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by on 5 hours ago
I am 'retiring' from VTubing and doing anything on VRChat, and as such I will be selling my custom made model. She is 2d as a VRM file (so won't work in VTube Studio but will on programs like VUP and VRChat) and is rigged. She also comes with some art I drew myself of her. Asking price is 350 USD.
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by on June 23, 2022
—————————[MANEHATTAN POLICE STATION. PRECINCT #5. 2:53 PM.]------------------------ We arrive at a familiar scene. Familiar to me, at least. I hear the clatter of the moving gate, the comments from the others in their cells. We go past the hallway, down to the room where I see my supposed client in with two other ponies. A mare and a stallion. I recognize the mare immediately, Chief Xenon. Despite her odd name, she’s very plain looking. Dirty blond mane all tied up in a neat, professional bun, ...
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by on June 21, 2022
As the day turned into night, the golden city of old came to life. Orbs of light flickered into existence, illuminating the recently cleared-up streets and spires; dozens of hundreds of ghostly silhouettes roamed the plazas, parks, and suspended walkways; flags and decorations strung between buildings waved with the passing wind of the Frozen South. This wasn't Antioch as they remembered it, but they've done so much progress in the last couple of weeks that they simply could not let the opport...
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by on June 15, 2022
I don't know how to structure this madness of a post, so i'm not. lets get started On apple jacks farm, she has; sheep, pigs, dairy cows and chickens. we will come back to the chickens and pigs latter, right now we need to talk about the sheep and cows the reason being is, both the sheep and cows are shown to be just as sentient and smart as the other races in mlp. A good example is the bison, they're seen as their own sentient race that's allowed to live free. or better yet the yaks who ha...
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by on June 14, 2022
//Just trying out something new. Wanted to see if I could RP a song as someone who isn't musically prone, but wanted to sing a song she liked. It was deep into the night in Canterlot where the only life that inhabited the lower portion were those in the nightlife scene. A bar known more by the locals was well lit with open signs, the words "The Singing Tuna" with a fish that looked side then leaned away was lit with a bright yellow light. Under the that were double doors with a large window ...
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by on June 14, 2022
Did ya know that each of my series had a intro to each one? They weren't animated at the time, but they were a... uhh... story to hear, I guess. Now, many of you guys know there are 4 series in all. However, there are sub-series that are within the past 3 main series that had their own intros! Let's take a dive into them. Stickman's Adventures (Original) Theme: ??? (There wasn't really a name behind this song.) Description: It goes over how Stickman came to be. First the song opens up t...
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by on June 13, 2022
Lore: Utterly failing to pursue her goal to develop her multiverse technology and magic on a large scale through every avenue available, Briea was out of funding and relying on an abandoned scrap yard for parts to keep her prototype technology running. With the help of her otherworldly companion, Xander, Briea devised a plan. She would approach a publisher with a chronicling of her adventures in journal format under the guise of the adventures being fiction. The publishers adored the idea of a f...
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by on June 12, 2022
*The royal archivist returns once again to the cities library and royal archive for another entry to add to the royal records he sat down and uses his horn to begin writing in a new blank tome* "In the months following the return of magic to Equestria, thanks to Sunny Starscout and the harmony crystals prosperity has returned to the city of New Coltenheim and the Frozen North country yet despite this new dawn the prince has been pondering about how did magic fade from Equestria, to begin with...
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by on June 11, 2022
(And here we finally come to how Yinu came into my series. How Yinu formed a friendship with her friends, and an emotional bond with Stickman and Jewel. How Yinu got her Keytar Keyblade. It's all here, in Making the Record. Enjoy, everyone! This takes place after the events of No Straight Roads. Oh and i'll start referring to them as their Rhythm Thief names. You'll know why. -Stickman) CHAPTER 1: A Resounding Sound Stickman, Jewel, Skye, and Skystar make it to the vibrant and rhythmical cit...
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by on June 11, 2022
"I'm not crazy! I never was! I know where I am! I know what I am! I know who I am! My name is Black Rose. I was a former magician under the orders and surveillance of Nightmare Moon. I was...taken! Taken from my family in order to serve our Dark Leader! Our glorious darkness in the harmful rays of the light. I'm not crazy. Don't think my writings are fiction! What I speak is real!.......The Nightmare has fallen. Defeated. Gone. The Sun Ruler has bested him. Us. Al...
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by on June 6, 2022
The young pegasus held the bronze medal in front of him. He grimaced as he remembered the tournament. What a joke, the rules were too restrictive. There was no way he lost... there was no way. The third place medal made him feel sick, like everyone was taking pity on him. He clutched the almost empty mug of ale, sloshing it around before finishing it off. That clown that beat him wasn't tough, if it were a real fight he would have... Phoenix was pulled from his thoughts by the sound of cheering....
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by on June 1, 2022
And here I come to you guys with another info blog. This time, I'm doing a dive into the powerful Team Attacks. What exactly are Team Attacks, you may be asking? Well. Team Attacks require at least two people that combines their strengths and powers to unleash a mighty attack on their foes. In this case, every Team attack requires Stickman for activation. Let's go through each one, starting with the famous one: Stickman and Jewel: All Together- With their bond unshattered, Stickman and Jewel ...
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