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CA's mascots: Sunshine Serenade and Misty Nights
Corona   ( Corona Lionheart IV, Arizona, Dolce Mocha, Gareth (Sketch), Chocolate Mint, Lunar Candy, Queen Limmu, Veronica McClaw, Rachel Creed, Lucifer Trident, Gaia, Heart Container, Shara, Nelium, Oreo Cookie, Galaxy Gaze)


Hello everyone!

My name is Corona, and I am the Founder and Department Head of Canterlot Avenue. I really do hope that your time here with us is a pleasant one, and I hope to talk to you all; however, unfortunately, I will not be able to talk to every single one of you, as I will be busy making sure that the website is tame, and helping staff with any issues that they may face. But I will surely take some time out to help you all if needed.

You may also contact me if you so desire to roleplay with me. Usually, I will most likely have time to do it here on the website but, regardless, thanks for being here with us, and again, hope to see ya around!

Stardusk Strider  



My name is Stardusk Strider, one of the staff here on Canterlot Avenue as an Administrator. I always try to take every day as a learning experience, finding new patterns and styles to learn and embrace. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or inquiries about application, do not hesitate to message me. I will be as prompt as I can be. Also, if you just want simple conversation, I'm up for such too. I am even up for playing games as well; just hit me up!

In terms for roleplay, I would prefer you refer to my profile page for more info. In a nutshell, I am willing to give everyone a chance. Don't be afraid to ask me for a roleplay session either on here, on Discord, Skype, or on Steam. You may ask me for my profile names for the respective platforms.

Have a great day!

Solar Sky   ( Solar Sky, Bird Song, Love Lace, Lunar Prism, Aurora Dusk, Sunset Breeze, Malevolent Dusk, Jazmine Skies, Love Letter, Smudge)

PR Admin

Hello There! My name is Solar but some may know me as Saphy!
I am PR Admin so if you ever have any event ideas let me know!
If anyone ever has questions my messages are always open!
If you can't reach me on here my discord is SaphySolar#3366

Have a great day!

Talon Brush   ( Talon Brush, Lord Nebulous Coltenheim)

PR Graphic Designer

Hello everypony I am Talon Brush but you can just call me Talon I am a graphic designer for the PR team I create banners and other material for special events on this site feel free to message me about anything even asking for some design work.

Crystal Sneer   ( Crystal Sneer, Somber Meadows, Queen Umbra, Jezebel, Goddess Jinx)

Public Relations

I'm your fellow neighborhood pr member!
Feel free to message me whenever ^w^

Mentis-Soliloquy   ( Mentis Soliloquy)

Royal Guard

Hey you reading this, Hi I'm Mentis! add me if you want, I'm friendly and that's why I'm here too. To make new friends.
Also, something to do with Moderation?...

Need RP help? just PM me, I can and will help anyone who would like a lending hoof or wing. I can give you some pointers or ideas.
My Discord is because everyone has it now. Mentis Soliloquy#7140 Otherwise I'm just your run of the mill sorta guy and I'll be around to help if you need it.

Phoenix Genevieve   ( Phoenix Genevieve, Seraphina Bassista, Mikaela, Sickle Cell, Crystal, Sylvianne, Cynder, Snowball, Scarlet Genevieve, Vega)

Royal Guard

Hi, hi!

I’m Phoenix! I’ve been a part of the Canterlot Avenue community since opening day, so there’s a good chance you may have already seen me around. In terms of hobbies, I’m an avid gamer, musician, and computer nerd. I also enjoy going for long walks and getting caught in the rain - as much as I love technology, I also love nature!

I’m here to ensure that this place remains fun and safe for everyone. If you wish to contact me for any reason, be it for help or just to chat, don’t hesitate to DM me. My inbox is always open c:

Zephyrus   ( Zephyrus, Whip, Astrid Starflare)

Royal Guard

Heya there. I'm just a bird who likes to help around where I can. I'm a pretty relaxed dude and sometimes just like to have a chat with new people and make a few friends. Been part of the fandom and roleplaying since the days of PonySquare, where I also had to chance to get some moderator experience, so I hope to apply it to my new position here.

I like to write a lot and RP, though I have the brain of a goldfish so I forget things fairly easily, so sometimes people just need to poke me once in a while to keep me in the groove. I play a pretty wide variety of games, and I am a very avid Magic The Gathering player.

All in all, people can come and chat with me to hang out. Glad to be apart of the team and hope to help make CA an enjoyable place to be.

Kadai Montanya   ( Kadai Montanya, Eliana Montanya, Velcona, Dipper, Apophis, Aegis Leventis)

Royal Guard

Hello there!

I'm Kadai! As far as introductions go, I've been around in the MLP community for some time now. Some might recognize me from PonySquare days, or from EEA. I may be outwardly an aloof person, but, I am kind and benevolent. I'm also an avid RPer so don't hesitate to poke me if you want to RP with either Kadai, or my other OC's that are linked on my account!

Apart from RP, I also enjoy gaming on my spare time. Games ranging from RPGs like the Witcher 3, FPS like Tarkov, or even strategy like Stellaris. I'm also a pilot, and love any mechanical contraption that graces the skies. All in all, do not be afraid to approach me or send me a message!

Darren Cuffs   ( Darren Cuffs, Darren Piston, Veronica Cuffs, Input Gain, Ulf Thorvald, Casey Cuffs)

Royal Guard

Hi! I'm Darren Cuffs. Some of you may know me as Snek#0915 on discord. Feel free to add me on discord at anytime for any reason you desire.

I'm a younger guy from the mid-west. I might not seem terribly approachable due to the general nature of my conduct, however I can assure you that I am not all I appear to be...Or maybe I am. I might come off as bitter but I'm a very big believer in "professionalism goes a long way". I am more than qualified to handle any party to party issue or general misconduct that seems to be happening on the website. I've been working in Law Enforcement for almost 3 years now. I'm certified in Crisis Intervention-Conflict Resolution (CICR) which is a high standard in Law Enforcement deescalation and party resolution. I've handled countless amounts of different scenarios. You can come to me for almost any issue, be it personal, legal or the random stuff that goes down on the website. I am also apart of my department's Investigative Intel Unit (IIU) so I am very capable in looking into issues and piecing together different situtaions. I assure you, I can provide resources or provide a solution one way or another.

My general hobbies include; Competitive shooting, music production and of course video gaming. I usually play the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Arma III, Escape from Tarkov and Insurgency Sandstorm. I hope that I am able to be of any help and resolve any problem that you may encounter here on Canterlot Avenue. Please, do not hesitate to contact me via PM or discord for any issues. I am here to help!

Comp   ( Comp, Nieve)

Lead of CA Development

Hey there, I'm Comp! I've been a staff member here since October 2017 having contributed to Canterlot Avenue and

For any bug reports, please go to "Canterlot Avenue Development."

Nacle   ( Nacle)


Hiya, Nacle here !

I'm a pink pone that enjoys recreational coding, and professional coding. I know most Desktop languages, and I love OOP ! I also love cuddles, hugs, and nice friends ! (better than the boring stuff, huh ?). If you see any bug that I haven't discovered before you, or just want programming help, feel free to ask ^^