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Cantewwot Avenyue Wuwes Wuwes estabwished on: 10/31/2017 Wuwes wevised on: 3/2/2018 Wuwes awe subject to change. Usews awe wequiwed to pewiodicawwy check this page fow any wevisions made to the wuwes. Ignyowance to the wuwes is nyot an excuse to avoid punyishment.. Contents 1 Intwoduction 2 The Cowonyian Cwause 3 Site & Chawactew Content 4 NSFW Content 5 Nyaming Powicy 6 Genyewaw Behaviow 7 Copywight/Pwagiawism Powicy 8 Fowums 9 Wowepway & OOC 10 CSS, BBCode, Unyicode, Custom Wanguages & Bugs Intwoduction Wewcome, evewyonye, to Cantewwot Avenyue w< We hope that youw stay hewe is a pweasant onye, and we hope to see you awound the site as weww. Unfowtunyatewy, much wike any othew pwace, thewe awe wuwes and weguwations that we must fowwow, in owdew to make this pwace a mowe enjoyabwe expewience fow evewyonye. These wuwes awe meant to assist usews and staff in making suwe that ouw times hewe awe memowabwe. Pwease wead each section cawefuwwy. If you have any questions ow concewn about any of the guidewinyes set in pwace hewe, pwease feew fwee to contact onye of ouw staff membews by weaching us thwough ouw Staff Page. Of couwse, keep in mind that wuwes awe subject to change, and evewy usew is wesponsibwe fow pewiodicawwy checking this page fow any changes. Wegawdwess, hope to see you awound >w< The Cowonyian Cwause The wuwes of the website awe a wefwection of the vision the foundew has fow theiw pawticuwaw site. As such, the foundew awso has the powew to have the finyaw wowd in any situation, as this is theiw website, which in tuwn, what they say becomes the wuwe. Site & Chawactew Content The fowwowing content/chawactews awe awwowed on Cantewwot Avenyue, incwuding, but nyot wimited to: Any cweatuwe fwom the MWP unyivewse, incwuding Comic waces Popuwaw fan fiction wike Fawwout Equestwia Chawactews/Owiginyaw Chawactews fwom the Fuwwy communyity Any Human OCs fow cwossuvw and the wike WP's Equestwia Giwws Chawactews/OCs fow the puwpose of: Wowe Wowepway The fowwowing Chawactews and site contents awe nyot awwowed on Cantewwot Avenyue. This incwudes but is nyot wimited to MWP/Fuwwy Chawactews associated with pownyogwaphic content NSFW Awt & Usew Contents, incwuding, but nyot wimited to: Pwofiwe images Cuvw Photos Statuses Bwogs Videos Mawketpwace wistings Obviouswy cwopped NSFW images NSFW Content if a cwopped NSFW image stands immediatewy questionyabwe at fiwst, ow even second gwance, the image is subjected to be wevewsed image seawch. If it is indeed NSFW, then it is subject to wemovaw and stwike. If you wouwd wike to knyow if youw content is suitabwe fow shawing, pwease contact a staff membew, and they wiww detewminye its appwopwiatenyess. CA awwows you to cweate events and/ow pages of youw wiking. Pages may contain evewything except: Iwwegaw content Iwwicit Dwugs Wacism (Swuws, Supwemacy, and Issues) Powiticaw views Past events that awe wikewy to cause dwama (i. e. 9/11) Offensive nyames Wewigious views Mockewy of potentiawwy infwammatowy subjects/content such as wace/wewigion/disabiwity etc NSFW awt, comments, statuses. Questionyabwe content. The staff of Cantewwot Avenyue wesewves the wight to wemuv viowating content, ow tewminyate an event ow page that may be viowating the guidewinyes wisted abuv. Cantewwot Avenyue has the abiwity to wet usews cweate theiw own custom contests, howevew, said contests may nyot have the fowwowing content Iwwegaw content Iwwicit Dwugs Wacism (Swuws, Supwemacy, and Issues) Powiticaw views Past events that awe wikewy to cause dwama (i. e. 9/11) Offensive nyames Wewigious views Mockewy of potentiawwy infwammatowy subjects/content such as wace/wewigion/disabiwity etc NSFW awt, comments, statuses. Questionyabwe content. If you have any questions ow you awe unsuwe if a contest you wish to cweate, is suitabwe fow the website, pwease contact a membew of staff, and they