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by on Yesterday, 5:39 pm
'Ah, shit. How long was I out? My everything is KILLING me. I can only see red in my right eye. Places on my body feel warm, wet, and kinda sticky. Must have taken a bad tumble. Wait. Is that a car? Shit! The race!' Ever since Nar fell from the railing a few minutes ago, the race seems to have come to a halt. Save for Steeltrap that is. When he realized that Nar would not be coming out of the trees he fell into, something inside him snapped. He roared his rage into the trees for some time befor...
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by on July 21, 2024
The ride down the track only took a few minutes, but to Asuka, it felt like hours. After Steeltrap broke his bindings, and started going crazy, Ruby hopped into the back of the EMS SUV, and insisted they get back down the track. At first, the driver was confused, but when he noticed what was going on through the live feed inside the SUV, they took off. The scene has been playing in Asuka's head, ever since it happened. Nar hops up onto a railing. Steeltrap sprays acid ahead. The railing snaps...
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by on July 20, 2024
With each second of this race that's gone by, Nar has slowly become more, and more comfortable in his place at the front of the pack. Ever since Ruby and Sapphire had their crash earlier it's seemed like everyone else was keen on being far less reckless in their racing. At first, Nar was pacing himself, saving his energy until the last stretch, where he could pull ahead by a mile, and win the race. However, with his nerves calming, and excitement rising, the habits of his casual skates around th...
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by on July 20, 2024
//Content Warning for foul language. ( With the blaring of a buzzer, six figures rocket out of the garage of the old Helfire Coal Plant. The moment they clear the door, two of the figures, a pegasus, and a blue dragon, unfurl their wings, and take to the skies. Below, a pack quickly forms between the remaining four. Ryuji is in front, with Nar not far behind. Juno follows fairly close behind, and Steeltrap brings up the rear a fair distance...
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by on July 20, 2024
//Much like the first challenge in this Battle of the Bands, I'm going to be posting this one in parts throughout the day/multiple days. Mostly highlighting the more notable parts of the challenge. ( 7 PM, Vanhoover Time, Helfire Coal Plant, Old Industrial District. ...
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by on July 2, 2024
Hey everyone, I have a lot of OC's up for sale right now. Recently we found out I have a rare syndrome [i've been send to doctors left and right, this time also.. but they try to help me] Except last week i lost approximately 200$ already more than half was on cat emergency [she got stung by a wasp and had an allergic reaction] the other because of my own situation. ...
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by on June 29, 2024
Suzie wasn't always an alicorn. Infact she actually started out as a human and accidentally ended up in ponyville after an incident in high school. She spends most of her days exploring equestria and u r most likely to find her on a cloud. She still has a few human quirks and u may often see her standing and walking on her back legs. She hardly missed anything from the human world... Except for hands... She is still trying to figure out how she ended up as an alicorn
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by on June 25, 2024
This will be VERY EXTENSIVE, for no good reason. At the same time, pretty rushed because ... eh Lancer was a child raised in a war raging country, surrounded by destruction and hate from all parties of a war he knew nothing of. Born in the once-bright kingdom of Dominus, he was raised by loving parents, who gave him all the love and attention he needed even though their lives were hanging by the thread each passing day. Few citizens remember why the war even started, it goes back decades befo...
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by on June 20, 2024
It was late in the day and y\n had just gotten back from work at Apple bees. Y\N walked through their kitchen hungry and willing to eat a horse. they rummaged through some draws till finally they pulled out a chip bag. "Yes, my cravings have been answered" Y\n said triumphantly only to realize that what they held was a cursed lays chip bag. "Darn why must you always be half full" y\n falls to their knees in the kitchen full of despair. After a moment of brooding silence y\n stands up and hobbles...
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by on June 7, 2024
--------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- How long have I been washing my hooves? Seconds? Minutes? Ten minutes maybe?.....I just can't seem to stop. It won't go away. All the blood is still there. It won't wash off. It can't be washed off. Why won't it wash off. Why. Why. Why! Why!!! "The blood isn't gone...." I spoke at a hushed whisper, my mind screaming from the inside. This wouldn't do for service. There is no blood on my hooves. There ha...
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by on June 7, 2024
--------------------------------------------- "Congrats on the takeover Mr. Deimos. You certainly weren't talking out ya ass when it came to renovation. This old casino can finally start to see some business now that it has been ripped from the failing of the previous crime boss. What's the play now? Expansion? Bribing the city authorities? Perhaps laying low a bit to ensure the Princes don't hear wind of this?" "I'll let slide that fact that you decide to bust down the door inside my office...
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by on May 28, 2024
Third quarter, second half, 0:30 left. The score is 5-5. ( It's been a hard fought battle, and with only 30 seconds left in the match, the score is tied. Both teams are digging deep to find reserves of energy, and keep playing hard until the very end. The roaring of the crowd has gotten so loud, and feverish that they can be heard for many blocks away from the arena. No one expected the first challenge in this historic battle of the bands to be ...
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