand. He, and his compatriots arrived at the border of the San Palomino Desert a day prior, and have set up camp to await the caravan from Ponyville. In the distance, he can see the green hills of the road to Ponyville. He's not sure exactly when the caravan will arrive, but they've got supplies for a good month or two so they should be able to wait fairly...
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by on March 8, 2024
(Content Warning: Body Horror) A lone voice screams it's rage into a ceaseless, and uncaring void. A man thrashes against his restraints, but they only tighten in response. Visions flash into Nar's mind. Visions of a life he could have had. A life of joy, and happiness. A life with his beloved cousin, and best friend. A life he threw away.
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by on March 8, 2024
"I swear to Luna, this is the fifth night in a row you've brought your case to me, Bright Spot. You need to learn to talk to your neighbor instead of insisting they're some kind of chimera in disguise. We've already confirmed their identity, you're just being paranoid. My decision is the same as yesterday, further provisional investigations are denied. Now go home." My exasperation was not a difficult emotion for the blue stallion standing in my office to comprehend, and with my closing remarks ...
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