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Upon the Ashes of Rainbow Apocalypse
Welcome to the community-hosted event, "Upon the Ashes of Rainbow Apocalypse". Users may start by making a character sheet via the Friendship Letter (hereafter referred as blogs) section of this page. Liking the page is optional but encouraged. There will also be an art raffle. 4 participants stand the chance of winning art in the form of a comic book cover starring their character! For more information regarding this and other subjects, please check out the blogs marked with the "official ra" topic. ____________________________________________ Set in an alternate universe where meteors had peppered the surface of Earth. Had it not been for the combined powers of The Sun, The Moon, The Elements of Harmony, and the magic inherent to the land itself, all would surely be lost. But these meteors of unknown origin (space, duh) seemingly manipulated, and bastardized the very magic used against them, dispersing it across the planet and unto its inhabitants. Magic, and with it, the world was never the same again. "" ____________________________________________ This event aims to bring users together and show off their creativity, and ability to bring their characters to life under a common theme: comic books. More than one setting has been provided so users don't feel too restricted to let their imaginations loose. Be a night-borne vigilante, or a noir-esque detective in a megacity that embraced Art Deco, yet is closing in a cyber-augmented age at a dangerous rate. Neo-Manehattan* is a land of opportunity, of both good and bad. Unless you're born a defective mutant in the Outskirts, then its all downhill from there bud. How about a wrench-head? Tightening bolts as large as hooves, and knocking gears back into place so the airship doesn't stall and crash into the others? They may have followed a different path of technology, but it doesn't stop the (mainly) gryphons of Gazlitt from filling the skies with steampunk ingenuity. Feel like sticking closer to normal pony magics, or turning it up to 12? Ardania beckons for those who would better the kingdom. Name ripped straight out of Majesty, adventure awaits only those truly prepared to face the outside, for the land is as familiar as a fish is to outer space. Head North for a hail tornado, or head south to lose your senses to subjects foreign to comprehension, the monarchy seeks scholars as they do fearless adventurers. ____________________________________________ Quick FAQ: Blogs are for writing down one's own character's story, or comic issues to put it another way. This is where one may further their character arc, and maybe even use what they gained via roleplays in Discussion as inspiration. The Discussion page is where one goes to engage in roleplay. The author starts a topic, and other participants may join if they want to. : the author has power to not engage with multiple participants, should they choose it. Please refrain from flaming them, as the forum user experience isn't the best when too many hands stir the pot. The event ends on the 31st of August at 11:59 p.m. (timezone to be determined later). This is a story and roleplay focused event, hosted within a roleplaying website. Not many functions exist aside from ones that cater to those activities. That being said, participants may share their own pieces of media (pictures, music etc.) via the main wall, should they want to.
Crew of the ESV Reconnoiter
This is the RP page for the ESV Reconnoiter. This page will focus primarily on sci-fi themed Roleplay based around the space cruiser "Reconnoiter" of the Equestrian Defense Force navy. What is the Equestrian Defense Corps?: The EDC is an aerospace organization that patrols the Equis star system, establishes forts, and outposts, and explores uncharted space. The EDF is made up of every country on Equestria, and the Equestrian colonies in the Equis system. There are two branches of the EDC. The Navy, and the Marine Corps. What is Equis? Equis is essentially the Sol system, but with Equestria instead of Earth, and Equis as the central star. Lore: In 2084 Equestrians developed the first ships capable of sustained spaceflight. With the discovery of a new frontier the races of Equestria were able to set aside their differences in order to preserve themselves from potential extraterrestrial threats. In 2092 the Equestrian Defense Corps was formed. The EDC's navy was organized into two fleets. First Fleet, which acted as a fleet of surveyors which conducted research on the