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Ambient Waves

Female. Lives in Zephyr Kingdom,  Beyond Equestria. 25 years old
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Welcome to The Deep Abyss Spa, This spa is located on the outskirts of White tail Woods near Ponyville. The spa currently is half underconstruction, though lucky for you the spas, sauna and massage rooms are done! ((Description place holder))
Ambient Waves
Pinkie Pie
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Hello, welcome to a RP group I made for purpose of beigg able to RP in an entirely new world. The information of the world can be downloaded/found here: The file gets updated every so oftern and will be posted when it updates.
Ambient Waves
Into the 80s
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This group's focus will be on the 80s. You can role play anything as long as it follows site rules. That being said he rp will include technology from the 80s and before such as cars, guns, etc. This means that the characters will be role played as anthro due know...the fact ponies can't fire a gun or drive a car. You don't have to follow this rule as its a suggestion to keep everything consistent with each other. Another thing is you have to make a character sheet. No ifs, ands or buts. This character sheet has to contain the obvious name, age, short bio, job and sex (I might follow the 80s standard so don't as why my character for ridiculing yours if you reference the multi gender thing. This isn't me it's my character and I want this rp group to be as authentic as possible). Hopefully we can all get along in this rp chat. Any questions you have you may pm me, Neon Synthwave. Thanks for reading this.
Alexander ‘Crow’ Kingston
Ambient Waves
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After countless years of war and suffering, the landscape had changed. No more had the cities of Equestria were properly functional or safe to live in. The coastal cities submerged with the skyscrapers poking their heads out of the water. Generations of hard work and technology destroyed with few remnants of them tattered here and there. Years had past after these hard times and now society has rebuilt. The landscape had completely changed. Now instead of the capital hosting a castle, it held a large cathedral of hope. Skyscrapers climbed the mountain with each one hosting a bridge at the top to get to the next one. They created a crib for the cathedral. Their tall presence surrounding the building. Near the bottom lay buildings with ancient architecture. They housed ponies who forgot the war that destroyed their land and ravaged their old homes. Life was almost perfect for them. Protection was also a factor with the gargantuan walls surrounding the mountain with only a few entrances in and out. They were open, but that didn't mean they were an easy attack. Each gate remained guarded and controlled by the Righteousness trinity. Three figures from the old war who believe that the goddesses of the sun and moon will return. Each passing of the night and day controlled by a beam of light that shines into the sky. This was almost a utopian society. The problems remained in the ponies who lived in the submerged skyscrapers among the rooftops. The ones who refuse to forget and obey the religion created. There would be fights, arguments and sometimes even terrorist attacks from these ponies. Each passing date was a struggle to keep them subdued. Anyways onto the rules Rule number one: please be respectful of each other when it comes to this group. Rule number two: if you do decide to join please create a character sheet with whatever side they're on whether it be the old world or new. Rule number three: before you send a starter, please look to see if anyone else has made one and try to reply to theirs. If you can't, that's fine I hope this turns out fun for all of us. I was inspired by Atys' YouTube series Asteria so if you need a better idea on what the world looks like just watch that series
Ambient Waves
Angelica spirit
Princess Neon Synthwave
Equestria Music Society
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Welcome to the or . Here we talk about and support all kinds of music all over the world. The mantra of the Society is . Which means we use music to unify ponies all over the world. All ponies are free to join and suggest music to play and vote on polls and other activities. So sit back and enjoy the music.
Ambient Waves
Bluey (The Half Pony, Half Tartarus Demon)
Cute ponies
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For the cutest ponies in Equestria. Also just an art dump mostly for you all so feel free and keep it sfw