wiww detewminye the appwopwiatenyess of youw content. Keep in mind that CA Staff has the wight to take down content that may be considewed inyappwopwiate. The fowwowing is additionyaw content that it is nyot awwowed. This incwudes, but nyot wimited to NSFW Biwthday Games SFW Biwthday games awe awwowed Pwot shots containying genyitawia Pwot shots that DO NyOT contain genyitawia awe awwowed. These images may nyot have any suggestive wooks ow cause any type of sexuaw wesponses fwom othew usews. Innyew side boob Gweatwy uvwsized butts Any othew content that fawws undew the categowy of inyappwopwiatenyess Nyo content may contain sexuaw acts. Incwuding, but nyot wimited to: sex/undewage sex Swavewy Impending Impwied, ow visuaw wape Heat Pwegnyancy fetish Diapew fetish Bweeding Bondage Usage of sexuaw toys Nyaked humanyized ponyies Wing pway Hown pway Etc. Nyo content may contain viowent acts. Incwuding, but nyot wimited to Excessive gowe Towtuwe Abuse Mutiwation Sewf-infwicted mutiwation Suicide Visibwe intewnyaw owgans. Some bwood is pewmitted pwoviding that it comes fwom accidents ow minyow battwe wounds. Staff may take down content, without wawnying, that is bewieved to be in viowation of the wuwes stated abuv. If you have content that you awe unsuwe of its appwopwiatenyess, pwease contact a membew of staff to detewminye the appwopwiatenyess of the content. Nyaming Powicy Cantewwot Avenyue awwows the abiwity to cweate usewnyames fow youw pwofiwe, awong with Dispway nyames. Nyames must be awphanyumewic, which means wettews A - Z, and nyumbews 1 - 9. The fowwowing nyame usage is nyot awwowed, incwuding, but nyot wimited to Nyames with waciaw swuws Nyames associated with degwading, ow offensive content Nyames containying Communyism, Nyazism, extwemist powiticaw views, wewigious bewiefs, gendew, past events, ow sensitive topics. . Nyames containying symbows of any kind An exception to the wuwe awe nyames utiwizing undewscowes, quotations and pewiods, etc. Nyames with unweadabwe text Nyames have to be wwitten in Engwish The use of Awtewnyative “Ä??bì?” (Engwish wettews) is awso nyot awwowed If you have any questions ow concewns about these guidewinyes, pwease contact an Adminyistwatow, ow any membew of staff fow assistance in the case you awe unsuwe of a nyame you wouwd wike to use. Genyewaw Behaviow Evewyonye is expected to have a good behaviow on the website. Thewe awe cewtain types of behaviow that awe nyot towewated ow appwopwiate in Cantewwot Avenyue. This is incwuding but nyot wimited to: Twowwing Minyi-Modding This is when a Nyon-Staff (Usew) membew takes the job of any membew of staff to twy to enfowce the wuwes, wawn ow punyish usews. Exampwes of Minyi-Modding incwude, but nyot wimited to: Wepwimanding Tewwing othew usews what to do Quoting specific wuwes Tewwing usews what they did wwong Puwposewy dewaiwing Asking to wemuv ow dewete infwinging content ow twying to invoke authowity. Backseat-modding Spamming Intentionyaw dwama Hawassment This awso appwies to wowepwaying IC & OOC. In owdew to avoid misundewstandings, make suwe to infowm the pewson you awe speaking to what youw stywe is. Awguments that do nyot incwude any sowt of dewogatowy insuwt ow thweats awe nyot wikewy to be subject to any discipwinyawy action. Having an opinyion does nyot constitute a ban. If you have an issue with anyothew usew, pwease wesowt to using the “Bwock Usew” button, instead of causing a scenye on the website. The staff is nyot wesponsibwe of maintainying hawmony between usews on the site. Insuwts based on wace, gendew, wewigion, nyationyawity, sexuaw owientation, powiticaw views awe nyot awwowed Diswespecting othews beyond that of a civiw, and powite discussion This appwies to awtists who have had theiw content stowen, and/ow modified. Pwease wefew to the Copywight/Pwagiawism Powicy section fow instwuctions on how to wepowt awt theft. Thweats towawds othew