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by on July 12, 2021
*If you haven't read the first part I would suggest reading that one first. Its titled "Found" Dragonfly would jolt away and shake his head, slinging water all over the metal floor and walls. He would try to move but found himself restrained to a pipe connected to the wall. He looked around and found two stallions standing in front of him, both in uniforms he couldn't identify and masks that covered their faces. One had an empty bucket beside him that looked like it was holding water, water ...
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by on July 11, 2021
It isn't often that a story ends with the death of its protagonist, at least not the stories sung by the bards or written in the common books. This one proved to be no different. However, unlike the other stories, this wasn't the tale of one born with great power tearing down the evil of their homeland, nor that of a simple commoner rising and winning against the otherwise impossible. This is the story of one who has done nothing but flee. And flee he did. From the responsibilities o...
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by on July 10, 2021
Guard duty. One of the most boring states of being in the history of the world, Carmine thought. Perhaps it was only slightly better than book sorting, but at least book sorting didn't involve long-winded lectures by his partner for the day. Glorious Valor, a squeaky-clean pegasus with an otherworldly regal air about him. Everything about him said "I know better than you," from the booming way his voice carried his virtues, to his color scheme reminiscent of a paladin's armor. Valor's pristine...
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by on July 7, 2021
So, every day, I wake up at 6. Doesn't matter how long I slept last night, always 6. I got like, 3 hours'a sleep, but it's cool - that's what coffee's fer. I untangle myself from Gray without wakin'im up 'n slip outta bed - we cuddled last night, like always. Good frickin' stuff! (Don't tell anyone I said that though, he gets real embarassed about it.) I grab my bag off the floor, and head ta the kitchen. Gotta have a good breakfast. While the coffee brews, I whip up some eggs 'n toast fer my...
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by on July 4, 2021
mission log number: 2,137 location: pastel horse world subject: depress horse I have seen depress horse simply look out of a window for hours on end without looking anywhere else but that shop in the distance. I often wonder "why does he always look at that shop, does he have any family members other then the alien, demon horse that come over to his home every once in awhile just to talk". This depress horse always every once in awhile wonder outside of this building and go to some ro...
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by on July 3, 2021
(I just wanted to share a list I made recently describing the differences between my OC Prince Glaciem and some of the canonical cast of the show. If you see any I left out and want to see included feel free to leave a comment." Princess Celestia: Prince Glaciem *A Princess *A Prince *A psudo Mother *A Psudo Father *Female *Male *Extrovert ...
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by on July 1, 2021
Canterlot was quiet in the heat of the day. The sun reflected and refracted off the white stone buildings, causing the cobble streets to be nearly unwalkable surfaces. But Spirit didn’t mind this. She’d felt worse, for sure. She had something much more important to deal with than nurse burned hooves today, after all. And she knew she’d not be on the stone for long. She would pause outside of the gate that she needed, before sucking in a deep breath. Canterlot Hills Cemetery. Soon, her hooves we...
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by on June 26, 2021
I'm super excited! Well, Starsilk doesn't seem too excited but her expression is probably more along the lines of "it's about time" more than anything 🤭 So, as you might have noticed, Starsilk has evolved into quite some changes throughout the years. I find that doing digital art is not the same for me as drawing on paper. So I've chosen to draw her on paper first and -then- add a digital touch and eureka! Progress. What I've noticed from the ponies in MLP is that their tales are large...
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by on June 24, 2021
Name: Stardusk Strider Age: 10 The first night out and about in such a long time. The stallion was beginning to give up the idea of ever seeing the outside world ever again. Of course, it's not how he would have liked to see it: It's the dead of night (around 2 AM), with the streets barren as all the ponies have sheltered up for their rest. This is quite the opposite for his clan, however, as they are most active in the night, to work on keeping the peace in the later hours. He could not re...
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by on June 24, 2021
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by on June 24, 2021
If you wanna :I
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by on June 24, 2021
I'll keep repping you queen 🙏🏻😔💕 Barb for life
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