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Carmine Gumshoe

Male. Lives in  Manehattan,  Equestria. Born on October 9, 1990
Pony homies looking for homies
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Are you a pony who is feeling lonely? Do you lack friends and any interesting traits allowing you to make friends in a natural way. By the sounds of things, you in need of a homie. And at Pony homies looking for homies, you can find homies to your heart's content. This is a safe place where you can put yourself out and find pony homies with similar interests! But best of all, everyone here is your homie. So don't be a loser, fill out this form and look for new homies today. Name: Age: Race: Gender: Interests: Looking for:
Carmine Gumshoe
°˖✧ Deerie Doodles ✧˖°
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This is the place where I drop my doodles. Commenting is nice though not necessary. I'm not always open to constructive criticism so please ask before hand. This is a very old re-do of my old page but please behave. I've had a bad experience with this. Simple sketch request (1 oc only, preferably pony) Custom character design (free) Please keep in mind that I will only work for you if we are on good terms. Edit my works. (This includes removing my watermark) Use my works without my permission, counts mostly towards works of my own OC's. (Unless I have already granted you permission/ drawn your OC) Be unkind, I will delete your comment or report it. Post meme's on my art, it's very disturbing and immature. Please create your own feed for that. [quote]
Artemis Bleu
Aurora Cassiopeia
Starmare Cafe
Hello! Welcome to Starmare Coffee! We cater to everycreature's desires for the perfect cup of steamy deliciousness. Just walk right up to the counter, place your order, and enjoy! We offer a wide range of brews, creamers, sugars, and toppings if you like something more than the traditional goodness that is coffee. Please check the FRIENDSHIP LETTERS to find our menu. Enjoy~! DISCLAIMER: Some orders may take a little bit to reach you.
Apex Mist
Aurora Cassiopeia
Carmine Gumshoe