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Seir Genevieve

Male. Born on February 14
Seir's Agency of Supernatural Services #666
Welcome to Seir's Agency of Supernatural Services (S.A.S.S.) We offer a wide variety of services which include but are not limited to: - Loans - Counseling - Sponsorship services - Advisory services - Assessment and Management - Coaching - Advocacy *Ask for our secret services we can't legally display here! ...And any kind of support you may require, whether it is financial, moral or emotional! Does your life suck? Does your Stallion/Mare friend love you no more? Are you terrorized by crippling debt? ...Well, you can continue to be tortured by your everyday life's troubles or contact us and get ready to accomplish your wildest dreams! ...for a price. Contact information. Telephone Number. 69 666 666 666 E-mail. Address. Canterlot Av. Melancholy Street, 1313, #666
Damean the paranormal detective
Dr. Reid
Emberstone Allimine
Shadow’s Closet
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I’m bored as fuck and make looks for horses. Hi there! Please, before you ask me to make you a look, have you 1) liked my page? If not, please do! 2) There is no 2 I just thought it looked better this way. 3) what the fuck are you still doing here? 4) have a nice day c:
Adrian Coalhopper
Amethyst the Hippogriff
Blaze Midnight
Corrupts Art Banaza
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A place for me to make my awful art and letting everyone take a look at it. Your welcome to request anything you wanna see on the page.
Astral Blade
Bright Brave
Canterlot Avenue Confessions
A page to confess things that you like or have done (As long as they are not against the rules of the site)! Do you have something that you want to share, but have never been in a situation where it wouldn't seem random and out of nowhere? Well, now's your chance to do so!
Amethyst the Hippogriff
Baron Redpath
Ask Edgy Kayla
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Here is a page where you can ask Kayla personal questions or anything you would like! Answers will be drawn with lineart and possible minimal shading/coloring. To ask a question, post one on the way, to see answers, and not scroll so much, Check out This Kayla is different from the Kayla I use on my actual profile, she is scarred up, hates griffons, and is very aggressive.
A Scientific Pegasus
Adrian Coalhopper
Ask Pinkie Wolf
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By day, I'm just a silly Pinkie! ...But by night, I become something horrible! A WerePony! Dun Dun DUUUUN!! Ask me anything! I won't bite~
Ghost Horse Fan Club
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This is a page dedicated to the best ghost pony on the site. BAR NONE! All ghost posts are allowed. Even if they're not related to the master ghost. So long as they're of the same ghostly visage as the spooky supreme! Also because I don't know why there's a map on the page we're lowkey also searching for ghosts...just pretend it's a ghost radar.
Adrian Coalhopper
Basalt Alltrades
Chuchip's Art Gallery
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Here I will be posting all my art from commissions to requests to personal art. Art will mostly be poky related. I will occasionally post NPR though. I'm hoping that this encourages me to keep drawing and have fun while doing it.
Adrian Coalhopper
Blue Streaks