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CA's mascots: Sunshine Serenade and Misty Nights
Corona   ( Princess Corona, HeartJoy, Arizona, Dolce Mocha, Jason Dogg)


Hello everyone!

My name is Corona, and I am the Vice President and Department Head of Canterlot Avenue. I really do hope that your time here with us is a pleasant one, and I hope to talk to you all; however, unfortunately, i will not be able to talk to every single one of you, as I will be busy making sure that the website is tame, and helping staff with any issues that they may face. But I will surely take some time out to help you all if needed.

You may also contact me if you so desire to roleplay with me. Usually, I will most likely have time to do it here on the website but, regardless, thanks for being here with us, and again, hope to see ya around!

Shooting Star   ( Shooting Star, Heat Wave)


Heya there!

I'm Shooting Star! Admin of Canterlot Avenue, even though im a Admin im mostly in control of our Royal guards (Moderators) beside the Mod team lead, We keep the site a fun and safe place to be!, if you have any questions always feel free to shoot me or our Mod team lead (Stardusk Strider) a message!

Golden Heart   ( Golden Heart)


Hello! My name is Golden Heart, I am here to help ensure that your experience on CA is a memorable one, as in a good one, not a bad one. I am fairly laid back so if you need anything just shoot me a message here or you can add me on discord GoldenHeartVA#6187. Also, I do not roleplay I am here to make sure the site is good for the users, and that the environment is safe for all.

Frosty   ( Frosty, Flare, River, Yellow Jacket, Gwynfor, Sunset Shimmer)

Public Relations Lead

Howdy ho!

My name is Frost! I am pleased to meet you. I'm back on staff and determined to be the best I can be. I enjoy drawing as well as gaming and chatting with close friends. That's really all there is to it!

If you wanna reach out to me and talk, the best way to do so is by shooting me a message on Discord at Frost#8529

Have a wonderful day!

Talon Brush  

PR Graphic Designer

Hello everypony I am Talon Brush but you can just call me Talon I am a graphic designer for the PR team I create banners and other material for special events on this site feel free to message me about anything even asking for some design work.

Velvet Night   ( Velvet Night, Spell Book)

Public Relations

Hey there!

I'm apart of your Public Relations team for the site! What does that mean? I do some art here and there as well as plan some fun events for the site! I'm always here if you want to inquire with me regarding roleplaying, the site itself and even just to chat! I don't bite so feel free to drop by at any time!

Gen Tonic   ( Gen Tonic, Nightshade, Brittle Bolete, Keen, Stellar)

Public Relations

Heyo, pony people.

Really here to have a good time, create for some lovely people, and to try to ensure that your time here is just as good as mine.
Just a little somethin' somethin' about me: I'm a full-time graphic designer for a quaint business, a freelance artist for you ponies, I cry at kids shows, and love taxidermy.

If you'd like to chat feel free to shoot me a PM at any time or contact me on Discord at Mama Chubs#3005.

Stardusk Strider  

Royal Guard Captain (Moderator Team Leader)


My name is Stardusk Strider, one of the staff here on Canterlot Avenue as the Moderator team leader. I am not new to the moderation game, but I always try to take every day as a learning experience. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or inquiries about application, do not hesitate to message me. I will be as prompt as I can be. Also, if you just want simple conversation, I'm up for such too. I am even up for playing games as well; just hit me up!

In terms for roleplay, I would prefer you refer to my profile page for more info. In a nutshell, I am willing to give everyone a chance. Don't be afraid to ask me for a roleplay session either on here, on Discord, Skype, or on Steam. I will have the usernames for those platforms on my profile.

Have a great day!


Royal Guard

Hello, Sion here! I'm your friendly potato obsessed guard here! I keep the peace so you have a happy stay here. If you have any problems feel free to msg me at any time!
I also refer to myself as the "Chief of Booping" because I just love booping ponies on the snoot

If you need to talk to me outside of CA here is where you can contact me on discord: [RN][RH] Sion the Rapadant#9262

Mentis-Soliloquy   ( Mentis Soliloquy)

Royal Guard

Hey you reading this, Hi I'm Mentis! add me if you want, I'm friendly and that's why I'm here too. To make new friends.
Also, something to do with Moderation?...

Need RP help? just PM me, I can and will help anyone who would like a lending hoof or wing. I can give you some pointers or ideas.
My Discord is because everyone has it now. Mentis Soliloquy#7140 Otherwise I'm just your run of the mill sorta guy and I'll be around to help if you need it.

Phoenix Genevieve   ( Phoenix Genevieve, Seraphina Bassista, Mikaela, Sickle Cell, Crystal, Sylvianne, Cynder, Lilith Equinox, Snowball, Scarlet Genevieve)

Royal Guard

Hi, hi!

I’m Phoenix! I’ve been a part of the Canterlot Avenue community since opening day, so there’s a good chance you may have already seen me around. In terms of hobbies, I’m an avid gamer, musician, and computer nerd. I also enjoy going for long walks and getting caught in the rain - as much as I love technology, I also love nature!

I’m here to ensure that this place remains fun and safe for everyone. If you wish to contact me for any reason, be it for help or just to chat, don’t hesitate to DM me. My inbox is always open c:

Kina   ( Stella di Cristallo Amore, Annona Harvest, Jackson Overland Frost, Lance McClain, Lunette Thorson)

Royal Guard

Hey there! Thanks for taking a moment to check out my info. So I'm Kina, or Stella or any of my OCs if you'd rather lol, a mod here for Canterlot Avenue, and I am here to help! Please feel free to approach me with anything that you might need help with or if you would just like to have a chat some time. I'm more then open to getting to know new people and make new friends, as well as help out with any questions you might have.

