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Stalliongrad, once a part of Equestria, now home to the Ponies Revolution. Around the clock, Ponies of all professions and statures work together, building harmony, pushing progress, and assembling tanks. With the ultimate goal of Liberating the rest of Equestria, all of Stalliongrad's industrial assets are directed to the goal of waging war. Originally, Stalliongrad was known as Severnaya, and was the northernmost province of Equestria. 30 Years ago, a lack of rainfall, caused a drought across most of Equestria and forced the royal government to take drastic measures to ensure that the largest cities in the nation did not starve. By confiscating food from the smaller provinces of Equestria they were able to prevent mass starvation in the urban centres of Equestria. However, this caused famines across the provinces that had had their crops confiscated. After months of famine, the region of Severnaya rebelled. A pony named Steel Stallion led the ponies militias in the fight against Equestria, and pushed the Equestrian army out of the region. A peace deal was quickly signed as neither side could risk a protracted war. The new nations capital was quickly renamed after the hero of the revolution. And the cities name, came to represent the nation as a whole. Stalliongrad now occupies a precarious position. Griffons to the north. Crystal empire to the west. And Equestria to the south. Stalliongrad is surrounded by enemies. But as long as the ponies keep true to the ideals of the revolution, they know that they will win. They know that within their lifetimes, the red flag will be seen, waving above Canterlot.
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