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Seir Genevieve

Male. Born on February 14
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--The cult of D'Soleil, a wonder among theatrical activity. Founded way back when the mere first competition for tragedy, held in Athens in 534 BC even beguns. On the golden days, any theatrical actor lived solely from their passion for what they do best, acting, showcasing and entertaining the masses, gestating the first artistic culmination in the world. Slowly, it begun to host the theater's most prominent actors, painters, musicians, assassins, kings, queens, lords, politicians, religion itself seek to know and enjoy about the mere festivities surrounding it's principles, to encase it's secrecy, every member had to wear a porcelain mask symbolizing the Drama and Tragedy from the past, everyone's identities suddenly meant nothing among knowledge seekers, among siblings, we were just one. It didn't matter which kind of information one was keen on knowing, professionals or apprentices, everyone who wanted to know things that may be outlawed by others, could hear it by the mouth of a master itself, by a member. From a baker, to a cook, by a professional murderer to the most corrupted hierarchy, everyone sat around our most finest tables to discuss about our lives, our knowledge, and everyone had freedom to talk about anything that could bring any interest among members. For knowledge there's no preference, as it's more importan than the gold itself. The oldest brother, the host, the one and only, who owned the theater, carefully selected his siblings, one by one they would be invited to join, a package, with a blank porcelain mask, ink and a note. "Soleil has been watching your cunning skills my dear sibling, for she wants to invite you at our little family, splatter the ink of creativity on the faceless token, and give yourself a face, for your soon-to-be siblings, to meet." many decided to destroy the mask, but many others would give up their entire life to dedicate themselves as siblings of Soleil, sharing their most creative, useful or even devastating skills with others, while sharing a cup of tea, inside our home, our land, the theater D'Soleil. Today, the cult have been drastically shrunk from betrayal, years have been withered our beloved Sun, and yet the heart of knowledge still burns bright, pumping the blood of information to the newest members, creating a solid trustworthy structure, to sustain the body of Soleil as one, many Old brothers have past their legacy, and no matter for how long, he will remain on passing on and practicing it's sacred tunes, as the body finally dances under the brightest sun, or the coldest moon. Come forth, thirst for knowledge, lonely soul, we have a place for you, be my sibling, and I will be yours. _______________________ º About the Theater, general rules, regulations: (The host, aka Maxh, is the proud owner of a giant old building which served for generations as a solid structural mini-town for members, El Teatro Del Sol, it served primary as a hotel for cult members, where every single one lives as a sibling of Soleil, where the Oldest Brother has to protect and/or make sure they get what they need to carry on in their talents, to develop them, and share their discoveries within the theater walls. Every end of the month, is open to the public, every member is free to sell their artisan creations to the world, earn a profit and continue to live in secrecy from the outside. The point in opening every month, is to trick the law into thinking that, we, as a foundation, are just but a pile of actors living in a theater, although it's not needed, it also serves as a selective point of view, in which we recruit more members, if we see fit. A room is granted for every member, to a maximum of twenty rooms, giving shelter for that aimless artist. The Oldest Brother, will provide with primary needs, along furniture for every sibling to be in at least a minimum comfort. They are free to bring more for themselves, if they see needed, no objections. Everyone must wear their Soleil token mask, at all times when outside their rooms, as the token is the key of you being inside our walls. The theater is a large building, and a spy could sneak in at any time given, much likely, those who are found without one, needs to know our code name (How do we call each other), failing to comply, will result in offensive actions. )
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