usews ow staff of any kind awe nyot awwowed Usews that act ow deaw in diswuptive mannyews wiww be deawt with the same as aww othew offenses. If you awe a thweat to the peace of the sites ow awe just simpwy causing issues fow othew usews, staff ow visitows, actions wiww be taken immediatewy. Pubwicwy shawing pwivate infowmation on the feed, ow with usews nyot invowved, is nyot awwowed. Incwuding, but nyot wimited to: Nyame Emaiw Physicaw addwess Wequest pewmission fwom the pewson(s) invowved in the convewsation pwiow to posting the PMs pubwicwy. Wevenge wepowting This is the act of wepowting nyon-wuwe bweaking content in owdew to attain wevenge on someonye that you may, ow may nyot think wepowted you. The staff has the wight to use this site as do anyonye ewse, as such they have the same pwotection as usews do. Fow any issues ow concewns, you can contact a membew of staff at: making suwe to wabew on the emaiw if the issue is fow a Modewatow ow Pubwic Wewations. Fow issues that have highew pwiowity, you may contact an adminyistwatow at: Taking mattews into youw own hands wiww nyot be towewated. Attacking staff fow any/nyo weason is nyot awwowed Impewsonyating Staff, incwuding but nyot wimited to Nyame Pwofiwe The way they speak This wiww be handwed on a case by case basis, and the punyishment may be detewminyed, depending on the staff membew handwing the case. Encouwaging usews to engage in wuwe-bweaking behaviow. This is nyot wimited to just usage of Cantewwot Avenyue, but awso pwomoting activities that bweak wuwes on othew sites, as weww such as spamming ow waiding. Upwoading content which couwd cause seizuwes fow epiweptic usews, is nyot awwowed Sweawing is awwowed, but with modewation Usews who disobey the wuwes wiww weceive a punyishment based on the context of theiw issue. This is down to the judgment of the modewation staff; these punyishments can be onye of the fowwowing: Vewbaw Wawnying This is sent by ouw staff to twy and educate you on what wuwe was bwoken, why it is a wuwe, and what you can do to avoid wepeating youw mistake. These messages awe awways meant as an educationyaw toow and awe nyevew an officiaw wawnying. Officiaw Wawnying This wiww be sent via the "Insewt bot nyame hewe" account, which aww ouw admin systems awe winked to. It wiww expwain in a mowe pwofessionyaw way what you did wwong, why it is wwong, and what you can do to avoid it happenying again. Infwaction This wiww be sent via the "Insewt bot nyame hewe" account, which aww ouw admin systems awe winked to. An infwaction is a vewy sevewe fowm of punyishment and is just onye step away fwom a ban. Weceiving onye of these pwaces you in a diwect winye to youw nyext issue wesuwting in an account ban. Ban Bannying is spwit into two diffewent types. Account & IP. Account bans awe given to accounts that have pwuvn to be sewious offendews in theiw usage of the site, that it wawwants theiw wemovaw. IP bans awe given to IP Addwess that awe being used to diswupt the site, and/ow avoid bans on accounts, and/ow othew wewated offenses. Duwing the duwation of the ban, it is nyot pewmitted to cweate additionyaw accounts. Any accounts cweated duwing that time wiww be pewmanyentwy bannyed awong with an extension of the punyishment on the owiginyaw. Shouwd the staff feew it's justified, youw IP access may awso be bannyed. If fow any weason a punyishment was made unfaiwwy, you did nyot agwee with it ow you fewt you wanted mowe infowmation on said punyishment; send an emaiw to Be suwe to incwude aww impowtant infowmation such as the usewnyame, the action being committed, and a weason why the account shouwd be weinstated. These appeaws wiww be weviewed by ouw appeaws team. An apowogy is nyot an appeaw, it can be used in an appeaw to hewp us show that you undewstand the wuwe bweaches you committed, but it cannyot be an appeaw. Appeaws shouwd awso be donye both pwofessionyawwy, and cawmwy. Whiwst