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Knight Wolf
by on October 21, 2019
"Run! All of you!" Knight yells into the crowd of monsters and carnivore who make half of his army. He never wanted to be king, he never wanted to create a country and much less.. he did not want to start a war with Equestria, too much blood has been shed and too many lives are at stake.
"Brother why?! We stand more than a chance against them!" Yells out Elizabeth, his sister from many life times ago, "Why again must we flee from them, just because we are different does not mean we are evil!" she yells as all the creatures yell out in agreement.
Knight looks up at the border, he can see the equestrian army and their border defenses. Can they overrun it, yes, should they, he says no.
"War will not solve the hate between species!" he argues, "only more will die, and more will suffer," he says tiredly.
He recently had a meeting with the princesses and a few other top members, but an agreement could not be made, especially since all of equestria consider him to be King Sombras kind, his relationship with Twilight only angered them more, and his sister who agitates everything even more is of no help.
"We do not eat hay," started Elizabeth, " we do not just drink water, or eat only fruits and vegetable, we eat meat!" she yells, "drink blood or consume happiness! We did not choose to be born this way but we are what we are but that is no reason for us to be hunted and killed or called monsters by them!" she yells pointing at the border which the monsters seem to agree to more. She grins devilishly as she knows she has the army to support her.
Knight stares at his sister, her obsession with him knows no bound, even now she is starting this war just to ensure that he stays with her. He sighs, in order to quell this anger and destroy this kingdom of death, he must somehow convince her to stop. He considers the options, somehow get her on his side and he may be able to stop this hate and get the monsters to return to their homes, or. lead the army into battle. He closes his eyes, he invissions the army going forward, tearing through the ponies, he sees so much blood, death reigns over the land, so much pain.
He opens his eyes, "Sister, come," he says walking into his command tent that has been setup for the war. Upon entering he sits on the floor and his sister just smiles at him, knowing he has no options.
"So brother," she begins, "Will you lead the charge or should I?" she questions knowing her does not want that.
Knight gives a heavy sigh, "Why do you go to these extremes to keep me alone?" he questions as he looks up to her, "Why are you so obsessed with me?" he says unable to understand her reasoning for wanting him as she does.
"Because you and I are meant to be together forever brother, and anything that stands in our way, including that pathetic princess of friendship, will be removed properly," she says walking up to him and putting her hoof under his chin raising it and kissing his cheek.
"All that is left is to march out there and lead your army to victory," she says excitedly as she begins to walk to the door.
"No wait.. " he says..if he allows the war to start, everyone will fight, even Twilight, and knowing his sister, she will target her and succeed in killing her.. "I'll do it," he whispers but he knows she can hear him.
She smiles widely, "Perfect then right now let.." she gets interrupted as he holds up his paw, "Under one condition," he says making her frown.
"What?" she asks clearly annoyed.
"The demon that id this to us.. help me find it and kill it, once that is completed you can have what you wish for," he says defeated.
She ponders about it for a second.. "Very well brother," she says smiling.
Knight nodds his head, "Now, we must stop this before anything happens," he tells her ,"we must disappear," he tells her starting to pack up some things, "we must disolve this army and kingdom as well," he says pausing to think of a way to get ride of them.
"Do not worry brother, I know of a way to remove the monsters, but the other stuff, who knows," she giggles as she walks outside with Knight behind her.
"Just so you know brother, we will have to fight our way out of here regardless of how we do it," she says turning to him, "they will not just go home now, they have come to far and are expecting a lot, but I have a way to stop them from attacking the ponies," she spat out, "but.. you wont like it," she says smiling at him.
Knight looks around, he cannot think of a way to quell this army and not have them attack equestria in anger, "Very well, do what you must," he says hoping whatever it she does is not too bad.
Elizabeth stands at the front of the giant army, "The king and I have decided to not go to war," she says which gets a roar of disapproval from the army.
"I figured you all would not like this," she says turning back to Knight, "But my brother and I have way more important this to do," she says cheerfully, then her eyes glow, she is using her power to gain control of their minds, "So instead of having you all hinder us," he eyes glow bright, "Kill each other and destroy the kingdon," she says as they all start look at her.
"No!" Knight yells, but she has done it already, in the ranks of his army the monsters attacked on another, spilling blood and roars of pain everywhere. Elizabeth grabs Knight and rushes through the crowds of monsters, killing those who tried to stop her and Knight tearing those who attack from behind but everywhere one monster attacked another and killed themselves as well as destroy the kingdom.
Knight cannot believe his eyes, everywhere he can see something dying painfully.
Knight and Elizabeth get to end of the army, she throws on something to conceal who he is and then they run of into the woods, behind him Knight can hear the pain, the roars the smell of blood is in the air. Knight runs, he runs from the kingdom , he runs from being king, he runs from starting a way, but it came at a bloody price. The kingdom of monsters disappeared quickly, the monsters were scattered and much fewer.
And now Knight and Elizabeth travel the world searching for the demon who put this on this path of blood and death many lifetimes ago.