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by on 14 hours ago
Wander for long enough, and it will find you, for the forest hungers just as every living thing does. There are many different tales told by many different tongues. Each carries a measure of the truth, muddied though it becomes in the telling. Many are kind enough, speaking of the healer who came for four months to tend the ill, asking only a small fee, or of the mysterious adventurer who could locate anything or anyone with a few words. Some talk of a fae being, a benign entity of a magical fo...
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by on 15 hours ago
Another turn, another wall of thorns. Another path that leads nowhere. By now, Mirror has grown to expect it. She turns back the way she came without so much as a sigh to show her discontent. The warm summer air is bordering on stifling, now, with the thick sweater that hangs almost to the forest floor on her thin frame. Mirror is drowsy, and separately, she is tired. Tired of seeking a way out of her own home. Drowsy from the lull of crickets, little light, and warmth. The thought of laying ...
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by on Yesterday, 5:16 pm
Silence. Silence is the subject I have learned about my entire life. My name is Dr. Shila Shulziker, but those in my way call me Death. I turned the sound off when it needed it. I make those who are so full of themselves: Powerless. Fearful of what comes next. Toying with my food. Like a confident predator stalking its prey. God can't silence the world, so I will. Shila would be walking into what looked like a once abandoned house. The floors were creaky, and the air was thick with dust. ...
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by on December 2, 2022
Admittedly, I wasn't smart by the end of it all. It was all my fault. I was too involved with those children. I wish I were heartless... I hope they didn't have to see me suffer anymore, for it makes them weep. I was hardened by each loss, but what progress have I made to have it squashed into the floor? No more, I swore. I will take on this burden, no matter the cost to myself. What is a cut on a wrist or botched subject if it means another life is preserved even for longer? The answer: It is t...
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by on December 1, 2022
TWAS THE MONTH OF CHRISTMAS (Poem was made for my, but enjoy.) ---------------------------------------- 'Twas the month of Christmas, when all thro', Many creatures for sale, even a mouse; The adopts were priced by their owners with care, In hopes that some customers soon would be there; The artists were comfy all warm and well fed, While visions of characters danc'd in their head, The others and I, on our drawing app, Scrambling our brains for a long sleepless gap-...
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by on December 1, 2022
It is the duty of a Hospital Corpsman to wait in obscurity most of his life for a crisis that may never come, but when it does, he must give it all he has. The duty of emergency medical response is a broad spectrum of military medics and the civilian doctor who goes sleepless into the Emergency Room within The States. The difference between bloodied gloves and tattered cammies only stops there for those who put others before themselves. Although locations may differ, the sights and smells of tho...
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by on November 30, 2022
Dies for every mare, kisses every man, Laid every mother, drools at every pan. #rp
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by on November 29, 2022
Polo sat there wanting to run from what he was looking at but can't he was chained up away from the computer as Sivanro said "Okay Sheep started typing out the story and don't stop." Polo looked at the screen in pure pain like the one meme that has Mr.Increadible. Sheep starts working on the sequel as Sivanro eats popcorns. detetive honse was sitting on the char outside watching the mini fridges as the song of ptsd start playing as depress hors was using his wings as a hlicopter while holdin...
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by on November 29, 2022
"Why did you write this cringe Sheep?" Polo asked as Sivanro looked at the screen then, throws up in the trash can for he seen what was the worst story in history of fanfiction. Five hours ago on depress horses computer Sheep start working on a story that cause art to be made of it that made me regret even writting this whole thing out. Detetive horse breaks into depress horse house for a fridge that had milk in it. "Oh fridge sempie how i missed you" Carmine sandiago (the red horse that...
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by on November 19, 2022
I never thought myself a writer. In truth, I never thought myself expressive at all. In being alone I forgot, perhaps, what it was to have someone to whom a fleeting moment may be explained, to be understood. Pen and paper make poor substitute for the beloved, but they are all that is left to me here, and so I shall write. Not a week may go by without that awful thought. It plagues me day and night, an abyss that I should jump into by ever entertaining, and somehow a siren’s call that I long ...
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by on November 19, 2022
Waves crash upon the golden sands of the Southern Shores. Seagulls fly above, silent fireworks explode in the distance. His shoes sink into the damp sand, and the maritime breeze of the early evening fills his lungs. "Zera?" A feminine voice calls out, prompting him to turn his head to look over to its source. Even though she was heavier than him, the changeling mare skips next to him with unparalleled grace, not leaving a single mark where she stepped. Her purple mane flows along the win...
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by on November 15, 2022
Lord Somber: "I have an interesting experiment for you to participate in, my most precious Apprentice. This test is to see if you have been taking in any of my wise teachings. For understanding how to view life correctly? It aids in understanding how to view Arcane. For Arcane is in everything we do. And seeing is one of many things we constantly do." My Master's words seemed to seek in subtly upon my body as he looked before more. Being inside the Throne Room, next to my Master was not an od...
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