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Corona Lionheart IV
by on December 5, 2019
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Wow...two years...i'm just absolutely excited! It's just incredible that we have made itt this far. I sincerely am happy to have been given the chance to make CA a reality. For those who know me from way before CA, you know that my first website, which we do not speak of (lol) only lasted 2 months and it was a terrible mess. It's very exciting to know CA has officially surpassed my old site by exactly twice the time!
I really wanna thank all of you for being here and supporting us for as long as you have. If you guys weren't here, Canterlot Avenue wouldn't be here right now. Back in Ponysquare/Bronysquare days, I always wanted to make my own place. I wanted to bring a website for all to enjoy and for it to be able to stand out from other places. I can say that CA has somewhat managed to fulfill a few of those things. We are a website in active development and while we're definitely not perfect, we do our best to continue improving upon what we've gained so far. I know that to many I many not be the most fit perhaps, but I still continue to commit myself on improving on the leadership of this site. I am thankful to also have GoldenHeart as my Co-Founder and owe him a lot. He's been there for every crazy idea i've thought of and he has always been by my side giving me advice, and I can say that I have definitely learned so much with his help, and still keep learning more.
Again, I wanna thank all of you who have stuck around for this long. Every anniversary is special to me because it's another year that we have been victorious and have made it through another year despite what the world may throw at us. To think, if I would've chosen to give up after failed attempts at getting support for the project, none of this would've happened. So thank you...thank you so much for supporting this project and my crazy ideas of doing a site for pastel colored horses. Thank you for being yourselves and for being awesome! Thank you to staff for sticking with me, despite me being a major loser, lol, but I do appreciate everything that you do for this community.
I am sorry if this blog is a bit everywhere, but i wrote this at 4am today, lol. In addition, if you have yet to comment on the anniversary blog, here is a link so that you can participate and get the badge. Remember, blog will close at 11:59PM today:
Here is to many more years together guys!
EDIT: I feel like I didn’t focus much as to how i feel. I really do wanna say that you guys, along with the rest of the staff, have taught me a lot of new things over the course of the two years. I’ve definitely learned how to improve my leadership more and tweaking things that i had to tweak. I know i am not perfect, and I know that I might not be liked by many due to my mistakes i’ve made in the past, but I really am happy you all have stuck around.