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by on October 5, 2019
I am trying to better my life, so if I did stuff to wrong you, I am sorry. I have a bad temperament sometimes when all in my life spirals down and i feel hurt by something you've said or done (not always right on my end). I'm nowhere near a saint, i'm human. A kind of a bad human. On the other hand, mentally things have been going a lot better. I used to be very afraid to lose people so i'd do stuff to keep them around even though that's not always right and infact actually ended up hurting me more than it should aswell as the person on the other side.
If you wish to say something, you're free to do so. need something fixed? we can do it there and yes, you may yell at me though I might be quiet when you do. I just wanted to let people know that the past few years i haven't been myself and that my behavior might be very wrong sometimes, it happens mostly unintentionally. It's like being put a blindfold on and not being able to take it off. I've been trying to get help from several places. (therapist, psychiatrist etc) though haven't mastered getting rid of that probably because I still have too many negative thoughts about myself. (this is due to my irl past, nothing with users here, don't worry.)
though I felt like saying this because I hope most can forgive and forget or at least move on.
I'm very stubborn and headstrong sometimes, sorry about that.
In a sense, I do hate what i've done. It is not okay. I know some will probably ask me or bite at me for making this blog but this was something I just wanted to get off of my chest. No, I'm not a good person. Yes, I am trying. Yes, I am genuinely sorry if I ever have wronged you. I am trying my hardest to change though online is pretty much all i have.. so I am terribly sorry for all. I hope this means some can move on and have a good time.
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