the staff undewstand that you may be upset; ow angwy by a wuwing, ouw staff have the wight to deny an appeaw shouwd you thweaten, attack, ow wash out at them. The appeaws team do nyot handwe youw punyishments, and as such awe nyot wesponsibwe fow the punyishment you have been given. Depending on the type of punyishment you awe appeawing, youw appeaw can be wooked at by eithew the appeaws team ow by a highew admin of staff. If at any point in time duwing wowk on youw appeaw you feew you nyeed anyothew viewpoint on the situation, you awe fwee to wequest onye; and anyothew staff membew wiww come, and weview youw appeaw. If you have questions ow concewns about the guidewinyes given abuv, feew fwee to weach out to onye of the staff membews ow contact an adminyistwatow by sending them a Pwivate Message. Copywight/Pwagiawism Powicy Nyo content is awwowed which may infwinge on intewwectuaw pwopewty wights of othews, ow whose souwce(s) expwicitwy pwohibit distwibution on othew sites. Befowe upwoading content that is nyot youws (incwuding wecowows), we ask that you: Confiwm that the owiginyaw awtist ow copywight howdew awwows distwibution and/ow modification of the content Incwude any cwedits ow winks back to the awtist ow copywight howdew of the content Content posted without fowwowing these wuwes is subject to wemovaw Ouw officiaw contact accounts can be found at the fowwowing addwesses: If you do nyot have access to eithew, you may submit a cwaim via ouw adminyistwation maiw, - Incwuding aww infowmation that we wequiwe. When deawing with stowen ow infwinging content, do NyOT hawass, spam ow othewwise attempt to "cowwect" the usew suspected. Doing so wiww be tweated as hawassment accowding to ouw wuwes of conduct. Instead, fowwow the instwuctions given bewow to wepowt the content, and awwow ouw staff to handwe the situation. If you awe the owiginyaw awtist ow copywight howdew in accowdance with Nyotice and Nyotice: Send an emaiw to with the fowwowing infowmation: State the cwaimant's nyame and addwess Identify the copywight matewiaw that is awweged to have been infwinged and the cwaimant's intewest ow wight with wespect to that matewiaw Specify the wocation data (e.g. the web addwess ow Intewnyet addwess associated with the awweged infwingement) Specify the infwingement that is awweged; and specify the date and time of the awweged infwingement. If you awe nyot the owiginyaw awtist ow copywight howdew, and the ownyew is unyabwe to wepowt ow does nyot own an account on CA: Contact the owiginyaw awtist ow copywight howdew, and infowm them of the steps that nyeed to be taken in owdew to submit a nyotice. Fowums Cantewwot Avenyue has vawious pwaces to fweewy sociawize and wowepway, and the fowums awe divided into many sections to choose fwom; howevew, much wike the genyewaw site, they too contain theiw guidewinyes. Hewe awe the fowwowing guidewinyes: OOC chats awe meant fow OOC discussion of the WP Keep chat nyot wewevant to the WP to a minyimum Diswuption of wowepwaying fowums by entewing without authowization is nyot awwowed The thwead cweatow is wesponsibwe fow modewation of his/hew thwead They awe awso wesponsibwe of making suwe the membews and the content fowwows the wuwes of the site With that said, the modewatows and admins awe awso avaiwabwe in the event that a thwead ownyew wequiwes the assistance of the staff. Gwobaw website wuwes appwy to the fowums as weww. Content in the fowums must be wewative to the topic of the thwead at aww times. If you have questions ow concewn about these guidewinyes, pwease contact a membew of staff ow adminyistwatow fow assistance. Wowepway & OOC You awe fwee to wowepway and sociawize in Cantewwot Avenyue, but hewe awe the fowwowing Guidewinyes: EWPs with usews undew the age of 18 is nyot pwohibited, but nyot encouwaged. Staff takes nyo wesponsibiwity fow whatevew occuws between usews on Pwivate Messages, unwess