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by on 10 minutes ago
~Princess Luna Give me the strength to make it through the night. If not for my own sake, then the sake of those in my care. I'm not doing great, but I am trying to tough it out. I try to remain positive and humble, but some people push the limits of even my patience. I'm sorry to trouble you with such trivial matters, across the fabric of reality, space, and time. Your servant from another world, The 7th Wall~
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by on September 18, 2018
To: well who ever reads this I've never done this before, so, I guess this is a start... I'm bored and wish I had more ponies to hang out with. I honestly don't know what to say or write, cause I'm shy about interacting with groups. If you want to play or anything I guess let me know... I don't know. Thanks
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by on September 14, 2018
Dear princess Celestia, as I told you in my last letter, I have been in Ponyville for the last few days. The little town is as lovely as ever, and seems to be even more thriving than the last time I came. I went around, encountered some familiar faces, some familiar places, and I even got a chance to visit the recently opened School of Friendship. Princess Twilight Sparkle was kind enough as to allow me to explore the place as much a I'd like, as long as I didn't disturb the students and staff....
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by on September 10, 2018
Dear princess Celestia, as you advised a few days back, my most recent trip was around Equestria. You were right in saying this would be a nice change of pace for me, since I've started to get used to far away lands, and the places I went to this time were quite interesting. I'm thankful for this advice, a bit of travel through this beautiful land can be quite calming and I needed this. The neighagra falls were as beautiful as ever, and the sight from the Foal Mountain was majestic. On my way...
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by on September 10, 2018
Name: Cephala Gender:Female Title: Princess, Queen (when reformed) Bio: a young Changeling who dislikes her kinds way of life and how horrid her King is to his subjects, she wants things to change but she won't be able to change things alone... (A brand new character for the Mixed View Universe. I decided to swap Queen Chrysalis with Thorax because not only does it make a lot of sense, it is also the only non ship based swap in this au.)
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by on September 8, 2018
Dear Princess Luna, How do you fight the tendrils of loneliness and depression that worm their way into your heart? How do you combat the feeling of the dark abyss in your heart and soul, that even friendship cannot seem to banish? I try so hard every day to focus on the positive, to keep my mind busy, but it always finds me. You are a pony that I always look to for guidance and inspiration, and while I don't wish to be a bother or a burden, I could certainly use your ageless wisdom. I hope thi...
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by on September 8, 2018
Dear Princess Celestia, Today I learned that Hades is best Disney princess. Deadpool second. And Gantu third.
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by on September 7, 2018
Dear Princess Luna, I have come upon this "web site" a few weeks back, and so far I am enjoying my stay. There are a good many interesting ponies, and even some non-pony residents that add to the diversity one would expect of a small community. Yes, some can be abrasive, but it reminds one the importance of patience and to remain understanding of others points of view. There are many stories to experience here, and I hope to be a part of some of them, as well as to take what lessons I can from ...
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by on September 5, 2018
Dear Princess Celestia, I have searching my friend since a half year ago, but I haven't find her yet. I don't exactly know who is she, but I know we are similar, and if we met, we would get along very well. I know she would be my happy friend, and we could share our pleasures with each other. I know if she would be sad I could cheer her up, and she could do this about me as well. I know we could talk about what we love, maybe she as loves art and literature as me. Maybe she feels lonely now, ...
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by on September 4, 2018
The end result will look something like this.... [hr] Here's what you'll need: 1) Some characters you want to RP as 2) A bit of time and effort Fairly simple, right? Kay, let's start. [hr] First off I'd suggest you make a blog, or friendship letter, containing all the information you have on your character that you'd normally fill in when making an actual profile for said character. Go to this part of the site: And press the green + in the top right co...
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by on September 4, 2018
[hr] First of all you want to go to the Pages section of the site which can be found on Or if you want to find it yourself it's in the left menu if you scroll a little bit down. From here you click the little green + icon at the top right of your screen. Clicking on it will reveal a small drop down menu with a "Add New Page" button. The next screen you'll be met with will look something like this: As seen in the picture there are the following categorie...
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by on September 3, 2018
Name: Fluttergem ( Is now Monarch Masquerade) Gender: Female Race: pegasus Bio: a kind pony that enjoys visiting places that most nobles avoid. She is well known all over Equestra due to her career as a model. However, She is not one to be trifled with. Hit: simple and peaceful places Miss: Rude Ponies
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