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Demonic H Hooves
by on October 14, 2019
I would like to start this off by saying "the only way we're going to save this world is through brutal, uncaring capitalism. Peace had its chance and never showed up"
1. quick overview
"corn is the key to ending world hunger and global warming. cows can be used to save the 3rd world and create clean power. tigers are the hook that drives the need up so it can all happen"
2. corn
Now corn is picked because America is very good at growing it ( ) it's a plant that can clean the air ( ) cows and humans can live of it (
I would also like to point out it doesn't matter if corn is the "best" at cleaning the air, what matters is it's a plant we can get people to plant! more so, the corn will be eaten and not burned. so the carbon never goes back into the air.
Now, in this case, we will be growing ALOT of corn. So much so that the price and value of corn will tank, but that's what's great about it! with corn being so cheap, it would make it easy for charity groups and poor countries to buy food! best of all since corn can be dehydrated and grinded down. it would be cheap as fuck to send TONS of food to places. ( ) best of all, if we sent grinded corn. it would make jobs in poor places for they would need people to cool and morph it into a better state. it would also have the effect of lowering food costs in the 1st world
3. cows
Now cows are the golden goose in all of this. for they make milk, leather, meat, and what you may not think of is. ..methane. I want to focus on methane for a moment, for methane is normally a greenhouse gas but it's rather green to burn. ( the byproduct, being carbon, would be worth saving for the corn plants. I personally believe the reason we're letting the methane enter the air and not save it. 1. we're not farming them enough to warrant doing so 2. we're not farming them RIGHT! if we were farming them more like we farm chickens (( in vertical cage farms )) we could farm them in warehouses we could trap and filter the c02 and methane out. the c02 can be used to grow plants and the methane to power the world!
The other good product is leather! leather would be great for its something that can be cheaply sold to the 3rd world. a massive influx of leather would mean LOTS of new jobs for people. for leather can make clothes, shoes, coverings and much MUCH more!
4. the tigers
Now, if you read the above two blocks. then you might be thinking "huh, that sounds like something we can do right now" and this is correct, but not. . . for it was. . . we would be doing it. the issue is there is no major force driving it to do happen. that's where tigers come in! I had a hard time finding the numbers but one tiger will "roughly" eat 10-30 cows before they are ready to be eaten. And that brutal inefficiency it's what makes it all work! the NEED for so many more cows and corn will cause more corn and cows! and if it's marketed as "the meat to save the earth" rich people would love it and make a market for it. THEN through time and work, it would be made cheap enough that normal people could buy it too.
5. in the end
So in the end, we will have
tons of cheap food
tons of cheap meat
clean air
clean power
more jobs in the 1st and 3rd world
so knowing this, why shouldn't we do this? what nonmoral reason should we do this?
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