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Skyra Nova
by on September 9, 2019
Character name: Sky
Cars (up to 5 main ones): Raptor, Vandura
Cop or Racer: Racer
Description of car 1: Crew cab Raptor painted in a geometric ocean camo color scheme, full external roll cage with roof rack and canvas bed cover, large guards for the front and rear, multiple LED lightbars on the front, floodlights on the back and sides, driver side spotlight, passenger side snorkel. Performance wise, engine has been replaced with a supercharged V8 hooked to a performance exhaust.
Description of car 2: Vandura, customized to look like the van from A-Team (if a bit worn down), with the only visual difference being Sky's is a longer wheelbase with more modern lighting and a roll cage. Performance wise, it may or may not have a quad turbo marine V12 in the back...
Description of car 3: Soon
Description of Drift Car: Soon
Description of Drag Car: Soon
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