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CA's mascots: Sunshine Serenade and Misty Nights
Snow Storm   ( Snow Storm, Coal Train)

PR Team Lead / Administrator

[Insert inspiring quote here]

If you can't find any pony better to listen to your complaints, then you have come to the right mare!

I'm sure as Tartarus ready to be that dependable staff member you can count on. I've been around the block a few times so, if you're in need of advice or someone to hear you out on some major personal stuff, I am your ally. I support the LGBTQ+ community and consider myself amongst you so if you need a safe, reliable member of the site, I will be that place for you. Not to say any of the other staff aren't, just for the record. I'll be working hard on implementing fun little events around the site along side the other teams. If you got any ideas, please share them with me. I love to hear your thoughts on how we can improve our service.

I don't roleplay that much as I'd like to focus on work. Try to private message me only about site related topics while keeping the chit chat strictly to comments on my profile. I won't speak with minors unless they are in need of assistance with a problem. My aim is to protect and serve. Nothing more.

Please, don't hesitate to say hello. I love to goof off every now and then.

Stardusk Strider   ( Stardusk Strider, Lightning Stanza)



My name is Stardusk Strider, one of the staff here on Canterlot Avenue as an Administrator. I always try to take every day as a learning experience, finding new patterns and styles to learn and embrace. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or inquiries about application, do not hesitate to message me. I will be as prompt as I can be. Also, if you just want simple conversation, I'm up for such too. I am even up for playing games as well; just hit me up!

In terms for roleplay, I would prefer you refer to my profile page for more info. In a nutshell, I am willing to give everyone a chance. Don't be afraid to ask me for a roleplay session either on here, on Discord, Skype, or on Steam. You may ask me for my profile names for the respective platforms.

Have a great day!

Talon Brush   ( Talon Brush, Lord Nebulous Coltenheim)

PR Graphic Designer

Hello everypony I am Talon Brush but you can just call me Talon I am a graphic designer for the PR team I create banners and other material for special events on this site feel free to message me about anything even asking for some design work.

Flam   ( Flam, Mountain Dew, Quick Buck, Doctor Glimmering Rays, Sister Glowing Heart)

Public Relations

Hey Y'all! Im Flam! Well i suppose my Fandom name would be Diesel. I am gere to make sure all of yall have an absolute blast!

I have been in the fandom for many years, and ive seen its many different shades. You will most often see me helping operate CA events at Conventions, and here on site, making sure we all have a good fun time talking about magical horses!

If you need to contact me about a concern, feel free to let me know!

Crystal Sneer   ( Crystal Sneer, Somber Meadows, Queen Umbra, Jezebel, Goddess Jinx)

Public Relations

I'm your fellow neighborhood pr member!
Feel free to message me whenever ^w^

Mentis-Soliloquy   ( Mentis Soliloquy)

Royal Guard

Hey you reading this, Hi I'm Mentis! add me if you want, I'm friendly and that's why I'm here too. To make new friends.
Also, something to do with Moderation?...

Need RP help? just PM me, I can and will help anyone who would like a lending hoof or wing. I can give you some pointers or ideas.
My Discord is because everyone has it now. Mentis Soliloquy#7140 Otherwise I'm just your run of the mill sorta guy and I'll be around to help if you need it.

Kadai Montanya   ( Kadai Montanya, Eliana Montanya, Velcona, Dipper, Apophis, Aegis Leventis)

Royal Guard

Hello there!

I'm Kadai! As far as introductions go, I've been around in the MLP community for some time now. Some might recognize me from PonySquare days, or from EEA. I may be outwardly an aloof person, but, I am kind and benevolent. I'm also an avid RPer so don't hesitate to poke me if you want to RP with either Kadai, or my other OC's that are linked on my account!

Apart from RP, I also enjoy gaming on my spare time. Games ranging from RPGs like the Witcher 3, FPS like Tarkov, or even strategy like Stellaris. I'm also a pilot, and love any mechanical contraption that graces the skies. All in all, do not be afraid to approach me or send me a message!

Star Silk   ( Princess Silky ❤, Rosy Blossom)

Public Relations

Hello, everypony!

A silly filly has just snuck into your cloud castle and is ready to start the shenanigans and mischief once again! is currently downloading.

Providence   ( Providence, Rainfall Montanya, Stella Montanya, Wildcard Mask, Andromeda Montanya, Dollhouse, Gruff, Ebb Flow, Justice, Lucia, Keystone, Eclipse Montanya, Misery, Rainbow Beats, Belle, Puppy Love, Moonlit Charm, Pinkie Pie, Trixie Lulamoon, Ember, Fluttershy, Rozette Waltz, Lucky, Avarice, Gadget, Skull Jay, Lithe Jink, Amethyst Inkwell, Cherry Charmer, Samantha Dusk, Ginger, Sunlight, Marina, Lestat, Biscuit, Chestnut, Desmo Gryn)

Royal Guard

Hey there, the name's Providence. People back in Ponysquare days may recognize me more prominently as Wildcard Mask as my alias.

I've been in the RP scene since MLP first started going. Back when it first started, I wasn't quite sure if I was going to commit to it, and the wallet was tight. So I did what anybody with committment issues may do, and I stole art. Painted over it, gave it a different name, and I even put forth that extra bit of effort to make sure I never got caught too. It wasn't something I should have done, but I had nothing to lose at the time. Thus came in my first pony OC; Moonlit Charm. Funny enough, about 8 or more years later, I run into the artist of the original design on a random Discord server, unbeknownst to both of us at the time, and I was stunned to see the blast of the past. No hard feelings were had, fortunately, and we remain good acquaintances today.

This story is my way of saying I'm human. I took a risk, and did a frowned upon thing because the reward outweighed the risk to me. If I didn't take that risk, I wouldn't be in this community today. I wouldn't have made friends with so many amazing people. No one here should ever feel like a criminal, we're all just people on a hobby site, and we all have reasons to do what we do, right or wrong as they may be to others. And that's what I always want to look at you all as, not some black and white list of right or wrongdoings. And even if there's some hiccups along the way, I'll always do my best as a Royal Guard here to make sure you are always treated like a person first and foremost.

Please feel free to hit me up for casual conversation, I love meeting new people.

Comp   ( Comp, Nieve)

Lead of CA Development

Hey there, I'm Comp the friendly blue horse dev!

For any bug reports, please go to "Canterlot Avenue Development."

Nacle   ( Nacle)


Hiya, Nacle here !

I'm a pink pone that enjoys recreational coding, and professional coding. I know most Desktop languages, and I love OOP ! I also love cuddles, hugs, and nice friends ! (better than the boring stuff, huh ?). If you see any bug that I haven't discovered before you, or just want programming help, feel free to ask ^^