If there's every anything you need help with not related to things dealing with the site, for example writing/rp help or if you have a character you'd like help fleshing out a little more, I'd be more then happy to help with that too! I'm pretty good with color combos/palettes and I've always been a writer at heart so I'd be happy to lend what I know in order to help you as well if you need it.

So yeah! If there's anything you need feel free to shoot me a message, I'll get back to it asap. I may not be around all the time but I will always get back to any messages sent my way. Hope you have a great time on CA and enjoy yourself as much as I enjoy being here x3

Astral Empyrean   ( Astral Empyrean, Divine Honor, Fleet Admiral Dash)

Royal Guard

I'm Astral Empyrean. I'm part of the Canterlot Ave Moderation Team, and I'm an enlisted electronics technician in the U.S. Navy. If you would like to chat with me, or play some video games. Send me a message on Canterlot Ave or contact me on Discord!

If you need help or have questions, please let me know! I will do my best to get back to you with a response or the right answer in an appropriate period of time. I'm also open if you need someone to talk to or vent to. After all, I love to help others and give back to the community! But please understand that the military keeps me very busy with course work, watch, duty sections, etc. And I may not get back to you right away. But I will always attempt to respond in a timely manner!

Thank you for reading! And Hoo-Yah Navy!

Seir   ( Seir, Angel, Gaap, Sarah, Seres)

Royal Guard

Please call me Oni! I like piña coladas and long walks by the beach. My job is to make your experience better at Canterlot Avenue and will be working hard to achieve it ;>

You can find me on my character accounts here at Canterlot Avenue, my main and most active character is Seir. Please feel free to drop me a DM if you require assistance, I will be happy to help you!

In my page, under profile page you can also find my Discord and you can contact me directly through Canterlot Avenue’s official Discord server as well. I am usually online, there isn’t a single day that I don’t log into Discord so I’ll get back to you in a flash.

Sophie Hoofington   ( Sophie Hoofington, Soap Hoofington, Pinkamena 'Diane' Pie, Marshmellow Cream, Sotiris)

Royal Guard

Hey there!

I'm Sophie and I'm ready to help you out if you have some problems!
I love music and playing games and I love cars! so if you want to chat about such stuff then I'm your right pony! also if you need some help or just want to chat on Discord you can always add me, my discord tag: Sophie H.#4208

Kayla   ( Kayla, Nate, Dr. Crane)

Royal Guard

Heyo, I'm Kayla I'm a royal guard here on CA. I am a college student majoring in Criminal Justice. I enjoy drawing playing video games like Star Conflict, terraria, and VRChat. I also love talking to people, i swear, i may come off kinda stand off-ish but i'm open to talking anytime, my Discord is KaylaMod #8262 .
I am a furry first, then a brony, I mostly draw furry/anthropomorphic animals and take those as commissions for my main income, but enjoy drawing ponies, watch for my group pictures i occasionally do for fun on here!

I like to focus on any art theft that happens on this site, including character theft, tracing, recoloring, and posting without credit. If you suspect any of the happening tell me and i can try to find the original! If you are using a stolen character you can PM me and i'll most likely be willing to make an OC specially just for you.
Roleplaying, I don't do too much of anymore but you can come into my PMs to plot or pitch ideas on, I mostly use this site socially and for art inspiration.
(Picture to the left was drawn by treblestroke on dA)

Hickory   ( Hickory, Ruby Noi, Crimson Canvas, Jokul, Raven Sorrel)

Royal Guards

Hey there, glad to see you want to get to know us staff members a little bit better!

My name is Zah, but you're welcome to call me any of my OC's names/nicknames when referring to me if you'd like. I've been on CA from opening day and know the site very well at this point. If you're new here I'd suggest you take a look at my blogs as they serve as somewhat of a guide to the site. If you have any questions you're welcome to send me a PM and I'll get back to you asap!

When it comes to RPing I have a bunch of OCs that can match almost any scenario you can think of. Creating OCs is a rather fond pastime of mine and I'm usually happy to give tips/feedback on that as well!

If you'd like to get to know me a bit better I'd suggest you hop on over to my profile or send me a PM so we can chat!

Yamato   ( Yamato, Sundust)

Royal Guard


I am Yamato, my primary function is to serve as a moderator and aid the staff in maintaining good order on the site.

If you have any issues or concerns you may direct your questions, thoughts, complaintents my way. If you don't want to reach me over the site, you could seek me out over Discord (Yamato #2995). I will likely have an answer or a response to your message. If need be, I will also resource out to my fellow staff for solutions, if I am not able to provide one. It should be noted, that I am not always available. If you have an issue you are still welcomed to message me about it so that I may handle it as soon as I log back in.

I enjoy roleplaying, gaming and overall socializing with others. I also enjoy helping others and guiding them towards a brighter future. Hope to see y'all around.

(The image to the left is a commission done by Kayla here on CA)

Comp   ( Comp)

Lead of CA Development

Sup, guys? It's Compy here. I exist and do stuff.

Mellow   ( Mellow, Dolce Harmony)


Hi, I'm Mellow!
I'm the always enthusiastic and curious developer you can approach for whichever reason.
As a certified software engineer, I aim to contribute to the evolution of Canterlot Avenue and provide any assistance when assistance is needed!

Nacle   ( Nacle)


Hiya, Nacle here !

I'm a pink pone that enjoys recreational coding, and professional coding. I know most Desktop languages, and I love OOP ! I also love cuddles, hugs, and nice friends ! (better than the boring stuff, huh ?). If you see any bug that I haven't discovered before you, or just want programming help, feel free to ask ^^