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The Octoverse - A Roleplay Story Arc
(DISCLAIMER: The Octonauts and its characters do not belong to me! This a fan-created story arc based on the TV show "The Octonauts"! All rights go to the owners! Kenshii and Star Sky belongs to my friends, while Ash belongs to me!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Long ago, before the two sisters took the throne there was a team of 8 mares and stallions who took care of the ocean and the sea creatures who live there. There was the Captain, the Marine Biologist, the Meteorologist, the Engineer, the Technitian, the medic, and the (good) Pirate. The 8th member is a mystery. They disbanded when Celestia and Luna took the throne, in fear of their secret being revealed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Many years had passed after the Royal Sisters had announced their retirement and Princess Twilight Sparkle took over the throne. The Princess knew of two unicorns, twin brother and sister, who had a passion for saving sea creatures and underwater exploration. Both of them had special ice magic that they used for good. The stallion however, used his unicorn ice magic to save underwater creatures, while his sister covered the research and investigation. The stallion performed a very big rescue mission to save a whole coral reef and earned his alicorn wings. He and his now royal sister are given the mission to reassemble a team of rescuers and researchers to save the underwater world below the surface of Equestria. They are... the Octonauts. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After reassembling the team and revealing the 8th position (Lieutenant), the team realized they wouldn't be able to do this alone. The Captain opened applications for qualifying ponies to join the team. Who will they be? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Members of the Octonauts: Captain Barnacles ~ The Captain of the Octonauts Lieutenant Ashland Lightfoot (me) ~ The second in command Kwazii ~ The (good) Pirate Peso ~ The Medic Star Sky (Oc; Non-canon) ~ Peso's partner in work Dashii ~ The meterologist Shellington ~ The Biologist Tweak ~ The Engineer Kenshii (Oc)~ The Technician ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Application to join (Your Oc must have some education in oceanology. This is a flexible requirement): Oc name: Birthday: Age: Gender (Please specify if transgender :3): Occupation: Likes: Dislikes: Requested Position (Custom): Anything I need to know?: