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Garfield Fan Club
8 members Ponies
This is the only OFFICAL Garfield fan club on Canterlot Avenue. All others are imposters and should be deeply ashamed of themselves. Rules: 1. You must be a fan of Garfield. 2. You are not permitted to criticize Garfield or Jim Davis. 3. Fuck Nermal that stuck up little bitch.
Adrian Coalhopper
League of Ponies
16 members Ponies
This is a group dedicated to ponies who play league of legends. I know, kind of lame, but really just so those who like gaming online can maybe find some like minded peeps to game with.
Black Berry
Carmine Gumshoe
Development for Into the Badlands
41 members Travel
This is a group looking for editors, writers, advice givers, artist, song artist, and anything else we can think of to help a book, and help promote a book this group is mainly helping and supporting the development and progress of Shattered memories, so if you come and see this group don't be scared to join and see how you can help, we're always open to lore friendly ideas, just remember don't shitpost, or come to this group to harass or target any members and or admin/mods in this group and last rule please just have fun, we love Fallout Equestria and do not wish for it to be stunned, made fun of, or meme'd. Thank you.
Baron Redpath
Fallout Equestria book fanclub.
76 members Travel
This group is about members discussing and making art, animations, side stories, or getting a chance to chatting with the author or working with them. This group is very fun and hopefully, everypony doesn't fight, or spam. You can also discuss other FoE books, animations, etc if you wish to. Just remember don't fight :)
Andrew Marston
Aurora Cassiopeia
Steam Gamer Ponies
96 members Sports
Fill out the following forum so we can get a sense of what all you like! [Optional] Steam ID: (option to withhold and share through PM) Likes: (Games that you like to play) Favorite Genre: (Action, MMO, strategy, etc) [Optional] Looking For: (Looking for gamers to play a specific game with you? Or just friends to talk with. Let them know here!)
Acoustic Pulse
Adrian Coalhopper
Ambient Waves