the issue is wepowted. Pubwic EWPs awe NyOT awwowed in any section of the site Weading up to NSFW content in a pubwic WP is pwohibited Waww WPs may nyot contain Waciaw swuws, both species based and IWW wace based. Iwwegaw content Iwwicit Dwugs Weaw Wife powiticaw views Past events that awe wikewy to cause dwama (i. e. 9/11) Offensive nyames Weaw wewigious views Content that mocks disabwed individuaws Suggestive content Gowe, Vowe ow any othew type of extweme fetish Excessive amounts of gowe ow viowence Nyo spam of OOC content at any time. Excessive posts of OOC content in a showt amount of time, typicawwy 1-2 days If you have muwtipwe chawactews, you must use the “Bio” section of youw pwofiwe to wist aww of youw wowepwaying chawactews, awong with theiw infowmation Muwtipwe accounts awe nyot awwowed at this time. CSS, BBCode, Unyicode, Custom Wanguages & Bugs Youw cuvw & CSS awe exempt fwom the genyewaw wuwes in what content can be appwied to them, pwoviding that they do nyot bweak ouw wuwes on matuwe and NSFW content. As such, you awe genyewawwy fwee to customize youw pwofiwe to a wawge degwee to make it feew mowe at home fow youwsewf. Thewe awe, howevew, cewtain westwictions to what you can do with youw CSS. CSS that tuwns the page in any owientation is nyot awwowed Nyo CSS that hindews the abiwity to contact a usew in any way CSS that wemuvs the abiwity to add/wemuv ow wepowt a usew. CSS that hides ow awtews the membewship of usews CSS used to hack ow hindew the pewfowmance of the website BBCode is to be used fow the puwpose of customizing youw pwofiwe, bwogs, fowum posts, PM's. It is NyOT used in posts ow comments. If you use BBCode on youw pwofiwes, you awe sowewy wesponsibwe fow the issues it may cause to youw pwofiwe, thus making you, the usew, wesponsibwe fow fixing the issue. Custom Text/Wanguages (aside fwom Engwish) awe nyot pewmitted in aww aweas of the website (outside of Pwivate Messages.) This is in pwace because Cantewwot Avenyue's standawd wanguage is mainwy Engwish. Whiwe we do undewstand that thewe awe usews fwom many countwies, we awso undewstand that many usews wouwd nyot appweciate having the gwobaw feed fiwwed with statuses and comments of diffewent wanguages that they wiww nyot undewstand and may wepowt them as Spam. Unyicode, with the exception of Emojis and accents, is nyot awwowed acwoss the site, except Pwivate Messages. Keep in mind that the staff wesewves the wight to wemuv aww CSS fwom usew’s pwofiwes if it is found in viowation. With any website, thewe’s awways the possibiwity fow bugs. Choosing to expwoit bugs ow vuwnyewabiwities found within the softwawe of the site, is extwemewy pwohibited and punyishabwe. If you find any expwoits that affect the usew expewience of Cantewwot Avenyue, pwease contact a membew of the Devewopment team fwom ouw staff page, ow emaiw us at>

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I know I have quite a few folks on here waiting on commissions, art trades, or art requests that I have logged, so I'm tossing this here as well. Commissions will be slower this go round, which I deeply apologize is going to become the norm after this queue is finished. At the request of my doctor I'm having to restrict the amount of hours I work each day. Unfortunately, while being put on T was a blessing, it has amped up a few of health issues that have been an ongoing concern and are now doubling in on themselves. If you have sent me a message at any point since May 8th, I have received them and I have them logged on my side of Trello and in about 3 notepads with everything you guys have provided to me when you first purchased, but I will just be going straight down my list in order of who purchased what and when since May 1st. I will get to you guys as soon as I have sketches or questions prepared to complete your commission, so I greatly appreciate your patience with these changes!

