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CA's mascots: Sunshine Serenade and Misty Nights
Heart Container



Hello everyone!

My name is Heart Container, and I am the Founder and Department Head of Canterlot Avenue. I really do hope that your time here with us is a pleasant one, and I hope to talk to you all; however, unfortunately, i will not be able to talk to every single one of you, as I will be busy making sure that the website is tame, and helping staff with any issues that they may face. But I will surely take some time out to help you all if needed.

You may also contact me if you so desire to roleplay with me. Usually, I will most likely have time to do it here on the website, but I can also roleplay on Discord, which is Corona#6969. Regardless, thanks for being here with us, and again, hope to see ya around!


Heya there!

I'm Shooting Star! Admin of Canterlot Avenue, even though im a Admin im mostly in control of our Royal guards (Moderators) beside the Mod team lead, We keep the site a fun and safe place to be!, if you have any questions always feel free to shoot me or our Mod team lead (Stardusk Strider) a message!

PR Team Lead / Administrator

Hello, I’m Jeshh but others might call me Snowy or Snow Storm. I don’t mind.

I am typically free to answer any questions regarding what’s going on around Canterlot Avenue. I lead the creative side of CA, hosting and planning special events, being social on sites like the Poniverse Tumblr, CA Facebook page and much more.

I am an artist. Ranging from digital illustration, media design and photography. I’ve had experience in curating and having my own art exhibition in my current town. I’ve studied New Media Art for 4 years now, having been mentored in creating businesses and working in professional level teams.

Personally, I’d describe myself as level-headed, hard working, dedicated and passionate. Don’t be intimidated by me despite the impression I can give of being closed off. I’m always eager to listen in regards to your thoughts and opinions about CA and how we can make your experience better.


Hello! My name is Golden Heart, I am here to help ensure that your experience on CA is a memorable one, as in a good one, not a bad one. I am fairly laid back so if you need anything just shoot me a message here or you can add me on discord GoldenHeartVA#6187. Also, I do not roleplay I am here to make sure the site is good for the users, and that the environment is safe for all.

PR Graphic Designer

Hello everypony I am Talon Brush but you can just call me Talon I am a graphic designer for the PR team I am excited to part of this new project to make a new home for us bronies after ponysquare fell contact me here or on discord Ranyx#3836

Inari (Despair)

Royal Guard

I'm Inari, Moderation Leader for Canterlot Avenue, and Poniverse Artist. I'm approachable if you have an issue, don't be scared, I don't bite much...May bite though, you never know...Yikes. I'm a full time artist but I'll do my mod job well, you can count on me!

Please be aware, I'm not available 24/7, however if you need to contact staff, refer to other staff members that may be available. If you need to reach me, PM me I may not always respond, but I'll do my best to. If you need me outside of CA, Dm me at Spinari#9676

Thanks for understanding! But don't fret, PM me if you need help, or contact me by other means. Us here at CA do our best to make sure CA is a welcoming, comfortable place for everyone inside the fandom.

Toodles my doodles.~


Royal Guard

Hello, Sion here! I'm your friendly potato obsessed guard here! I keep the peace so you have a happy stay here. If you have any problems feel free to msg me at any time!
I also refer to myself as the "Chief of Booping" because I just love booping ponies on the snoot

If you need to talk to me outside of CA here is where you can contact me on discord: [RN][RH] Sion the Rapadant#9262


Royal Guard

Hey you reading this, Hi I'm Mentis! add me if you want, I'm friendly and that's why I'm here too. To make new friends.
Also, something to do with Moderation?...

Need RP help? just PM me, I can and will help anyone who would like a lending hoof or wing. I can give you some pointers or ideas.
My Discord is because everyone has it now. Mentis Soliloquy#7140 Otherwise I'm just your run of the mill sorta guy and I'll be around to help if you need it.

Stardusk Strider

Royal Guard Captain (Moderator Team Leader)


My name is Stardusk Strider, one of the staff here on Canterlot Avenue as the Moderator team leader. I am not new to the moderation game, but I always try to take every day as a learning experience. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or inquiries about application, do not hesitate to message me. I will be as prompt as I can be. Also, if you just want simple conversation, I'm up for such too. I am even up for playing games as well; just hit me up!

In terms for roleplay, I would prefer you refer to my profile page for more info. In a nutshell, I am willing to give everyone a chance. Don't be afraid to ask me for a roleplay session either on here, on Discord, Skype, or on Steam. I will have the usernames for those platforms on my profile.

Have a great day!

Royal Guard

Hey there!

You can call me Velvet, I'm one of the members of the Canterlot Avenue moderation team.
I'm here to help make the site a peaceful place to everyone on it and make sure everyone stays out of trouble. If you ever have problems or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me or any of the other mods!

But a little bit about me, I practice witchcraft and art a large majority of my time, and i also do tarot readings! I am also in love with roleplaying, it has been a passion of mine for six years; if you ever want to roleplay or just have a chat with me, feel free to leave me a DM or ask for my discord! I don't bite, promise <3

Technic Sparks

Royal Guard

Hey, whats up! Just your local edgy memelord here. I'm here to make sure that people are following the rules and not acting stupid :)))) If ya need to contact me just PM me or shoot me a message on Discord! I usually am up for an RP but I've been known to suck at them so please bear with me :(

I usually play games like GTA5 or R6 so if you ever want to play just hit me up on Steam!

Discord: TechnicSparks#2283

Lead of CA Development

Sup, guys? It's Compy here. I exist and do stuff.