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Misty Nights (PR)

Female. Lives in  Canterlot,  Equestria. Born on March 1, 1996
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Charlie Gabriel Blaze
Dood, where you at?
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Misty Nights (PR)
Misty Nights proceeded to grab the megaphone and she proceeded to say "Hello, Everypony! I'm here to make an important announcement! Today, here at the Poniverse headquarters have officially onboarded...View More
Solar Sky
*Solar blink blinks and waves*
hmm so not booze, ok
Bright Brave
Astral Empyrean
Solar Sky
Misty Nights (PR)
Misty Nights Held up a megaphone as she would proceed to make the following announcement "Attention, everyone! As the representative of the Public Relations team, it is an honor to announce the new Ad...View More
"Tis an honor and a privilege, and I will do my best to serve our wonderful community~" The birb floofs out her chest fur and holds her head high.
Astral Empyrean
Hey! Where is my promotion? I wanna feel special! (Congrats Tia!)
Commander Wyatt Ryder
Hell yeah, a new admin for a team that does nothing! Go ‘ed CA!
-chuckles- We do 'nothing' for now. But changes are coming...just be patient~
Commander Wyatt Ryder
*Tia proceeded to redecorate the entire site in the colour green, which resulted in The Great CA War of 2021*
-chuckles harder-
Commander Wyatt Ryder
Ohgod ohfuck
-taps his nose with a claw-! The changes to come will be for the betterment of the site as a whole. I promise.
Bright Brave
Beau Sneer
Let's fucking G O O O O O O O O O
Misty Nights (PR)
Greetings, everyone! Unfortunately, there is no event this year due to time constraints, however, we want you all to know that you are all appreciated. The team of Canterlot Avenue would like to wish...View More
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Honey Glow
"Happy Hearts and Hooves day!"
This looks awesome as hell
Vy Thresh
Happy Valentine's everyone <3 <3
Deactive user
Why cant I hide pinned posts?
We can't hide this one as a reminder that we're all single on Valentine's Day.
puts a heart sticker on Comp "I can be your valentine today" UwU
Comp posts a selfie of him with the sticker on Instagram.
you can't hide pinned posts that means that you cannot hide from Whispers Kisses MWAH MWAH MWAH I kiss YOU
zaten cries in lonely
Thunder Riff
Thunder hugs the buggo c:
Princess Corona Lionheart the IV
"Hey, what makes you think you're lonely hun?~" Corona simply hugs her buggo and gives him a soft kiss
Mama Chubs
Ponk & Cherry Red really make a lovely team. Such cute art!
Bright Brave
Love you all
Happy hearts and hooves day!!!
Princess Corona Lionheart the IV
The post will auto unpin itself at 16:00 EST. Happy Hearts & Hooves Day, everyone
Misty Nights (PR)
Thank you to everyone that participated in CA's Winter event! I'm here to inform you that all of the badges have been passed out to participating users. If you find that your badge is missing, please ...View More
Misty Nights (PR)
Good evening everypony! Canterlot Avenue has just celebrated its 2nd year anniversary! Thank you to everyone here, whether you've been around for a day, or since the beginning. And a big thank you to ...View More
I didn't get mine!
Solar Blaze
Same here
Misty Nights (PR)
It’s been an interesting time on this site, I’m rather two minds about it all but straight up I still very much enjoy the people I have met through this site. My love for the mlp fandom was burning out till a friend (at the time) told me about the site. I’m glad I joined, thankful for the people I’v...View More
Silver Shield
Glowy is Great
You're the best.
Eclipcia Darkmoon
Hmm.. I keep getting email notifications from this post. Anyone know how to turn that off?
Privacy Settings, top right menu
Chiller Sway
You can't turn off email notifications for posts. Edit: Individual posts
I haven't been active for a good 6 months, mostly due to loads of IRL work and live and such. But overall, the almost 2 years now I've spent here were pretty nice for me, and allowed me to meet my best friend to date, which wouldn't have happened if I hadn't joined this site, let alone the team. It ...View More
Mon ami! ^^
Prince Hawk Zephyrus
Been on here for nearly two years myself, and I am loving this site, and I hope that this community will never fade in memories.
Green Leaf
I've enjoyed the site for quite a while, vene to just watch my friends get up to zany antics. I've been meaning to post more prompts but life has other plans right now. It's good to see how well this site has developed and how it helps to keep a lot of people entertained and connected, especially fo...View More
Black Parade
I don't like to rp but I like ponies and y'all are aight so everyone deserves a head pat. there ya go ❤
Thunder Riff
This site fills the horse-shaped gap in my soul left by the Squares after they died to death, but honestly it feels like so much more now. Not once have I regretted clicking the "Register" button the day this place went live. Oh and music pon found his horsbando on CA so that's a plus c:
I'm by no means the most active user, meaning I come on every now and again to see what's up, but I always come back for whatever reason, be it the roleplay, the art, the events; it's really a nice mix of it all. I can say I'll keep coming back until the site dies for a mix of all of that. You don't...View More
Chimie Changa
Me being me, I had no idea PonySquares existed, so I did most of my horse RP on Twitter. Well, all of it really, until I found out CA existed, and so, I found myself stuck in this little petri dish of a site, and I will say I do like it, even if the server hamsters hate it! STAY ALIVE THIS TIME AND ...View More
Princess Corona Lionheart the IV
This blog is officially closed. You are free to continue commenting, however, comments beyond this point will not get the badge. Keep in mind, replies to existing comments do not count as standalone comments.
Misty Nights (PR)
Misty Nights (PR)
Hello again, everypony! I'm here to let you all know that all of the badges for the 2019 Nightmare Night event have all been passed out. If you find that your badge is missing, please contact a member...View More
Misty Nights (PR)
Nightmare Night is here, everypony! I hope you're all enjoying your time on this spooky day. I'm here to remind you that the forum for this year's event will be closed tonight at 11:59 PM EST. Make su...View More
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