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So for a while I’ve been in search for a girlfriend (since I’m a dude in real life). The search is like looking for the holy grail. It always turns out empty for me. I never got why. I’ve tried and tried again and again. It’s gotten to a point where I’ve nearly given up and just used other means. It’s actu funny how I personify these feelings in an oc. An oc who never fell in love and turned to alcoholism. I know this blog may sound bitchy but it’s a growing issue I’ve had. I find a good person and she goes for the cock sucker who will probably treat her like shit. It’s always the good ones that get taken

May 19, 2018 by
This is the blogs section, right? Yeah, it says "Add a New Blog" and the top. Wonderful! Right. So, it's been quite a while. I can't remember the last time I was on here, but I'm pretty sure it was 2018. Let's see what's been happening, shall we? Well, I had a great time in Paris. It's a fantastic place to retire, which I think I shall strive for. Weather was perfect, food was great, people were amazing. It was also while in Paris that I found out that I got an offer of admission from university! So now all I need is a B on the graded exam I just sat this past Monday, and I'll be a Hsitory student at University! I'm really looking forward to it, although my student funding will only take me up to a degree. Don't have enough time left for a Master's or a PhD, so I'd best start saving for them. I got an Xbox One. Username is Jesterpain13 (shut up, I made it when I was young and edgy and I ain't paying £7 just to change it), I usually play Dark Souls III, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and Fallout 4. Oblivion, I'm doing far better than my past playthroughs (one of which saw me fight Mehrunes Dagon at level 3), and I made a Khajiit who looks like a mouse. Speaking of games, check out my YouTube channel, Jester Gaming, to follow the story of Ri'Kazair, a Khajiit assassin in the land of Skyrim who has no regard for life of any kind, although will never steal anything. Let's see... I've started to lose weight. Slowly, but surely. I've discovered that I really like those Rubicon drinks, whcih are only 12/15 calories a bottle, and pretty cheap as well. I decided to stop reading On History by Eric Hobsbawm because argh, it is such a dry read. I'll go back to Stephen King's IT, then start reading about the Gangs of New York. Or maybe I'll start off Killer Angels by Michael Schaara. I'll stick with The Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era by James McPhearson when I'm at the gym, though. And I think that's it. If anyone has any questions, love messages, hate mail, insults, nudes, ransoms notes, free food they wanna send me, leave them in the comments below, and I shall see you all later!

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The Slurpee Legion and I have taken over Ponyville! Twilight Sparkle is now a permanent guest at one of my seven Slurpee hotels! I dare you to find her if you can!

May 17, 2018 by
Do you know what is like when you try your hardest on something but it seems like what ever you do it bites you in the flank? That what im having trouble with, when ever I go to school and try to do my work Its ether something i don't understand or When i turn in a missing assignment and My parents Complain about my grades. Sometimes i feel so useless...anyway This is my first letter ever so here you go... From Jacko

Poem 1: No one is red Birdsong is blue (I think) Now that I'm bored what do I do? Poem 2: To Lonna Kitty your really pretty Poem 3: Happy Amazing Really kind Music Okay Not bad You Poem 4 : I think thats it so I will now sit and try to make a skit.

May 16, 2018 by
Dear pix, what really is friend ship? is it a good thing? Everyone says i should have friends but i often lose sense of the meaning of the word. how can you have something you don't understand?

May 14, 2018 by
I have lost my love. She said would be back, but for now my heart is broken till she returns in a new form. I gravely miss her and I have been trying hard to keep strong, but I don't know how much longer I can fake and say everything is hunky dory or being happy like I never met her...... (The next line where smudged by Wolf's tears) I h___ _o much f___ __r leaving. I ____ her back. I want my m___ __at I l____ and that l___ me back. Sincerely Wolf