Equis system. Second Fleet, which acts as the defensive fleet for the Equis system. In 2114 the third fleet was created as a police force which hunted, and detained pirates. The fourth fleet was created 6 years later as a designated marine fleet. In 2157 the first warp capable ship was created. It was crude, ill-equipped, and unsuitable for prolonged habitation by any organics. The ship was decommissioned only 3 years after its creation. In 2160 the first fleet had made a significant discovery about the system's star, Equis. Equis showed signs of rapid decay, and the fleets scientific teams determined Equis would be unsuitable for life in only 400 years. In 2165 the second warp capable ship was created, which was named the "Reconnoiter." The Reconnoiter was the first ship created in the fifth fleet. The fifth fleet's mission was deemed of great importance. the fifth fleet was to exit the Equis system, and seek out planets suitable for Equestrian habitation. During the Martian Colony Uprising of 2170 the Reconnoiter was damaged during a sabotage attempt by martian sympathizers living on Equestria. The Reconnoiter was repaired in 2176, and prepared for it's maiden voyage. The year is 2179. The ESV Reconnoiter and her crew have set out to journey the stars in search of planets suitable for habitation. No one knows how long they'll be gone, or what they will find. Departments: Captain will be voted on before RP starts. Captain will choose First Officer. Those who were not chosen will have the option to be a department leader, bridge officer, or crewman. Bridge Crew Captain: Oversees the daily functions of the Reconnoiter. The Captain's job is to ensure the ship and its crew know where to go, and what to do. The captain is responsible for the well being of the crew. First Officer: Right hand to the Captain. Oversees the departments, and ensures they are able to carry out their tasks. May assume command of the ship if the captain is not avalible. Navigator: Plots the course for the ship, and may assume manual control of the ship if auto-pilot is unavalible. Communication Officer: Sends, and receives messages from EDC Command, and other vessels. Medical Department: Responsible for the health, and wellbeing of the crew. Occupy the medbay on deck 3. Surgeons: Oversee the function of the Medical Department, and preform surgeries when needed. Science Department: Responsible for conducting all manners of research. Works in the deck 3 laboratory. Head Researcher: Leader of the Science Team. Controls what projects scientists work on, and when. Security Department: Oversees the security of the ship. Protects the crew from internal, and external threats. Tactical Officer: Head of the Security Department. Responsible for equipment, and guard upkeep, as well as coordinating responses to threats. The Tactical Officer is in charge of the ships weapons during General Quarters. Engineering: Responsible for the upkeep of the ship, it's systems, and the machinery inside. This includes the engines, reactor, and backup generators. Lead Engineer: Responsible for the daily upkeep of the reactor. May decide which repair tickets are the most important, and which can be addressed later. Exploration Team: Sent down to the surface of planets in order to scout for potential habitability, and native life. Pathfinder: Leader of the Exploration team. Pilot's landing shuttle, and devises course of action on planet surface. Marine Corps: Oversees planetary exploration. Provides security for Exploration team, but may function as initial exploration team on hostile planets. May assist Security in repelling external threats. Marines are not required to follow orders given by ship officers including the First Officer and Captain. Instead they follow the orders of the Marine Officer. Marine Officer: In charge of the Marine detachment. Determines how much, or how little the marine detachment is involved with exploration, and internal threats. Crew Members: (Roles not chosen by RPers will be filled by NPCs. These NPCs will be removed if anyone decides they wish to be the role the NPC holds.) Captain: Bok First Officer: Phoenix Wind Navigators: NPC Comm Officers: NPC Tactical Officer: Jakob Evans (NPC) Security Guards: Alexander ‘Crow’ Kingston Gunnery Crew: Zerathur "Grey" Naszberuk Surgeons: SG. Aurellia Wylde(NPC), SG. Jek Anders (NPC) Doctors: Head Researcher: Dr. Simon Wells (NPC) Researchers: Lead Engineer: Tony Jumano Engineers: Pathfinder: "Aleena" (NPC) Explorers: Marine Officer: LT. Evard Alistar (NPC) Marines: Janitors: Cooks: Crewmen: Ghostbit