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by on November 8, 2019
Moonstone, a pink, black, and purple earthpony. Having grown up in a spiritual, nature interconnected home, Moonstone was always an observant, calm pony. Often much so that her lack of defense skills would land her into situations where people challenged her to fight and she would simply stand, trying her best to evade attacks and running when she could not.
Quartz Twinning Prance, originally Quartz Twinning, a blue, lilac, and purple double winged Crystal Empire pegasus, borne from the middle-high class Quartz line. Heir to the Quartz throne, he was originally named Quartz Twinning, in reference to his crystalline, shining double wings. He was quick to act on his instincts, and was a personally trained high level flyer.
At the time these two met, Quartz and his family were on a national park tour. Moonstone was discovered wandering around in a closed off, wild area of the park, seemingly collecting plants. Security was called, and Moonstone was shot with a beam of light from a guard unicorn's horn. It didn't hurt, but it disabled her movement everywhere. All she could do was breathe calmly and move her eyes to see. She fell to the ground, dropping all she'd collected.
Before she was taken away and was to be charged with trespass on state property, Quartz intervened, putting up a false excuse that his high advisor will handle the mare on the parks staff's behalf.
In the living room of their house, Moonstone woke up beside the young Quartz on the floor. She looked at him, staring so deeply, intently. She was far from home. The Crystal Empire was new for her, and while her own parents did worry, they allowed fate to act as it wished, awaiting their daughter's return.
Over time, these two began to bond as she stayed in the Empire, often to the disgust of the noble family that their son is mingling with a "forest cretin". They tried to convince him to leave her, but they knew it was no choice to interfere with who they loved, considering the relationship related runaways strewn throughout the family history.
They married once they reached adult age, and Quartz Twinning change his name to Quartz Twinning Prance. The pair had moved to Moonstone's old home shortly after, with the support of Quartz's aunt and uncle.
~Dream Journey~
Some time after marriage, Moonstone gave birth to Dream Journey. Dream got her name from a scene in Moonstone's dream where she gives birth to a purple and blue filly, who would take her mother on an adventure across the world.
Dream Journey grew up in a calm, spiritual household as did Moonstone, though she grew up with a thinner stature. She learned that with this, she would be fast, agile, flexible, but attacking and defending would be ineffective.
When Dream became a teenager, her parents gave birth to a roanish crystal pegasus filly with just one extra wing on her left side, named Oaksong Valley.
Dream had moved out when Oaksong had turned 1 year of age in horse years, and Dream is about 3 years and 4 months in horse years. She's a grown mare, and now wanders the Vanhoover Luna Bay, living in her gem covered tree.
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