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by on February 26, 2023
Got news today from the top, big mane's are coming down to introduce us to a new project. We finally can move forward with Project Genesis! I have been hoping that we'd get the chance to take G3 development to a new level! The only issue is getting the team in line before we start dishing out the new collective requirements. I wish I could list every bit of what we are doing here, but Galv says "security is top priority, so redact it all." Well, I need a way to write down my list of notes, don't...
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by on February 23, 2023
"Shit shit shit," Talon yells as he runs through a temple that is collapsing "Dont touch anything! Thats all you had to do!" Knight yells as he runs farther in front with Devine on his back "Argue later boys! Knight left at the next turn!" Devine yells as she reads a map ...
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by on February 22, 2023
"Will you tell me why you have been holding back?" Devine asks Knight as they lay together in a tent. He takes a deep breath and turns to face her, "Long ago I fell in love, but the one who I fell in love with was someone who I was not able to be with easily, we faced many difficulties and all who knew us stood against our relationship. We were even engaged at one point but our opposition was so dead set on ensuring we would never wed that they attacked her during her bachlorette party. She l...
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by on February 18, 2023
Step one : draw a line Step two: draw the rest of it.
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by on February 18, 2023
Dear princess Celestia, Today I learned you should check if you're welcome before joining in a roleplay, otherwise you're likely to make someone uncomfortable. Including, but not limited to, yourself.
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by on February 15, 2023
Fremserp es majik
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by on February 14, 2023
//Actual final post for the site. I wasn't happy with the ending I gave Asuka and her family before, so I wanted to give it another shot. If I don't end up being dissatisfied with this one I'll probably go back to to being dead after this. "Hey. Sock. Is my mane still good?" Mateo questions his wife on the state of his hair for about the fifth time since he'd styled it an hour ago. Asuka rolls her eyes, but her coy grin betrays her feigned annoyance. "Yes Matty. It looks great." Mateo pops a...
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by on February 12, 2023
Hello, This is Thomas Reid of the childrens ward. I will be discussing an oddity. The Glutton. The Gluttonous Eater is a unique mutant that isn't made by anything alive. In fact, the creature in question is made up of the corpses of livestock. Pig, cow, and sometimes chickens. The idea was coined by me in an attempt to lessen the loss of children. The point of using them is attempt to use cadavers or animal bodies to out advantage. Mayhaps the mystetious substance that is Choke can bring lif...
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by on February 9, 2023
NEFARIOUS! would be walking the streets as a small child would grab his hand. "Help mister! There is a bad man and he has my brother! Please!" NEFARIOUS! would sigh and walk towards the alleyway. It was a trap. He knew that much but what was it? Gang activity? Murderers who rope children in. No... He would keep an eye on the left side of the alleyway. Neffy hears breathing instead. Once he got close, he could see deformed fingers as he stopped mid-walk and just after a big row of teeth would ...
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by on February 5, 2023
This is Thomas Reid of the childrens wing. Today, I will discuss another failure made by simple morbid curiosity. I also want to put on record that despite the children being considered failures, I will always interact with them. Even the most dangerous of the sorts. Just because they are made this way doesn't mean they are worthless or unlovable. The Conjoined is the first mutant to make me realize this. This gentle type of mutant is often loving, kind and, touchy feely. It enjoys hugs an...
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by on February 4, 2023
Greetings and hello! This is Thomas Reid of the childrens wing. I specialize in child psychology and humane human transformation. This was what my goal is. Now my goal is to not only save what children I can buy uncover corruption unlike anything. I will be going over every 224 cases involving child experimentation here at Sunnyside Childrens "Hospital and Orphanage". Our first case is going to be about myself. Unlike my cohorts, I use only willing people and myself. However, I have don...
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by on February 1, 2023
Death followed the creepy fella and the malnourished girl. Every so often ducking into the shadows. They eventually ducked into an alleyway and went into a side door which led into the back of an apartment complex. She would quickly grab the rusted door to slip in. Shila would slowly walk behind them and they went right at a hallway. This went on for a solid 10 minutes before eventually reaching a utility closet. Shila would have went in but ut seemed like her neck was grabbed through the op...
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