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by on 2 hours ago
Dear Princess Celestia, I am a new pony to your realm, from the Land of Saoirse (pronounced SEER-SHA). I hope that you would forgive my intrusion. My business here, is to gather histories and folklore of distant realms, so as to add to the Royal Library, in the city of Myrakkar; the capital of my native realm. I welcome the opportunity to study, part time, in your magical academy; and your collages as well. And I look forward to making friends in your realm, as well. Sincerely, Whinny the...
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by on 10 hours ago
Dear princess celestia, I'm starting to think that I'm becoming a little bit like sherlock holmes. Why you may ask? Well, for one thing I'm in a state where I don't care much about things or people. Say if someone is sad, I just ignore them and go about my day. Secondly, I don't really socialize much and if I do, I tend to be an ass to people. It's not that I want to be mind you, it's just that I can't help myself. I honestly tend to be the most unoptimistic person around most of the time. La...
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by on 23 hours ago
Dear Acalllia, I hope you're doing well, I am enjoying my time in Equestria. I've learned so much and met some interesting ponies so far over the week, the spa isn't doing much...but I enjoy the relaxing time it's provided so far, though I can't help feeling the need to come back to Devka where I feel a little more welcomed...Sorry, but I will only able to write to you weekly mostly, as I'm busy learning the customs of this place! This week, I believe I've met this dark blue Alicorn named ...
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by on November 16, 2018
Dear Princess Celestia, That is how you start it off, correct? Forgive me, I have not written to in your favor before now. Normally my letter would be received by you sister. Now you may ask why I would send you a letter instead. I figured it to be time were I started to make my presence known again, being a former member of the Night Elite, and Obsidian Court, I have been in hiding for many of years. Modern society has changed since my early years in hiding from what my dear lover tells ...
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by on November 9, 2018
So.. I'm here looking for advice. I've spent years out of and away from close relationships, from love. My last relationship ended unpleasantly, 2 years ago. I havent had any success in patiently waiting for anyone to be curious enough to ask about me as a person. I want to put myself out there, see if i can find someone right for me... But how? When ever I go to give anyone a glimpse into my head it sounds like a plea for attention, and that's not what I'm going for. I want someone to genuinely...
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by on November 9, 2018
Dear princess celestia, I have been out of the game of finding a special somepony for a while now to realize that it's getting lonely for me. I want to look for another mare who may end up being my special somepony, but I'm afraid of being rejected. Idk what it is about me that other ponies don't like. Sure I may be hard to get along with sometimes being depressed and sad on occasion, but I can't really control it. I try, but I fail sometimes. I just want a mare to understand me and maybe wan...
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by on November 4, 2018
Uhm, Hi. I doubt you know me, but I've seen a lot of people doing these letters, so I decided to get in on the fun, I guess I was just curious if you have any tips on preforming magic. I've never been good at it Sincerely, Ember Ribbon
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by on November 4, 2018
I've been noticing lately a mass influx of petty arguments over eating meat. I don't get it. Is it so much to ask to not be berated because I happen to eat how humans are *supposed* to eat, a mixture of ALL food types? Every night when I look at the feed all I see is stuff like this. It's depressing! I come here for ponies, roleplay, and friends. Now, let me make something VERY clear: I do NOT support eating only plants/not eating anything from animals, HOWEVER, if you DO, I RESPECT YOUR...
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by on November 4, 2018
~Our life is like living in the ocean, ~We feel alone in this empty blue, ~Everything is quiet and in slow motion, ~Feeling lost, not knowing what to do. ~We all live in this deep blue sea, ~Wanting the desire to swim free, ~We try our best but we slowly fall, ~Trying to reach the sun with our all. ~Here is my answer for all of you.... ~Let go of all your past sins and scars, ~To others, you are perfect of who you are, ~If you want to go beyond and want to be free, ~Keep in you...
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by on October 31, 2018
To whom it may concern: There's a reason why I'm the way I am. Always depressed, sad and what not. It's a bit of a long story really. See when I was young, around four or five, my mother decided that she wanted to leave me with my grandma and move to someplace else and not come back for several years. I eventually was adopted by my aunt and uncle, but the post traumatic stress I had from her leaving left me with a lot of bad qualities. I got into fights a lot, especially when someone talked shi...
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by on October 30, 2018
Trading characters! Everyone in this folder is up for sale or trade PaypalArtDevART PointsCharacters I don't use any of these guys and want them to go to a better home Do not go out of this folder for buying If you see your design and want it back it would be discounted --- Telegram Stickers Pricing $8 for just a single sticker 3 for $15 for simple chibis, the design may be simplified to keep the chibi look 3 for $20 for more deta...
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by on October 24, 2018
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