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School of Curses
Egypt specializes in the studying of curses, maledictions and witchcraft. The school brings accurate information and is also looking to buy new information from the afflicted, while also offering the opportunity to try our healing trial. Dark magic can be healed, and there's no better place than Egypt for that, no other place in the globe can do it as better as we do. Every country connects to our school. We receive many, and many types of curses each week, be magical samples, books, scrolls, ancient trinkets or gems. Our specialized group of cursed teachers take their time to study them, promptly finding a way to purify such artefacts for their common usage. New students may apply at the end of the month, we cannot guarantee your safety in such a dangerous environment, but we encourage you on the making and practice within our walls about such foul magic, but it's up to the student to be careful with them. After the first month of theory and safety agreement, every student that passes the first test, shall advance to the second floor, having fully permission to use the installations on the making, enchanting and healing of such. This is a serious establishment, if we see that you're not cut to be here or have the seriousness of a toddler, you will be removed from the program immediately. Personal Enrollments Availables: - Dark Priest. - Curse maker. - Witch Doctor. If you're interested in being cursed, have in mind, being cursed is not a nice thing to be had, you may, but the School will not be responsible if you change your mind. You may enroll for the healing trial but after that, you'll be expelled, a second chance can be taken the next month. Welcome to the Egyptian school of Curses.
Sunset Valley's Art and Writing Requests!
I am opening free requests. Please read all the information carefully. ART REQUESTS: I can mainly do ponies at the moment, but I will also accept requests for furries (anthro characters) and cats. I WILL NOT DO NSFW OF ANY KIND! I work when I can, but will probably be most active on weekends. I will do ship art of OCs. I do both traditional and digital art, please state which you would like in your request. PLEASE NOTE: Traditional art can NOT be shipped. When you request: Please give a link/picture of the reference (or give a good description if you don't have a reference) and information about what you would like for your request. Please be patient. It may take me a while to get back to you. I am a very easy person to work with. I try to be as friendly and understanding as I can. If you like what you receive, please tell me! And constructive criticism is very much appreciated! WRITING REQUESTS: Most of the art rules apply to writing. The maximum number of words I will allow for a writing request is 5000. You can request for fewer words too. I will only write OC stories and MLP universe stories. No Spongebob, Steven Universe, etc. (I'm not familliar with very many fandoms) Writing takes me a while, so please be patient. I will send you periodic updates. Once again, NO NSFW! If you'd like to request a writing request, and then an art request to go along with the story, you may. I will take all requests, so long as they follow the rules. Thank you! I look forward to working with you!